Vaquerano Online Graphical Vector Addition

Graphical​ Vector Addition Remember that ​vectors ​have both ​magnitude and ​direction​. To add 2 or more vectors graphically, you can simply create a “chain” of arrows. The tail (back) of the 2​nd arrow connects with the tip (front) of the 1​st​. The tail of the 3​rd arrow connects with the tip of the 2​nd​, and so on. The sum of the forces is the arrow you’d draw from the tail of the 1​st arrow to the tip of the last arrow. ​Since 2 + 3 = 3 + 2 = 5, the order doesn’t matter! In here, NE, NW, SW & SE all designate angles exactly between the 2 directions. NE = 45​º
NW = 135​º
SW = 225​º
SE = 315​º
Any other angle should be measured with respect to the n
​ earest cardinal direction​. See the figure to the right. Goto: ​ 1. Make a ​Copy​ of the document in your drive. a. Include your last name in the title of the new document, such as ​McElroy Vectors 2. For each problem, add the vectors using the tip to tail method. 3. Once complete, a. take a screenshot (Ctrl + Window Switcher) b. paste it into your document (Ctrl + V). ​You can resize it so it’s not gigantic! c. type your final answer in green font. i. Final answers should have no angles greater than 45º listed! d. Submit your work in the classroom. Problems: 1. 30​u​ W + 30​u​ E= 0u
5​u​ S+ 12​u​ W= 13u @ 22.6 degrees South of West
25​u​ E + 15​u​ N = 25u @ 31 degrees North of East 30​u​ NE + 10​u​ NW 13​u​ SE + 17​u​ NE 30​u​ E + 30​u​ N + 42.4​u​ SW 10​u​ N + 25​u​ NE + 20​u​ S 8. 13​u​ S + 15.5​u​ W + 24​u​ SE 9. 7​u​ NW + 8​u​ S + 9​u​ 30​º​South of East 10.25​u​ SW + 13​u​ S + 19​u​ 60​º​ East of North 11. Youre lucky i am a good individual so i will sign out for you :)