5S check-list

5S check-list
Material/Tools all over. No assigned walkways.
Walls/floors and ceiling are dirty.
Equipment/Machine are dirty.
Workmen not wearing dirty clothes.
Toilets stinking.
Leaks and spills in Plant.
Unhygienic conditions,Dogs/Birds/Insects inside
the Plant and in working area.
Look at all horizontal surfaces
Examine the work floor and eliminate all garbage and
non-essential tools & storage
Remove unnecessary paper from files
Discard old files, stationery etc.
Examine the floor corner to corner and from wall to wall
and eliminate unwanted things
Make a definite place for all tools/documents and parts
that are on the floor
Hints for improvement
Do not put anything directly on the floor
As much as possible throw/dispose things that have no
clear foreseeable use
Floor is clean but walls and ceiling are not.
Aisles and space near walls are cluttered.
Unused items like machines/Furniture,Tools and
other material remain on the floor.
Presence of Unhygienic conditions.
Look at vertical surface
Examine the walls and pillars
Eliminate all garbage and non-essential tools
leaning against the wall
Paint all walls and pillars that can be
reached by hand
Hints for improvement
Divide responsibilities for areas and the
Floor,Walls and ceiling are clean.
Equipment/Machines are externally clean.
Aisles are clear.
Material/Tools/Papers and files are still
disorganized.Storage areas are not clean and
General Hygiene levels are barely acceptable.
Look inside the shelves and sort the, papers
material parts and tools
Get rid of locked cabinets
Make separate storage for tools, parts,
clamps, documents etc.
Make the above area distinct and clear
Hints for improvement
Remove the back and sides of all the storage
Equipment/Machines are clean internally and
Every thing is organized and locations are marked.
Visual Indicators are developed.
Office,Canteen and amenities.
Floor,Walls/Tiles,Ceiling are spotlessly clean.
Everything well organized and only the needed items
are kept.
Zero searching time.
Storage areas and even scrap yard is well organized
and clean.
High levels of hygiene and zero infestation.
Employees wearing clean uniforms and fully equipped
with personal protective devices.
Comparable to a standard of cleanliness and retrieval
expected in a Hospital ?