collage rubric

Collage Rubric
All of the graphics
or objects used in
the collage reflect a
degree of student
creativity in their
Most of the graphics
or objects used in
the collage reflect
student creativity in
their display.
Only a few graphics None of the graphics or
or objects reflect
objects reflects student
student creativity,
but the ideas were
typical rather than
Graphics are cut to
an appropriate size,
shape and are
arranged neatly.
Care has been
taken to balance the
pictures across the
area. Items are
glued neatly and
1-2 graphics are
lacking in design or
placement. There
may be a few
smudges or glue
3-4 graphics are
lacking in design or
placement. Too
much background is
showing. There are
noticeable smudges
or glue marks.
Graphics are not an
appropriate size shape.
Glue marks evident.
Most of the background
is showing. It appears
little attention was given
to designing the collage.
Number of Items The collage includes The collage includes The collage includes The collage contains
8 or more items,
each different. Is
properly correctly
label.4 or more
kinds of Energy.
7 different items and 5 different items.
fewer than 5 different
three kinds of
Missing some items. items. Missing many
Time and Effort Much time and effort Some time and
Student did do some Student put in no
went into the
effort went into the work at home.
additional effort.
planning and design collage. Student
of the collage.
could have put in
more time and effort
at home.
Title and
The title is catchy
and creative and
related to the
collage. The labels
are correct and
provides insight to
the purpose/
meaning and design
of the collage;
A title is provided
that relates to the
collage. The labels
describes the
purpose and
process of creating
the collage.
Title and Labels are No title or explanation!
incomplete and
partially relate to the
Overall Grade: _____________________
20 pts. total
For this assignment -- I am asking you to create a "collage" of images and/or words that
reflects your personal Knowledge of types of ENERGY we have studied in class by ………
showing different types and forms of energy in pictures and words. You must give it a title and
label types of energy you put in your collage.
It might be smart to start with a title to organize your ideas before you begin the collage. Or
make the collage and title it afterward. The process will take you on an interesting line of
thought, if you do it with care. Use your time wisely; you will be given some credit effort and
neatness. Experiment and express yourself however you wish in collage form, but be prepared to
explain your creativity on the back of your collage with intelligent and introspective answers.
Minimum size of your collage must be an 8 ½ x 11" piece of construction paper…go larger if
Reflection Questions (answered in complete sentences on a separate piece of loose leaf):
1. Briefly describe the images you included and what they represent. Explain the
theme/meaning of the collage…How or in what manner is it depicting your knowledge of
2. Why did you decide on the design you used and what steps did you take when planning
out the creation of your collage?
3. Did any insights/emotions or new understandings come about while making the collage?
Or when viewing your final product? How you feel about your knowledge of types of
Energy or the importance of energy?
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