effective communication

Qualities which are essential for a good letter are
collectively called C’s of communication because
most of them begins from letter “C”.
A letter must be correct in every aspect
In spelling, grammar and use of languageIncorrect language spoils the message and
distracts reader.
In appearance & form of layout-Poor &
untidy layout , uneven space, creates poor
In the information it conveys-Wrong &
incomplete information is the most harmful
thing in the letter
The message of the letter must be clear at
first reading. There should be clarity of
thoughts and clarity of language.
The information explosion of today takes up
so much of everyone’s time, people
appreciates letter that takes very little time to
read & understand.
Clarity depends on 4 FactorsSimple common everyday words which
common man can understand.
Short and simple sentence.
Proper punctuations
Logical sequence
It means expressing much in few words
Leaving out unnecessary words
Leaving out unnecessary details
Please dispatch the goods so as to reach us
by 7 September since we have to ship them to
Mexico by the 17th .
We can concise the message by giving correct
details instead of the vague phrases
It is the consideration for the other people’s
feeling. It is seen in an individual’s behaviour
with others.
In the letter, the style, the manner & the choice
of words reflects the courtesy of the writer.
Use courtesy words like please, thanks and
Express appropriate feeling according to the
Use phrases like- “ We appreciate your
promptness in sending the goods”
One must send the complete message
providing all necessary facts & figure.
Incomplete communication annoyes the
Incompleteness creates the
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