10 Affordable Chic Outfits To Wear In A Cabaret Sh

10 Affordable Chic Outfits To Wear In A Cabaret Show
Cabaret shows may tend to bring a wildly expensive impression. With all those
fancy frills and teasing looks from cabaret dancers, one might say that sporting
the cabaret look is an expensive stunt to pull off. This is where you made a
A cabaret look need not put a hole in your wallet. You only need your originality
and creativity to create that cabaret costume to be on par with cabaret dance
Here are 10 Affordable Chic Outfits to wear in a cabaret show:
1.Vest it Up
Cabaret outfits may be frilly, but you can make it classy and simple with putting
on a vest over your tight-fitting shirt. Or if you want to be more daring, try
wearing a vest over nothing. It creates a sexy yet classy look.
Usually, you can wear your vest with tight-fitting pants and heels, or you could
go for a more daring combination of a vest, shorts, and knee-high boots.
2.The corset is not for the Faint Hearted
They say that cabaret is just a subtle version of burlesque. In the height of
burlesque fashion, corsets became a standard. As to how to pull the corset
look, here’s a tip: pair it with a skirt. A ruffled mini skirt would be good and be
best paired with stockings and high-heeled shoes.
Corsets create a slimmer waist for the sexy cabaret look. For a lazy cabaret
outfit, this is also the solution. Wear a corset over your white button-down shirt
and open the top buttons. Wear a sexy black mini skirt over sexy stockings.
3.Rule with Tail-coat jackets
Be a ringleader with tail-coat jackets. They are simple, easy to find, and
definitely classy. Wear a white shirt with nice bow tie. Pair it off with shorts and
fishnet stockings over thigh-high boots and you’re ready to set the stage on
Want to put your cabaret outfit to the next level? Look for tail-coat jackets with
sequins. They are a definite spotlight hogger. Pair it off with a top hat and
walking stick to complete your look.
4.Leotards for Ease
They are a perfect match to vests and tail-coat jackets. They come in many
colors, varieties, and customized sizes. Plus, it makes your cabaret dance
costume easy to move in. Here are some tips to choose the perfect leotard for
5.Flap those Dresses
An essential cabaret look is the flapper look. However, those flapper dresses
may prove to be a hard find, you can still pull off the look effortlessly.
A flapper outfit needs the following to complete the look: a sequined dress,
strappy shoes, and a headband. Now a sequined dress can be made on your
own since various DIY tutorials that are spread out in the internet.
Flapper headbands are simple and can be brought in online stores. You can
also make your own using a sequined headband and a feather of your choice.
6.Choke the Crowd with Chokers
Complete your cabaret look by sporting beady chokers. These babies can
range from the simple black with pendant look, or it can go all the way with
choker necklaces that range from pearly beads to multiple colors.
Choker necklaces are the must have for any drag cabaret look.
7.Elbow-length Satin Gloves with Class
Satin gloves make your cabaret look chic and sophisticated. You can pair it
with your flapper dress or even your vintage mermaid dresses.
If you want to be more daring, instead of satin, choose fishnet gloves. They are
a perfect compliment to a steampunk theme cabaret look which is definitely on
the trend.
8.Spice Up your Skirts
What better way to match your corset with daring skirts. There are a lot of
options to choose from. There is the tutu skirt, the layered skirt, and bustle skirt.
Play with colors and make sure it compliments your top. Pair it off with fishnet
stockings for a cabaret dancer appeal.
9.Be Basic with Jumpsuits
Now there is absolutely nothing basic about jumpsuits. May it be strappy or
sleeved, jumpsuits are chic and sophisticated enough to match the cabaret
They can be best topped with tail-coat jackets. Pair them up with strappy heels
and elbow-length satin gloves to complete your cabaret look.
10.Finishing Touches
Your fancy cabaret costume will never be complete without matching hair and
The cabaret look is trade-marked with its brick red lips, bright pink cheeks, and
blue to purple eyes shadows. Black eyeliners can be paired off with tattoos or
Movies would dictate that the classic bob is the standard cabaret hairdo. But
there are many styles to try. There is the bumper bangs, updo, and curls.
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