Projectile Trajectory Target Project

Projectile Trajectory Target Project
Objective:​ Determine the trajectory of a projectile.
And be ready for the projectile QUIZ!
Part A (due at end of class, day 1):
1. Set up REPRODUCIBLE ramp.
2. Use ∆d​x​ & ∆d​y​ to determine ​v​, ​vi​ x​ ​ & ​v​i​y​.
3. Give Mac your marble.
Part B (due at end of class, day 2):
1. Use ​v f​ rom Part A, with given ∆d​y​ & Ө (honors) to calculate ∆d​x​.
2. Place the target at the appropriate location (must be done with ​>​ 10 minutes left in class).
3. Receive marble from Mac and release (only 1 attempt)!
Project Grade ​(all members must write for each part):
25% - Orderly calculations for Part A (determine marble initial velocities).
25% - Orderly calculations for Part B (determine target placement).
50% - ​1st shot​ target grade! ​This is all about p​ recision​ be careful!
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