The New European School

The New European School through ICTs/ KALAMATA 7TH -14TH JULY 2019
The New European School
through ICTs
EcoMEDIA-europe Professional Development Training Course
Kalamata 7th -14th July 2019
Erasmus+ KA1 Opportunity
The New European School, according to the
“Europe 2020” strategy, requires the acquisition of
such Key Competences as the Digital Competence,
the Foreign languages, the Math Competence, the
reinforcement of the Social and Civic competences
(active citizenship), the sense of initiative and
entrepreneurship, the cultural awareness and
expression. In general, this new type of European
school seeks the empowerment of the 21st
century key competences such as cooperation,
communication, creativity, problem solving and
“Learning how to learn”.
In addition, the orientation of European
Educational streams towards computer assisted
teaching models can effectively contribute to the
achievement of this goal.
The flipped classroom, the e-differentiated
instruction, the multidisciplinary teaching
approaches which exploit computational thinking
in problem solving, the augmented reality
educational systems, the educational approaches
for teaching Robotics, the game implementation
methods by using Web2.0 applications as well as
the teaching of Foreign Languages or History in
cooperative learning environments are some of
the approaches that lead the way.
At thIn the training, innovative ICT teaching
approaches, considered to promote all key
competences a 21st century European citizen
should possess, will be presented.
The training is organized by the Directorate of Secondary Education of Messinia in cooperation with the University of
Peloponnisos, the Directorate of Primary Education of Messinia, the Municipality of Kalamata and the FARIS
Municipal enterprise
The New European School through ICTs/ KALAMATA 7TH -14TH JULY 2019
Welcome to
Kalamata/South Peloponnisos/ Greece
By airplane or by car, you will reach Kalamata and by
the time you come across the first images of the city,
you will surrender to 'her' endless beauty. Taygetus
mountain is majestically rising from above while the sea
is shimmering at 'her' feet.
The beach is spreading all over and the lively city
rhythm will enchant you: trendy cafes at the seafront,
beach bars and seaside restaurants, luxury hotels,
shopping till dropping, neoclassical buildings,
museums, the port, the intense nightlife or 'Sleepless
in Kalamata' will challenge you to start your journey to
the south of Greece this year... Everything in Kalamata
is a never ending experience because the Messinian
lady, born in a place as blessed as the Mythical
Peloponnisos, knows out of unique lifestyle ...
Welcome to Kalamata.
Sea Kayaking
horseback riding
During summer time, Bougas School Summer Camp opens its doors to any interested students offering
creative activities. The program is fun and ideal for children as well as for working parents! Bougas School
summer camp is for pupils between 6 and 12 years old organized around a 6-week program. Each week is
structured around a different topic and pupils can choose as many topics/weeks as they would like to attend.
The classes are formed according to pupils’ age so that their needs are covered in the best way. The program is
designed by Bougas School teachers in cooperation with specialized and experienced school associates.
State-of-the-art facilities for:
Climbing (Climbing wall of 12m high)
Cooking lab
Arts and crafts
Modelling clay
Children’s transfer
with Bougas school buses
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