Remedy Throat pain

Remedy Summary
Give the medicine: Every 6-8 hours for 2-3 days, stopping when there is definite
When to try another medicine: If there is no significant improvement after 24 hours
Note: All medicines below cover swollen lymph nodes in the neck and scarlet fever rash.
Belladonna Essentials
During the first twenty-four hours when the pain has come on suddenly and is
accompanied by fever and flushed skin
Redness of the throat or tonsils, often with swelling, but no pus is present Confirmatory
“Strawberry’ appearance of the tongue as in scarlet fever
Throat pain worse from swallowing, especially liquids
Sensation of dryness in the throat
Phytolacca Essentials
Sore throat with body aches and fever
Throat appears dark red or even purplish or bluish
Pain worse from warm drinks Confirmatory symptoms
Pain shooting up to the ears during swallowing.
Incessant desire to swallow
Pain at the base of the tongue when protruded
Mercurius Essentials
Pus or white/yellow material in the throat
Excessive salivation, drooling Confirmatory symptoms
Sensitivity to both heat and cold
Throat pain worse at night
Swollen or puffy tongue, bad breath
Lycopodium Essentials
Sore throat worse on the right side or beginning on the right and spreading to the left
Pain relieved by warm drinks and warm food Confirmatory symptoms
Feels worse in general in the late afternoon, between 4 and 8 P.M.
Lachesis Essentials
Pain worse on the left side or spreading from left to right
Pain worse from drinking liquids Confirmatory symptoms
Sore throat worse in the morning, especially on waking
Throat sensitive to touch; clothing around the neck causes discomfort or choking
Person feels worse in general from warmth
Hepar sulph. Essentials
Pus has formed and the throat and tonsils are very swollen.
Chilly Confirmatory symptoms
Sensation of a splinter or something stuck in the throat
Throat pain worse from cold and better from warm drinks and external warmth
Arsenicum Essentials
Chilliness, thirst, and restlessness combined with fatigue accompany the sore throat
Throat pain relieved by warm drinks Confirmatory symptoms
Throat pain burning in character
Pain worse from swallowing in general, cold drinks, or exposure to the cold
Rhus tox. Essentials
Throat pain better by warm drinks and warmth in general
Restlessness Confirmatory symptoms
Symptoms begin after straining the voice or from cold, wet weather
Thirsty for sips of water
Dry mouth, dry sore throat
Aches and pains while lying still; worse when first starting to move but get better with
continued motion
Apis Essentials
Stinging sore throat pain
Marked swelling of the throat or tonsils Confirmatory symptoms
Throat pain better from cold drinks and worse from warm drinks and external heat
Swollen parts of the throat appear as though filled with water
Absence of thirst
Sulphur Essentials
Lingering sore throats
One or more of the following general symptoms: discomfort from warmth; general
lethargy; and offensive breath, sweat, and discharges Confirmatory symptoms
Burning throat pain with dryness of the mucous membranes better from drinking warm
Sensation of a lump, splinter, or hair in the throat When a person has a sore throat,
Belladonna is the first medicine to think of. During the first twenty-four hours, if the
pain has come on suddenly, particularly if it is accompanied by fever and flushed skin,
Belladonna is the likely medicine. The throat is very red and may be quite swollen, but
little or no pus is evident. The tongue may have a strawberry appearance as in scarlet
fever. Swallowing, especially swallowing liquids, makes the throat pain worse, and the
patient may have an aversion to drinking. There may also be a great sense of dryness in
the throat. Consider Aconite when sore throat accompanied by and high fever and thirst
comes on suddenly (the Belladonna patient is not so thirsty and may be actually averse
to liquids). The condition may have begun after exposure to cold or drafts. Aconite is
other characteristic mental symptoms may be present (see the materia medica
section).Arsenicum should be considered when the general symptoms of the medicine
are evident: chilliness even during fever, thirst, and restlessness combined with fatigue.
Most typically, the throat pain is burning in character. Warm drinks relieve the pain,
whereas swallowing, cold drinks, or exposure to the cold make it worse. The Rhus tox.
person has a painfully sore throat that is made better by warm drinks and warmth in
general. The pain in the throat is usually worse in the morning. The pain often begins
after straining the throat while speaking or singing or after exposure to cold, wet
weather. Sometimes the pain is worst when first swallowing but gets better after
repeated swallowing. The Rhus tox patient is very restless but is less tired and more
achy than the Arsenicum patient. He may be anxious, irritable, and weepy. Lycopodium
sore throats are typically worse on the right side or begin on the right side and spread
to the left. The pain may be relieved by either warm or cold drinks, whereas being in
cold air may make it worse. There may be pain extending up into the ears. In general,
the illness does not begin particularly suddenly, and usually the patient is not terribly
sick. She typically wants fresh air. The symptoms in general, sometimes including the
sore throat, may be worse in the late afternoon, between 4 and 8 P.M. in classic cases.
When the sore throat is severe and is accompanied by fever and weakness, Mercurius
may be indicated. The throat is red and swollen, and pus or other white or yellow
material may be seen on the tonsils or walls of the throat. The Mercurius patient can be
generally sensitive to both heat and cold. Becoming cold aggravates the throat pain, but
a warm bed may also make it worse. Liquids of any temperature arenít known to
influence the symptoms particularly. The sore throat tends to be more painful at night.
A classic Mercurius sore throat symptom is the tendency to salivate and drool. The
pillow may be wet or more frequent swallowing may be noticeable. The tongue often
looks or feels swollen or puffy, and at times the teeth make imprints on the tongue. The
breath may smell bad. There may be cold symptoms such as thick, greenish or yellow
mucus draining from the nose. Hepar sulph is similar to Mercurius in severity of
infection. Pus has formed and the throat and tonsils are very swollen. Often the person
says he feels something stuck in his throat like a splinter (Lachesis and Apis may also
have this symptom, though less characteristically). The patient is irritable and easily
angered. Chilliness is a predominant symptom, and both the general condition and the
sore throat are definitely aggravated by exposure to cold. Warm drinks and warmth in
general soothe the sore throat. The pain may extend to the ears.
Lachesis is particularly useful when the throat pain is worse on the left side or begins
there and spreads to the right. Drinking, especially drinking warm liquids, makes the
pain worse (sometimes cold drinks bring some relief). Swallowing can be difficult, with
solid foods being harder to swallow than liquids. Typically the symptoms are made
worse by warmth in general, and the pain is often worse in the morning, especially upon
waking, and during the day. The throat is sensitive to touch, and clothing around the
neck may cause pain or a choking sensation. A sensation of swelling in the throat is a
strong symptom of Lachesis (as well as Hepar, Rhus tox., and Sulphur). When the pain of
a sore throat is stinging in character, Apis may be the medicine, particularly if the pain
is made better by cold drinks or a cool environment and worse by warm drinks or
warmth. The throat, tonsils, and tongue are swollen and characteristically appear as
though they were filled with water. Absence of thirst is typical.
Phytolacca should be given when there is much aching in the body along with the fever
and when the sore throat is worse with warm drinks. The appearance of the throat may
be dark red or even purplish or bluish, and the glands are swollen. The pain may shoot
up to the ears, particularly during swallowing. People who need Phytolacca tend to have
an incessant desire to swallow, despite the fact that it is painful to do so. They are cold
and like to be covered, but they still may feel chilly. Their body aches may cause them to
be restless, but these pains are worse during motion. One rare but distinctive feature of
people who need Phytolacca is an acute pain felt at the base of the tongue when
Sulphur should be considered when a sore throat lingers or when the indicated medicine
is not working, as long as some of the Sulphur general and particular symptoms match
the person ís own. There is much burning pain in the throat, with dryness of the mucous
membranes, diminished appetite, and increased thirst. Despite the burning, the pain is
better when the patient drinks warm liquids. The pain in the throat can also be stitching,
pressing, or cutting. A sensation like a lump, splinter, or hair in the throat may be felt.
The general symptoms of Sulphur particularly discomfort from warmth, general lethargy,
and offensive breath, sweat, and discharges are important in determining when to use
Beyond Home Care
Get Medical Care Immediately:
if there is a severe sore throat and great difficulty swallowing, or if there is much
drooling or difficulty breathing.
Get Medical Care Today:
if there is swelling of the region around the tonsils to the extent that it is bulging
or pushing the uvula to one side;
if a sore throat is accompanied by a fever and a red rash that feels like
if a child has a significant sore throat, or a sore throat and fever, for more than a
day or two. Adults can safely wait a few days longer;
if there is white or yellowish material on the tonsils or throat;
if a person who previously had rheumatic fever gets a sore throat.