Letter from the technical writing project
Cover Page
Table of contents
Table of contents
Letter from the technical writing project
Table of contents
Summary of the captain's proposal
Review other works
Analysis of causes and systems
Goals and objectives
Project duration, planning and delivery
Annex 1: Competence matrix
Summary of the captain's proposal
In 2012, the company was sold ABC Through the logistics part of its business.
Company, 123
addition to
No new business lines developed byCompany123 Connect to the company
Authorized to move from a corporate network environment ABB .
These mandates require the need for a single development
the infrastructure to complete
Before all
the second
Existing customers can start.
All 123 employees currently receive services Active Directory Of the forest company Active
Directory Active Directory .
Support ranges for employee accounts, certification submission,
permissions management, global address list, and application services.
Clients and external
staff who have access to other secure applications are placed in two other risk areas within a
company ABC .
Current i
Consisting of 138 provinces linking
business and manufacturing sites to 25 countries on 6 different continents.
Connect between
the World Wide Web 123 and the Data Center
Service Providers
Is declining
A variety of Internet
A large portion of the current customer base is currently used for
123 Citrix VDI To create a secure encrypted interface, B2B Among our facilities are 123
These solutions
one of
138 departments
With the rest using a type of VPN and all of them are
offered by Company123
Every IT infrastructure needs to adhere to the company's 12 philosophy to maintain the
company's agenda by supporting and encouraging innovation, profitability and customer
satisfaction at the lowest cost, equipment costs and capital expenditure.
Design should
benefit from the value of expected / contracted equipment, relationship management, contracting
services and contractors by maintaining these services and employees at home to provide the
innovation and support necessary to maintain
Highest levels of customer satisfaction.
In order to meet the basic requirements of the company's core philosophy, virtual machines,
office servers and office environments will be used wherever possible to provide the most
efficient and cost-effective systems for capital investment.
Such as most of the company's 123
customers and the largest providers SaaS , They already have one or another version of the
solution Citrix VDI in the place.
The decision will be made using a solution Citrix VDI It will
be combined with less effort and disruption to the largest number of clients,
providers SaaS .
This will provide additional benefits for low-cost equipment and a central
management model that will maintain minimum staffing requirements.
Supposed solution Citrix VDI , While not being part of the infrastructure, infrastructure
services Microsoft Active Directory 2008 R2 (AD) At least ( Citrix , 2013).
In an attempt to
meet the minimum hardware targets and lower labor costs while meeting the need for
redundancy and maximum availability, a solution was chosen.
a company Vendor1 Is the only
company that has a huge global footprint and a proven track record to provide perfect integration
with client systems such as IBM
(AS400) And AIX And SAP And Citrix And Microsoft Without the need for a third-party
integration specialist.
Both 123 and the vendor require a detailed description of the design of the active directory
structure (design) before planning Additional.
While the well-designed and well-developed
IT infrastructure benefits from having a positive impact on all levels of business.
It will serve
as the basis for the namespace and design of the physical network structure.
After the organizational forest pattern, the design will include internal and external
forests. PRV ), Each with one field, which reduces
Server the original.
Requirements and
Both forests will compete in developmentWindows
The level of functional field for both fields will be Windows Server 2008
R2 To take advantage of the advanced features of the operating system Windows Server .
Will be used Company123 The built-in infrastructure for DNS For core domain name
A server service will be installed DNS Based Windows Across all domain
Will provide services Windows DNS Services DNSDynamic enables automatic
recording of applications and service.
All servers will be registered Windows in a
. PRV Space space. PRVDNS While all servers will be registered Windows in a . EXT With
space. EXTDNS .
The area will be repeated DNS Which contains logs specific to the forest's
forest AD On each domain controller within the domain in question.
Site design reduces the cost of bandwidth, enables replication scheduling from peak
generation, and locates directory services.
To maintain site topology management to a
minimum, the design will include a location in each of the three regions (America, Europe,
Middle East and Africa).
The controllers will be deployed in the domain Control Controller in
a US Home1 With remote domain controllers located in London and Singapore.
All important
job sites / partitions will be linked using the US Data Center and resolved VDI .
The site
design standard that determines the location of the active directory as specified by the network
subnets will be developed.
The role of the public server catalog within a forest tree or domain is to maintain an "index"
of all objects contained in a particular application Active Directory (Microsoft , 2011 ) .
global catalog server is required to select it in domains Active Directory With position
To eliminate the need to connect to a global catalog server at a remote location to
identify large-scale forest searches, at least one domain controller per site will be defined as
Global catalog
Since this will be one area of the domain, all roles will be
retained FSMO In the first domain controller for each domain.
This will not put additional
strain on DC , Allowing applications related to GC Performing questions GC Easily.
deployment must be re-examined for roles FSMO If other zones have been added to the forest.
While organizational units OUs ) In many ways, functional organizational organizational
units based on the functional structure of the organizing organization, geographical / regional
organizations - organization OU Based on geographical topology.
The structure of the
company will be 123 OU Is a hybrid structure OU , Where the first level depends on size and
location, with sub-layers adjacent to the functional model.
Organizational units ( OUs ) Are very flexible and can be renamed, moved, copied or hidden
very easily.
In order to benefit from this strength and flexibility, you must create and maintain
appropriate organizational units.
Given the dynamic nature of the firm (123) and the highest
level of administrative control and authorization required, the standard hierarchy of the
organizational unit should be applied.
This structure will allow delegation of delegated administrative control and the ability to
reorganize OUs Quickly and easily as changes to company requirements.
It will also provide
search by management or location, facilitating the movement of staff from one country to
Administrators will be able to hide objects from public visibility and enforce group
and server security policies.
This approach will also accommodate specific site requirements
for a degree of independence and security while maintaining management and simplified
As a strategic account for Company 123, Supplier Supporter 1 will provide tickets to create
the ID, reset the password, and create / update the group.
The logical group will be
Requirements for account creation and management under this Ticket Using the
security controls at the site that control the user ID request.
The logical group will also
address the requirements for establishing the group and resetting the password, and vendor 1 will
process the creation of IDs based on the agreed processes and SLAs.
and SLAs Which will be negotiated under the terms of service contract and are not included in
this project)
The security levels will implement the company's 122 security policy, streamline
management and provide a level of accuracy by designing a hierarchical structure that can be
delegated as needed.
Specific project requirements and constraints will be used Windows
Server Company policies, guidelines, assumptions (once available) and best practices as inputs
to design the security architecture.
The plan will address the use of clusters to simplify the organization, management and
facilitation of security.
The three main groups, the organization's managers, will address the
planners and managers of the scheme, and how to control and monitor them.
You must create
a group of administrators OU , Allowing domain administrators to manage and control the
responsibilities of specific organizational units.
Checking on Windows Technology Is a tool that will be used to manage network
This allows tracking and production of reports for user activities, system-wide
events, access to specific resources, communication efforts, communications, disconnections,
changes and modifications to servers, directories and files.
configured through a Group Policy application.
Security auditing will be
This will require balance
Resources for
recording and reviewing events against business requirements for each action line.
Review other works
I and my team have all been involved in various subprojects that gave us an insight into
this project.
With this project, being also a sub-project project The company's main IT
infrastructure is completely removed by the Arab Computer Services Company 123 and the
establishment of a completely new IT infrastructure for the company 123.
Some project
reviews lead to it, and there is a need to make decisions that develop this particular project to
give an idea of why you choose Citrix And Windows 2008 AD When selecting the need for the
As stated in the summary, capital expenditure should be retained CAPEX And OPEX At
the absolute minimum, while infrastructure should include 25 countries and 6
While still having the flexibility to expand and develop with the dynamic nature of
the company's business.
With the data center which is our nerve center and the largest capital project, we have
reviewed the outlook and home solutions.
Hosted with CAPEX Much less, (central data
center = capex Large and hosted data center = opex ), The fastest cycle spin up / Deployment
and the built-in flexibility that it requires Company123 .
more time and research.
It took the decision of the provider
All the services you provide are appreciated IaaS (Infrastructure as a
service), andGoogle , And Microsoft Azure , And Amazon Web Services And Rackspace , As
well as many other lesser- known companies ( James , 2013).
Only supplier 1 provides global
footprint, flexibility, multi-platform support, and long-term record that the company needs 127.
During testing platforms and evaluation projects, testing environments are operating
in RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) , UNIX , Windows Server 2008 R2 .
The decision was
made to use the test environments we set up withVendor1 For the purposes of testing dual
Flexibility, flexibility and rapid deployment of IaaS , As well as evaluating each
platform and virtual package.
This has provided us with an additional bonus of great
explanatory material for the Executive Team.
Ability to create a complete server test
environment and OS And VDI In minutes during a stakeholder meeting, she sold them to
pick Suppliers1 And the concept of environment VDI .
When choosing an environment VDI , The task was a bit daunting, as many of the
company's customers who already used one of the many versions of it Citrix VDI ,
Option Clear at first.
Four companies that are
giant VMWare AndMicrosoft And KVM And Citrix ) In the virtualization industry in the
expected environment on multiple platforms.
All the busiest applications (platform vendors,
personal contacts, September 2012 - May 2013) were able to integrate with client
systems VDI And IBM (AS400) Current, but no one has been able to implement with a little
outside tin and easily Citrix bidding.
Different productivity packages are also evaluated on each platform and each VDI .
was Office365 With SharePoint And Exchange The Internet is a clear choice that integrates well
with Citrix , Which is a payment when you use a service that gives the company the flexibility it
can offer and should help to maintain CAPEX And OPEX at least.
At the same time, it
provides access to e-mail messages, shared files, and corporate intranets from any Internetconnected device.
Combine this with the Internet you face Citrix VDI The latest user has
secure, encrypted access to everything in the office wherever they can get an Internet connection.
Integrates choose to go with Citrix And Office365 With Single Sign-On ( SSO Assigning
the use of a career level Windows 2008 R2 Forest / Domain ( Microsoft , 2014,
Citrix XenApp 6.5 Requires Windows Server 2008 R2At least , ( Citrix
65 White paper p.38 ).
Users must be used SSO When used Office365 AD
FS (Services Union Services Active Directory ) This also requires a minimum of Windows
Server 2008 R2 To function correctly.
Analysis of causes and systems
As mentioned, the justification for this project earlier is the delegation of 123 company
clients and executives.
Operating system decisions were made, VDI And hardware packages
before starting this project.
Our mission is simply to create and document logical
infrastructure for domain services Active Directory .
While preparing Microsoft One of the best sources of guidance in product
design Microsoft .
Our systematic analysis approach
Depends heavily
on instructions Microsoft IPD (Infrastructure planning and design), as well as the 90-year
team's experience in planning the best service engineering services Active Directory In the most
effective way possible.
Will help use IPD On matching your technical solution with your
business needs and removing excessive construction and overcoming it can happen when you
rely only on the experience.
Requires development and implementation of design AD AD AD Successfully reviewed
the following standards to address performance, security, manageability and
Many other job-related questions must be answered.
At each stage of the
design process, best practices and real world experiences will be used IPD And product
documentation for identification, consideration and submission of alternatives.
Design should benefit from as many features as possible Windows Server 2008 R2 AD
DS As much as possible.
This will help meet the company's 123 requirements to maximize
business readiness, support and enhance innovation, profitability and customer satisfaction by
maintaining the level of system management at the lowest level.
Active Directory
Prepare PowerShell And Windows PowerShell , The
administrative center of the active manual, and analysis Active Directory From Active
Directory , And management package Active Directory A few examples of features.
Design principles will be provided for AD DS Guidelines for architectural design will
form the basis of logical space specifications and physical structure.
When designing-
stopping, the advanced structure must adhere to the "best simple rule" principle.
shallow hierarchical structure (forests, fields, and units OU ) Favorite.
Preferably a
Must be able to evolve
with the business requirements of the 123 company, the unified support structure should be
optimized and reduce network traffic repetition.
The ability, scalability, manageability,
performance, availability, reliability, and safety standards set by the Company shall be
respected V1 1 During the design process.
Goals and objectives
This project will produce a document that provides an architectural description of
solutions Active Directory (AD) Designer for Company123 Infrastructure Engineering &
Network Engineering & Supplier.
Specifically, it will document the business objectives and
constraints that act as inputs to the design of the ad, outline the overall structure, and outline the
proposed solution.
After completion of this document, a solution will be provided AD Which
supports the functional and non-functional requirements of the company 123 and will produce a
powerful and flexible advertising architecture to meet current and future architectural needs.
Purpose of design Windows 2008 Active Directory Is a powerful and dynamic directory
service platform suited to the future business needs of the 123.
This effort will ensure the
establishment of existing services that correspond to the implementation of the management
Well managed
(Security) to provide flexibility to integrate different
applications and directory services into other environments.
The structure will provide a
centralization mechanism and resource management within the forest / area, allowing adequate
delegation of administrative functions to allow remote staff to perform their duties efficiently.
After completion of the implementation project Active Directory As part of the global
transportation services of the 123 company, you will understand COMPANY123 Benefits of
reducing the number of servers, which reduces the total hardware and software costs and support
Greater support, greater reliability and security will be implemented through a single
consolidated file service and the legacy legacy service environment will be retired AD12 Of the
This architectural design will adhere to the principle of "simple design" AD When it
creates a logical namespace and physical structure specification as well as when it does Design
After the principle of "simple rule is better", shallow hierarchical structures (forests,
areas, and OUs ).
This will allow the architecture to evolve with the company's 123 business
requirements that will maintain an improved unified support structure.
The design will minimize network traffic whenever possible.
With a robust platform
required to meet the capabilities, performance, availability, reliability, security, manageability,
and scalability identified by the company.
Infrastructure management will respond to business
needs and ensure that other objectives are not compromised.
be applicable, allowing staff to perform their duties efficiently.
The application of security will
Active Directory Design must meet the functional requirements of a business defined by
the Company 123.
Will provide basic functional design objectives for Active Directory Safety
is appropriate and appropriate.
Streamline and reorganize management processes to efficiency
and low management costs to provide service levels.
Provides a static platform for deploying
critical infrastructure and applications in the folder and folders.
Unify the environments of
advertising environments to accommodate the sharing of the computing platform of a
company Company123 by Company456 .
The design will be standardized in the distribution
of a common directory according to best industrial practices.
Active Directory design must also meet the non-functional technology needs identified
by the company 123.
Design objectives include Active Directory A non-functional core,
providing a platform that provides the ability and performance to deliver an acceptable
experience to global distributors, customers and their workplace.
The platform must
support AD Server infrastructure Microsoft Windows A follow-up guide and a guide to the 122
directory, including integration LDAP .
It will also reduce the use of network bandwidth to
make data copies.
You should reduce the platform AD From system management and operational support to
reduce the total cost of ownership.
As a high-availability application, service availability
should exceed 99.9% availability to meet company-level service agreements 122.
Will achieve forest design in Active Directory The main objectives are to reduce
infrastructure requirements and complexity through improved support, enhanced collaboration
and opportunity sharing.
Forest design should also provide validation DNS Regional,
flexibility in the field, the Union in foreign systems, the synchronization of the manual, and one
point of legislation.
Use the following d
ssumptions :
There is no requirement requiring isolation or independence of data within the
There is no requirement for isolation or independence of services within the
No claim requiring share ownership or organizational sharing
Network access is available for all sites hosting clients or resources
One Support Team (a contractor) will manage and manage a company Active
Directory Of the company 123
The following forest models
development of architecture
Organizational Forest Model
Forest Resources Model
Limited access to forests
Active directory environment
It was
Evaluated during the
Company123 :
The company is composed Private Forestry of Active Directory's Company123 Of a tree /
range of one Windows 2008 Enterprise , (CO123.PRV) Which works in native mode.
company's external activity tree design consists of 123 of one set of fields Windows 2008
Enterprise (COM123.EXT) Which works in native mode.
The following forest models were evaluated during the development of the Company's
123 areas Active Directory :
One domain models
Regional domain model
Includes the basic objectives of a domain design Active Directory Reduce infrastructure
requirements and complexity, improve support, and use bandwidth replication networks.
The domain design assumes that the directory is CO123.PRVActive Approximately
4,500 public customers will support and support Active Directory CO123.EXT About 1500
global customers. The World Wide Web environment provides enough space low enough to
support database replication
Active Directory And file data effectively. There is no
requirement for the division of administrative authority at the level of land and forests. One
support team (hired) will manage an environment
managed. Will be
Active Directory 123 Fully
Level Career level is Windows Server 2008 R2 To take advantage of
advanced features to Windows Server 2008 .
You will not be able to add DCs To earlier
versions of windows such as 2000 and 2003.
Active Directory site design goals will include approximating the cost of copying
bandwidth for file service data, and reducing site topology management. You must also enable
directory replication scheduling around peak use ranges, while improving the ability of client and
server computers to find directory services.
The design assumptions of the site are that the primary domain controllers will be
deployed in a site Vendor1 In the United States remote controllers will be deployed in London
and Singapore. Also, all important job sites / partitions will be linked using a resource
Data Center1 And solutions VDI .
It should also be noted that it is assumed that there will be
only three profiles sites, Boulder, London and Singapore.
The site name determines the location Active Directory As defined by the network
subnets in the Services and Sites configuration tool Active Directory .
The naming convention
of the site consists of three parts, two (2) country code letters, a local alphabet with three (3)
letters and (1) numbers serial number of the place (aa -
bbb - cubic cementer).
The objectives of the Active Directory Regulatory Design are to provide effective list
security, manage the list of services, and facilitate the implementation of the Group Policy.
The structure of the organizational unit ( OU ) in many ways. Functional organizational
organizational units based on the functional structure of a corporate organization are preferred
when administered
de-centralization Objects Active Directory .
Geographical / regional
organization - Organizational unit based on geographical topology is preferred when there is a
strong correlation between the user's geographic location and work responsibilities. Hybrid where the first level depends on size and location, with sub-layers rounded in a functional
pattern. The hybrid structure will be used
OU For the Company 123. This approach will
accommodate any specific site requirement for independence and security, while maintaining
management and simplified support.
Since organizational units ( OUs ) Are very flexible and can be renamed, moved, copied
or hidden with little effort. Organizational units can also provide a higher level of administrative
control and delegation than are available in domains. Given the dynamic nature of company
123, a standard hierarchy of the organizational unit must be implemented in a
Windows To enable delegated delegated administrative delegation, and the
ability to reorganize modules OU Quickly and easily as changes to company
requirements . This standard hierarchy also allows you to search from the administration or
site, to facilitate the movement of employees from one location to another, and to allow objects
to be deleted from the public view, group policy and server security.
The goal is to create a simple group policy covering all servers, and ensure that the
servers are in the Active Directory Complies with the company's environmental safety standards
123. The Group Policy covers all servers in Company123 A stable foundation for standard
settings across all servers within the enterprise. You must provide a structure OU And
application Group Policy A crash design to provide security for functional servers.
This design should result in a structure AD Which will adjust their size, configuration
and location conveniently to provide a solution to meet specific business requirements, taking
into account performance, ease of management and fault tolerant system. The purpose of the
design is to address the scenarios, decisions, activities, opportunities, tasks and results most
commonly encountered by the company 123. No possible scenarios or changes in a scenario can
be addressed and do not attempt to do so.
Project duration, planning and delivery
Timelin e
Historical moment
Select the receiver
The meeting began
Create an agreed with list of top contacts
Create a distribution list for the agreed documents
Create and get close scope approval
Establishment of a field document
Obtain a scope for approval
Clear the network
Collect, review and submit current documents for review and
Record environment AD Current
Maintain the current network environment of the document
Submit current environmental documentation for review and approval
Determine the business objectives and benefits of the project
Identify the design guidelines
Obtain and determine functional requirements and dysfunction
Forest considerations and assumptions
Domain considerations and assumptions
Forests, field definitions and assumptions
Identify and document all design considerations and assumptions
Considerations and assumptions for Windows DNS
Site Design Considerations and Assumptions
Service considerations and assumptions GC )
Organizational unit design considerations and assumptions
Forest level functional and status
Recommendations of the internal forest document
Forest Recommendations and Field Design
External Forest Recommendations Document
Career level and method
Recommendations of the internal document document
Recommendations of the External Document
Recommendation of forest and field names
Specify the recommended domain name service and prefix Suffix
Select a service name NetBIOS Recommended
Windows 2008 design DNS
The recommended definition for domain service deployment
Specify the recommended domain name service design
Identify recommended site profiles
Website design
Develop and recommend appointment dates
Determine the recommended site selection and label
Service settings ( GC )
General Index Setup
Organizational unit design
Determine and recommend structure OU
Specify account management recommendations
Infrastructure security design requirements Windows
I am modifying the purposes of the project
Select the entries
Define policies, guidelines and assumptions
Recommends security architecture decisions
Windows Technology Group Strategy
Group types
Group strategy
Security Recommendations
Administrative Groups
Enterprise Management
Domain Managers
Supervisors planned
OU Officials
Group Policy
Security models
Provide administrative access to the network
Recommend the design of safe management management
Specifies where to apply user rights
Access files
Plan management
Directory replication topology
Server name criteria
Group naming criteria
Domain Usage Schema
Country Schedule Extension
Appendix B Table of Location Table
Total hours of project hours
The purpo And E S e of this project is to provide design guide solutions Active
Directory And architectural description of that design. It will document commercial intentions
and constraints that serve as input to the design of the declaration, clarification
of general architecture , and determination of settlement details. Document architecture ensures
that the solution to support
AD Specific requirements Kompanisë123 Functional and non-
functional . Architectural documentation AD Powerful and flexible to meet the current and
future architectural needs of the company 123.
Forest design considerations as well as design assumptions will be
documented. Architecture will include the selection
of forest design and selection documents
. The level and forest level of the
project will be noted . All this will be divided into a private / internal and
external forest .
Design goals will be developed for the domain From Considerations and
assumptions. Career level and status will also be addressed. As an essential part of AD DS ,
Forest names and domain names will be suggested with a prefixDNS And subsequent
selection. Services names must be processed
NetBIOS And documenting them. Each area will
be treated DMZ Are necessary in the context of fields and structure design.
Website design addresses the cost of replication concerns, reduces administration,
scheduling and replication. A list of site profiles must be compiled with the help of the
company's engineering team 123. Site naming standards will be created and documented as part
of design descriptions. Using as personal site as well as set standard
, It
will Complete Created and submitted to the list of countries to be identified
a AD Phil L.
Prepare a service AD DS Is necessary for any structure AD , So it should be documented
here with a statement BP A brief about publishing bulletin servers Global . All remaining roles
must also be handled from FSMO To prepare for submission OUs Or groups and locations of
applications that rely on the directory.
With different possible ways of structuring the organizational unit, should be addressed
and included in the description :
Security of effective address services
Ease of service management in the list
Facilitate the implementation of Group Policy
In order to take advantage of the strength and flexibility of the motor structure Windows 2008
R2 AD , The proper creation and maintenance of organizational units must be
respected. Structure description will be processed OU With a hierarchical design. Addressing
this early stage of design is the only way to ensure that we will
receive a university delegation to the administrative control that
Kompania123 .
Domain controllers must remain in their default location by OUs Domain
Controllers . All domain controllers must be moved
Non To servers OU For its own
area. You must move the new user and computer accounts from their default containers. The
goal is to create a Group Policy that covers all servers, ensuring that all servers are based
AD Meet environmental safety standards. The diagram that is presented in this description
shows units OUs Top-level environment AD Of the Foundation.
Security is a major concern for any organization and to be effective it must be built in
architecture from the beginning. Security results will be broken down into multiple categories
with more subcategories. These areas will not necessarily be treated as indispensable.
Since account management will primarily be handled at the logical access team level, a
brief explanation should be provided, but a summary of the process and steps. This will include
the role of the Help Desk, the Logical Access Team and the ticket
process. User permission will also be affected and will be able to dial in this
zone .
Design requirements for security infrastructure should also be
From Windows . For simplicity, it will be documented in three areas:
Project Objectives - Based on Business Objectives 123
Inputs - used in security design decisions
Policies, guidelines and assumptions
Once all three areas are addressed, logical progress will be to identify security architecture
decisions. Brief explanation of a technical group strategy Windows This section will open. This
will give a simple description of how to simplify this management strategy, use group areas, and
use security groups.
You will need groups to get to this point. This will describe the security and distribution
groups. Understanding groups and sites that can be used in the network (group domain) is
essential for creating a well-managed group strategy
.It should also be noted that some
groups are not available at different levels of functions Windows . A table will be produced to
facilitate group annotation.
The recommended group strategy will now be defined in the structure
description. This will include the use of local and global access areas in one area. At this time it
would be wise to address the potential addition of the second field and
global groups .
the use of
T He recommends approaches to overlapping groups to be given access to
resources and bandwidth reduction frequency will be provided here as well .
After discussing about the merits of both models
From Central management and
decentralization, provide an explanation of the role of enterprise group, planner and management
area. This laying groundwork will need to tightly control and control the
From this is The three main groups . The last group will be addressed by
officials OU And the recommended permissions assigned to this group.
One of the keys to any successful network security plan is auditing. Allows tracking and
production of reports on user activities and events across the system such as temporary access to
specific resources, identification efforts, connections and connections in some resources, changes
and modifications to servers, directories and files.
Complete Configure Security Checking
during Group Policy execution. There must be a balance of resources to record and review
business events for each action line
For this purpose, a recommended
audit policy outline will be created that balances resource requirements and security
Group policies can be set at any level of directory service, including sites, domains or
organizational units, and allows an administrator to identify and control the status of
computers and users . When designing the collection
y Policy of origin ,
consideration should be given to the situation of how to apply the group policies of the
organization . Examples include delegation of authority, division of administrative functions and
policies based on server roles and policies based on location or management and will be
filtered based on the membership security group . To illustrate this better, develop an example
design of central control that contains a graphic illustration of high-level sources, level I to level,
and second level of geography and resources to third-level organizations with an explanation of
the benefits of the large flexibility provided by this
design .
A ccount Policeman of origin , such as passwords, account lockout,
Kerberos Policeman of origin must be applied to each region that will become the default
account policy of any Windows workstation or server - to - power technology is a member of
the domain. In addition to these policies, a table will be used to determine the organization's
recommended security group policy. It should be noted that the current production settings will
be based on the company document
IPSEC 123 .
The security template is a representation of an actual security configuration, which is a single
file that stores all the security settings . Although an actual security model will not be
recommended in this document, the security templates will be used. Ten is the need
to de
claration One of the reasons for this recommendation.
The next
Section They will be used for processing as administrative accounts that can be
used on the network. This includes restrictions on the use of administrative accounts and
methods that can be used to allow for safer administrative access. Some methods can be used to
ensure that administrators access a
And The methods below explain the approach should be included in the
document :
Requires smart card identification.
Identify which workstation personnel can be identified.
Configure Knowledge Hours
Rename the default administrator account.
Perform strong passwords
The last area in the security zone that needs to be addressed is the application of user
rights and where they are applied. The strategy for determining the data will be determined in the
document. A simple example of access to resources at the source can be valuable and must be
included. You will need to address the list of decisions that 123 will take after defining the rights
of users at this stage.
The last area to be addressed by this architectural description is plan management. This
includes information about directory replication topology, site roles FSMO , And trust
relationships between the company 123 and the fieldDomain1 . Server and group naming
criteria will be created along with tables that represent country codes and site codes.
Designs and Active Directory page
Citrix XenApp 6.5 for Windows Server 2008 R2 - Citrix ... (nd) . Refunded
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Annex 1: Competence matrix
Domain /
Leadership and
The project requires analysis and selection of multiple
command methods , and tools to
implement the most appropriate situations .
Leadership and
Teams and Team
Identify and apply the driving tools to determine which
type of team leadership and team will be used to meet
any task
And The project .
Higher level
thinking and
problem solving
A set of planning
and information
Collect and evaluate different sources From A set of
views for each problem
. Assess the consequences
of many solutions for any problem.
Higher level
thinking and
problem solving
Identify and
clarify the
Use open-ended questions to find out what problems
you're having. Assess the accuracy and importance of
different views of each of these problems.
Higher level
thinking and
problem solving
Analysis and
interpretation of
information / data
Obtain information collected by the team and
use understanding of the complexities of problems and
possible solutions. Take a range
And Logic
and manuals are provided to support different
Language and
Investigation and
S To identify information relevant
From Multiple
sources andformatojë That's for that The technical
complex of the non-technical auditor is
Language and
Evaluation of
Evaluation of t he information
provided for Sahhoohmah.
Apply technology
to quantitative
This project requires the use of many tools including
databases and graphical information, to solve
problems in a wide range of areas
Language and
I have correctly applie Dr With Grammar, wording
and punctuation
Language and
Done Amend this proposal from the current business
proposal to meet the needs
of an academic auditor
Infrastructure of
the Directorate
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