Symbolism doll's house

The doll's house symbolizes the people in the upper class in the society. In the story, it is
something that most, if not all, of the people wished to have but few have the chance to. It also
symbolizes pride and envy. Pride in that sense that one should be very proud having such thing
because only few can afford it, like the Burnells. Envy in such a way that other people wanted to
have what the people in the upper class has.
The gate that Kezia is sitting on and which she wings open symbolizes the barrier between the
upper and the lower class in the society. The opening of the gate by Kezia and letting the Kelveys
go in means that she is removing the barrier giving equal opportunity to all regardless of class.
The removal of that barrier doesn't last that long because someone(Aunt Beryll) opposed the
The little lamp inside the doll's house symbolizes hope and kindness. This allows hope into Else's
(who notice it) life. The hope that they can be equal to other people in the society. They may not
have equal money but, at the very least, opportunity. The kindness done by Kezia despite all the
restrictions given to them was also depicted by the lamp. These two ideas are always present
but only few appreciate their presence. In the story, the innocent ones were able to do so.
The smell of the doll's house represents the cruelty of the society. The doll's may be perfect but
this stinks. This tells us that no matter how good is a thing or person to us, it always has a
negative side hidden underneath. What's hidden can never be hidden forever, it will really show
by any means.
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