1. Рабочий день и свободное время.
Your work day stars early, doesn’t it?
What time does your work day begin?
Do you eat breakfast or clean your teeth first?
What do you usually have for breakfast?\ What time do you usually have breakfast?
Is your university far away?
Do you get there on foot or by bus?
What time do you leave the house?
Classes start at 8:30, don’t they?
What time does the class end?
What do you do at home when you return?
What do you prefer to do at the weekend?
2. Ярославль.
Is Yaroslavl your native town?
Yaroslavl is one of the largest Russian cities, isn't it?
Is the city of Yaroslavl the capital of the Yaroslavl region?
How many people are the population of the city of Yaroslavl? (но я бы вообще написала легче: What is the
population of Yaroslavl?)
On the banks of which rivers is the city located?
Yaroslavl was founded by the prince Yaroslav Mudry, wasn’t it?
Whom was the city named after?
Whom did the prince kill according to the legend?
Is the city considered to be the birthplace of the Russian theater? (но тебе будет легче запомнить, наверное:
Is the city the birthplace of the Russian theater?)
Are there many museums in Yaroslavl?
Is Yaroslavl one of the towns of Russian Golden Ring?
3. Россия.
Is the RF the largest country in the world?
What part does it occupy?
Its total area is about 17 million square kilometers, isn’t it?
Is the country washed by 12 or 11 seas?
The RF has a sea border with the USA, doesn’t it?
Does the country have steps, forests, tundra and taiga? (Steps? Это что? Нипонятна) Does the country has
such regions as tundra and taiga?
Are there 2 Great Plains in Russia?
Does the Volga flow into the Caspian or other Sea?
Is Lake Baikal the world’s deepest lake?
What is the climate in the middle of the country?
Moscow is the capital of RF, isn't it?
4. Москва.
Moscow is the capital of RF, isn't it?
What year was the city founded?
Is Moscow the largest city of Russia?
Moscow is an important (возможно, лучше сказать popular) tourist centre, isn't it?
What is the heart of Moscow?
Where is the Kremlin located?
What else is located on the Red Square?
What sights are in Moscow?
Which theater located in Moscow is considered to be one of the best in the world?
Is Moscow an important educational & scientific centre?
Is the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts located in Moscow?
5. Наш университет и мой факультет.
Is the Pedagogical University in Yaroslavl one of the oldest educational establishments in Russia?
What year was it founded?
How many faculties did it have then?
How many students are studying here nowadays?
Named after whom is the university named? Whom was the university named after?
What faculties does the university have at present?
What faculty is your? What is your faculty?
Who is the dean of your faculty?
Where is the building of the faculty located?
Are classrooms technically equipped?
Do scientific clubs and creative circles operate at the faculty?
6. Выдающийся деятель англоговорящих стран.
What year was George Washington born?
Who was George Washington?
What year did George Washington become president of America?
The Americans often call this man “The Father of our country”, don’t they?
Was he the son of a prosperous planter?
What wars did he take part in?
Did he become a national hero?
After how many terms did he resign from the presidency?
What year did he resign from the presidency?
He declined to serve a third term, didn't he?
Where and when did George Washington die?
7. Выдающийся деятель России.
Who is Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin?
Pushkin was born in 1799, wasn’t he?
Where was the poet born?
Who noted his taste for books?
Where did Pushkin study?
Did he write his first poems at the Lyceum?
In which Moscow magazine did Pushkin publish one of his poems?
While studying at the Lyceum, Pushkin became a member of "Arzamas", a literary society, didn't he?
What is the name of the first long poem of Pushkin?
Was he greatly impressed with works by Byron?
Whom did Pushkin challenged to a duel?
When did the poet die?
8. Великобритания.
Where is the UK located?
What is it made up of?
What is the official name of the country?
What is the climate in Britain?
What is known Scotland? (я не поняла, что ты хотела сказать, но если "чем известна Шотландия", то
будет - What is Scotland known for?)
Are The Clyde & The Thames the longest rivers?
London is the capital of GB, isn’t it?
What river is London situated on?
Is the UK a constitutional monarchy?
Who is the official head of state?
Is English the official language of GB?
9. Лондон.
Capital of which country is London?
Is London an old or young city?
How old is the city?
It stands not far from the sea, doesn’t it?
What square is the geographical centre of London and a historical place?
Where is the famous Nelson Column located?
What street is the residence of the Prime Minister of the GB?
Where were the English kings and queens crowned?
What is the name of the largest park in London?
Where is it located?
Are all the main banks & offices situated in the City?
10. Канада.
Is Canada the second largest country in the world?
What is the total area of Canada?
Canada’s only neighbor is the USA, isn’t it?
Is the country bounded by 3 or 2 oceans?
What part of all freshwater on Earth is in Canada?
From where did Canada’s name come from?
What does an Indian word ‘kanata’ mean?
Compared to other large countries, does Canada have a small or large population?
Is Canada constitutional monarchy?
Who is the official head of states?
Are there two official languages?
What is the capital of Canada?
11. США и Вашингтон.
Is The United States of America one of the greatest countries in the world?
Where is it situated?
Is the USA washed by 3 or 2 oceans?
Which countries does Canada border?
The USA has a lot of mountains, rivers & lakes, doesn’t it?
What is the climate of the country?
Is Washington the capital of USA?
Which city stands on the Potomac River?
Was Washington founded in 1791 or 1891?
Was the city named after the first president George Washington?
What is the population of the city?
Is the USA a country with great holidays, customs & traditions?
12. Английские традиции и обычаи.
Are people in GB proud of their traditions?(Лучше разделить на 2 вопроса, т.к. разные глаголы в вопросе)
Do they try to keep them up?
Are there any old customs of Great Britain?
Whom is the boat Race on the river Thames between? (Легче сказать: Who are the participants of the boat
Race on the river Thames?)
Does it most often occur on Forgiveness or Easter Sunday?
What is horse race one of the most exiting horse races in the world? What is the most exciting horse race in the
Where is the Grand National horse race held?
Is the celebration of All Saints Day on the 31th or 30 of October?
What is another name for Bonfire night?
What do people do on this day (Bonfire night)?
Do most people in London go to Trafalgar or Red Square on New Year’s Eve?
In which country is the annual Edinburgh Festival of Music and Drama held?
13. Музеи театры и кино Великобритании.
In England the cinema is usually called ‘the pictures’, isn’t it?
Does the first performance begin at about two or three o’clock in the afternoon?
How long does the show go on?
Does Hollywood dominate the cinema in Britain?
Do most British cities have a theatre?
How many theaters are there in London?
In which century did the British theater begin?
The most famous British theatres are the National Theatre and the Barbican, aren’t they?
Why do people who live in London not know all the museums and galleries in London?
At the Science Museum can visitors carry out experiments? Can visitors carry out experiments at the Science
Is admission to many UK museums free?
14. Роль английского языка в моей жизни.
What does English mean in your life? (Лучше сказать What is the importance of English in your life?/ What is
the use of English in our life?/ Why is it important for you to learn English?)
Many people from all over the world are interested in English, aren’t they?
Can you fully use the Internet without knowing English?
Do you think English enters _ our everyday life?
Do you notice inscriptions in English on the streets of your city? (Замечаешь ли ты надписи на английском
языке на улицах твоего города?)
Do you think learning English can help some people go abroad? (Можно просто сказать abroad)
Some people learn English to become richer, don't they?
Why do you study English?
Does your knowledge of English help you in everyday life?
Is learning English a mean of developing your thinking for you? (Является ли для тебя изучение английского
средством развития твоего мышления?) (Легче сказать: Does learning English help you with developing
your thinking skills?)(Можно ещё добавить critical thinking?)
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