College Culture.College Success.Essays.pages 22-34

General Studies Requirement - GSR 102R - Critical Reading and Writing
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College Culture, Student Success
Directions: Please read these three essays –
a. “The Meaning of Work” by Rodrigo Rodriguez on pages 22 – 24
b. “Abandoned, but Not Alone” by Thomas Oliphant on pages 25 – 27
c. “Let the Colors Run” Ron Suskind on pages 28 – 34
Please answer each of the following true or false questions after you finish reading these essays.
Write true or false in the blanks provided.
__________1. Papi in “The Meaning of Work” has a white-collar job.
__________2. Papi in “The Meaning of Work” thinks that the United States is a land of many
__________3. Everyone who knows Rodrigo Rodriguez always thought he would be successful
at school.
__________4. In “Abandoned, but Not Alone” readers find out about The Point Foundation
which is an organization that helps LBGTQ college students with financial aid and other support.
__________5. Alan Keyes helped his daughter, Maya Keyes, get into Brown University.
__________6. The idea behind The Point Foundation is to keep parents from “undermining” the
futures of their children.
__________7. In “Let the Colors Run,” Cedric Jennings follows the assignment that his
professor, Larry Wakeford, assigned to the class.
__________8. Larry Wakeford has taught at Brown University for many years.
__________9. Cedric includes ideas in his epic poem about the struggles he went through from
the time when he attended an inner-city school.
__________10. Professor Wakeford gave some important advice to Cedric about how to deal
with the experiences Cedric went through while growing up.
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