WHII syllabus (1)

World History II: 1500 – Present
Course Syllabus
Mr. Taylor – Room 3040C
Email Address: [email protected]
Materials Needed for Mr. Taylor’s Class
 3 Ring Binder with Dividers for Notes, Homework/Classwork, Quizzes/Tests, and
Essential Knowledge Sheets
 Pens and Pencils
 Notebook Paper
 Colored Pencils
 Classroom Supply (Determined by last initial)
o A-M Tissues
o N-Q Clorox Wipes
o R-S Paper Towels
o T-Z Hand Sanitizer
 Positive Attitude!!!
Course Description:
Within the World History II curriculum we will explore the main events and themes of
history from 1500 to the present. The class will follow the SOL’s since the students will
be taking an SOL test at the end of the year. During the year we will explore the content
and students will practice and refine the skills necessary to succeed on the SOL test.
Students will be required to be active participants in the classroom as we investigate
history by interpreting primary resources and as we work both individually and
cooperatively to comprehend the material. There will be frequent quizzes to ensure that
students are grasping the material in addition to homework, class work, and tests. The
assignments and any quizzes and tests will be based on material assigned in the text,
lectures, and class material. It is the student’s responsibility to inquire about any missed
assignments when he or she is absent from class. Missed tests and quizzes must be
taken before or after school, and any work missed must be made up in the amount of
time designated in the student handbook.
(i.e. Excused absences: Absent 1-2 days: have 3 school days to make up work
Absent 3-5 days: have 6 school days to make up work
Absent 6 or more days: talk to teacher)
Students will need a 3 ring binder for this class. I will often be providing handouts to
students making it necessary for them to have a binder and not a notebook. Textbooks will
be assigned to individual students and lost or damaged books will result in a fine that must
be paid.
A point system will be used for grading purposes in this class. Most tests will be worth
100 points; other assignments will range in point values from 1 – 100. During classes
where participation is vital to the success of the lesson participation grades will be given.
Unexcused missing assignments will accepted for 10% off for each class day it is late until
5 days past the assigned due date.
Grading Scale:
A: 89.5 – 100
B: 79.5 – 89.49
C: 69.5 – 79.49
D: 59.5 – 69.49
F: Below 59.49
Classroom Expectations
1. Come prepared every day. Bring your homework, book, notebook, and any other
supplies needed for class. Also, take care of personal needs like bathroom, makeup, etc. BEFORE class begins.
2. Students will show respect for the teacher and their classmates at all times. The
student can expect respect from the teacher and, in turn, will be expected to display
the same behavior.
3. Students are expected to be in their seats, ready to work, when the bell rings.
4. Follow directions the first time they are given.
5. Cheating will not be tolerated. (i.e. no talking during tests/quizzes or the teacher
must assume one is cheating.)
Course Schedule
Unit 1.
Unit 2.
Unit 3.
Unit 4.
Unit 5.
Unit 6.
Unit 7
Unit 8.
World Religions
The World in 1500 / Renaissance
The Reformation
The European Age of Discovery
Global Trade & Asian Empires
Age of Revolutions Part 1
Age of Revolution Part 2
Europe in the 19th Century
[SOL: WHII.2 (c); WHII.15 (a-b)]
[SOL: WHII.2 (a-e)]
[SOL: WHII.3 (a-c)]
[SOL: WHII.4 (a-f)]
[SOL: WHII.5 (a-e)]
[SOL: WHII.6 (a-c)]
[SOL: WHII.6 (d-f)]
[SOL: WHII.7 (a-d); WHII.8 (a-d)]
Mid-term Exam (Units 1-8)
Unit 9.
Unit 10.
Unit 11.
Unit 12.
Unit 13.
Unit 14.
Unit 15.
Industrial Revolution
World War I
The Interwar Period
World War II
Independence Movements
The Cold War Era
The Contemporary World
[SOL: WHII.9 (a-e)]
[SOL: WHII.10 (a-c)]
[SOL: WHII.11 (a-c)]
[SOL: WHII.12 (a-c)]
[SOL: WHII.14 (a-c)]
[SOL: WHII.13 (a-d)]
[SOL: WHII.16 (a-d)]
Final Exam/Project (Units 1-15)
NOTE: Students must pass both the class and the SOL in order to receive verified credit
for the class.
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