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Act 1
1. As the play opens, the commoners are celebrating a great victory by Caesar. Whom
did Caesar defeat?
a) Brutus
b) Pompey
c) Casca
2. The play opens on the feast of ________________.
a) Easter
b) Mid-summer
c) Lupercalia
3. Name Caesar's wife.
a) Calpurnia
b) Cleopatra
c) Portia
4. Caesar asks Antony to touch his wife as he runs in the Lupercal races. This is to cure
her ___________.
a) infertility
b) cancer
c) verrucas
5. Who warns Caesar to “Beware the Ides of March”?
a) Antony
b) Calpurnia
c) A soothsayer
6. The Ides of March means _________________________.
a) 15th February
b) 15th March
c) 15th July
7. Which character says “When Caesar says 'Do this', it is perform'd”?
a) Brutus
b) Antony
c) Caesar
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Julius Caesar Quiz
8. There is a lot of activity off-stage. Who tells Brutus and Cassius about this activity
which involved Caesar and the crowd?
a) A soothsayer
b) Casca
c) Antony
9. Caesar is offered something three times. He refuses it on each occasion. What is it?
a) A crown
b) A statue
c) A sword
10. What health condition afflicts Caesar?
a) Asthma
b) Epilepsy
c) Eczema
11. Whom does Caesar describe as having a “lean and hungry look”?
a) Brutus
b) Cassius
c) Casca
12. Unusual weather is the backdrop to the final scene in this act. What type of weather
is described?
a) Intense heat
b) Thunder and lightning
c) A hurricane
13. People in Rome are terrified by unusual sights in the streets. What is NOT seen
a) A slave holding up his hand all in flames
b) A lion walking quietly past the Capitol
c) Ravens and crows diving at crowds in the forum
14. Cassius starts organising a conspiracy to assassinate Caesar. Whom does he
particularly want to join the plot?
a) Antony
b) Brutus
c) Casca
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Act 2
15. Act 2 Scene 1 takes place on what date?
a) 15th February
b) 14th March
c) 15th March
16. Brutus has no personal reason for wishing Caesar dead. What aspect of Caesar's
character might encourage him to join the conspiracy?
a) Caesar's ambition
b) Caesar's belief in superstition
c) Caesar's epilepsy
17. Cassius says that when they kill Caesar, they should also kill whom?
a) Antony
b) Octavius
c) Calpurnia
18. Who says that killing Mark Antony too would be “too bloody” and make them more
like butchers than sacrificers?
a) Casca
b) Decius
c) Brutus
19. Name Brutus's wife.
a) Prunella
b) Priscilla
c) Portia
20. What is a portent?
a) A false statement
b) A sign or warning that something bad is going to happen
c) A door
21. What did Calpurnia see in her dream?
a) Lions wandering the streets of Rome
b) A huge beast with no heart
c) Caesar's statue bleeding
22. Which of the conspirators persuades Caesar to go the Capitol despite Calpurnia's
a) Decius
b) Brutus
c) Trebonius
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23. Who wrote a letter which includes the warning “Caesar, beware of Brutus. Take
heed of Cassius.”
a) Calpurnia
b) Portia
c) Artemidorus
24. Who says “I have a man's mind, but a woman's might.”
a) Calpurnia
b) Portia
c) Artemidorus
25. What is the Capitol?
a) Another word for Rome
b) The senate house
c) Caesar's home
Act 3
26. What is a soothsayer?
a) A person who makes speeches
b) A fortune teller
c) Someone involved in a plot
27. What does Metellus Cimber ask Caesar to do?
a) Make him a general in the army
b) Repeal his brother's banishment
c) Make him Governor of Gaul
28. Who compares himself to a constant star?
a) Cassius
b) Brutus
c) Caesar
29. Which of the conspirators is the first to stab Caesar?
a) Casca
b) Cassius
c) Brutus
30. Who strikes the fatal blow?
a) Casca
b) Cassius
c) Brutus
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Julius Caesar Quiz
31. Who says “Et tu Brute?”
a) Cassius
b) Casca
c) Caesar
32. In what do the conspirators bathe their hands?
a) alcohol
b) water
c) Caesar's blood
33. The body of Caesar lies at the foot of a statue of whom?
a) Pompey
b) Crassus
c) Caesar
34. What does Antony NOT ask permission to do?
a) Break the bad news to Calpurnia
b) Speak at the funeral
c) Take the body to the marketplace
35. Who is unhappy at the idea of Antony speaking at the funeral?
a) Cassius
b) Casca
c) Brutus
36. Brutus explains to the crowd why Caesar had to die. A reason NOT given for killing
Caesar was __________________________.
a) Caesar was superstitious.
b) Caesar was ambitious.
c) Brutus loves Rome more than he loved Caesar.
37. At the end of Brutus's speech, the crowd wants to replace Caesar with whom?
a) Octavius
b) Brutus
c) Antony
38. Who says “I come to bury Caesar not to praise him.”
a) Brutus
b) Artemidorus
c) Antony
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39. What word does Antony use repeatedly to describe the conspirators, especially
a) ambitious
b) cunning
c) honourable
40. Whom does Antony describe as “a plain blunt man”?
a) Himself
b) Brutus
c) Caesar
41. “The unkindess cut of all” - What is Antony holding up when he says this?
a) Caesar's body
b) Caesar's cloak
c) Caesar's will
42. What document, which he refuses to read until pressed, does Antony show the
a) Brutus's confession
b) Octavius's declaration of war
c) Caesar's will
43. What is an orator?
a) A public speaker, especially one who is eloquent or skilled
b) A type of church
c) An angry person
44. Who has recently arrived on the outskirts of Rome?
a) Cleopatra
b) Cicero
c) Octavius
45. An angry mob of citizens kills a man with the same name as one of the conspirators.
The unfortunate victim is ____________________________.
a) Cinna, the poet
b) Casca, the soothsayer
c) Cassius, the playwright
46. The first three acts of the play are set in which city?
a) Florence
b) Venice
c) Rome
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Act 4
47. How is Octavius Caesar related to Julius Caesar?
a) his nephew
b) his son
c) his brother
48. Name the three members of the Triumvirate
a) Antony, Octavius, Lucius
b) Octavius, Lepidus, Metullus
c) Octavius, Antony, Lepidus
49. Antony criticises Lepidus. To what does he compare him?
a) his dog
b) his horse
c) his wife
50. The Triumvirate write a list of names. What is going to happen to the people on that
a) They will be promoted.
b) They will be imprisoned.
c) They will be killed.
51. When they meet, there is discord between Brutus and Cassius. Brutus accuses
Cassius of which two offences?
a) greed and corruption
b) corruption and murder
c) murder and greed
52. What did Cassius refuse to send to Brutus when asked?
a) gold
b) food
c) soldiers
53. Portia has died by suicide. How did she do it?
a) She drowned.
b) She used a dagger.
c) She swallowed hot coals.
54. Where does Cassius want to fight the armies of Octavius and Antony?
a) Sardis
b) Rome
c) Philippi
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55. Where does Brutus want to fight?
a) Sardis
b) Rome
c) Philippi
56. The ghost of which character appears to Brutus in his tent?
a) Cinna the poet
b) Portia
c) Caesar
Act 5
57. Where does the battle take place?
a) Sardis
b) Rome
c) Philippi
58. What do the opposing generals do before the battle?
a) They talk.
b) They eat.
c) They drink.
59. What special day is this for Cassius?
a) his wedding anniversary
b) his birthday
c) the date his son was born
60. Cassius observes some omens which make him feel that he and Brutus will be
defeated. What did he see?
a) eagles, ravens, crows and kites
b) statues bleeding
c) angry lions roaming around the streets
61. How does Cassius die?
a) Pindarus kills him.
b) Antony kills him.
c) He dies in battle.
62. When captured, who pretends to be Brutus?
a) Titinius
b) Lucilius
c) Cato
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63. Brutus asks other characters to help him commit suicide. Whom does he NOT ask?
a) Volumnius
b) Antony
c) Dardanius
64. How does Brutus die?
a) He runs onto his own sword.
b) He drinks poison.
c) He swallows hot coals.
65. Who assists Brutus's suicide?
a) Volumnius
b) Antony
c) Strato
66. Who was “the noblest Roman of them all”?
a) Caesar
b) Brutus
c) Antony
67. Why did the other conspirators (all except Brutus) kill Caesar, according to Antony?
a) envy/jealousy
b) ambition
c) greed
68. Why, according to Antony, did Brutus kill Caesar?
a) For the common good
b) For personal reasons
c) For money
69. Who praises Brutus at the end of the play?
a) Messala
b) Octavius
c) Antony
70. What will Octavius arrange for Brutus at the end of the play?
a) An honourable funeral
b) A poem to be written in his honour
c) A statue of him to be built in Rome
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Julius Caesar Quiz
Act 1
1. b
2. c
3. a
4. a
5. c
6. b
7. b
8. b
9. a
10. b
11. b
12. b
13. c
14. b
Act 2
15. b
16. a
17. a
18. c
19. c
20. b
21. c
22. a
23. c
24. b
25. b
Act 3
26. b
27. b
28. c
29. a
30. c
31. c
32. c
33. a
34. a
35. a
36. a
37. b
38. c
39. c
40. a
41. b
42. c
43. a
44. c
45. a
46. c
Act 4
47. a
48. c
49. b
50. c
51. a
52. a
53. c
54. a
55. c
56. c
Act 5
57. c
58. a
59. b
60. a
61. a
62. b
63. b
64. a
65. c
66. b
67. a
68. a
69. c
70. a
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