How Old is Old? Fossil Dating

How Old is Stan..The Skeleton Man?
Watch BrainPop – carbon dating ID-Blanchesterms PW-Wildcats
Read page 263 RADIOCARBON DATING to fill in blanks
The ages of ________, _________ and shells and other organic material can be found by
radiocarbon dating. Plants absorb ________ from the atmosphere. Animals convert the
__________ from their food into bone and tissue. Once a plant/animal dies, _________is
no longer taken in. The ratio of carbon 14 to carbon 12 ______________in the dead
organism. The half-life of carbon 14 is ___________years.
You are pretending you are a paleontologist that has just uncovered a skeleton.
You will need to calculate the age of the bones.
1) Count out 80 white beans
2) Remove half of the white beans and replace them brown beans
3) Continue replacing half the white beans with brown beans until only 5 white
beans remain.
4) Record the number of times you replaced half the white beans. ___________
Each time you replaced half the beans represented the half life of Carbon 14.
5) 1 half life of Carbon = 5,730 years. Multiply this with your result in #4.
5,730 x ________ = ___________ Stan’s approximate age
Pumpkin Density
Density Formula =
Density of water=
Remember: mass is the amount of matter in an object
Remember: volume is the space it takes up
PREDICT: Do you think your pumpkin will sink or float? _____________________
Trial 1
Trial 2
Trial 3
Calculate your Pumpkin’s Density:
__________ g
Does you pumpkin float or sink?
Infer why you think the pumpkin floats/sinks.
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