Reflective Journal 8-S.Queenie

Reflective Journal 8
Write on the assigned topic for this reflective journal. Support your general
comments with details. Type your reflective journal in the bottom section of this
form and upload to LiveText.
What are some contributions that you make to your school? What do you do to create a
friendly and professional atmosphere? What contributions can you make in the future?
How will you accomplish this?
During my second year of teaching, I was second in command with the special education
department at my school. I assisted the department chair and other members of team with
paperwork and conducting team meetings. I was afforded the opportunity through the director of
special education to attend the IDEA conference that was held in St. Simons, GA during the
summer. Due to those contributions, my principal promoted me to department chair this
academic year. This year has been full of extra duties. Not only have I been managing 10
teachers but also giving insight on students who have severe behavioral difficulties. When it
comes to anything related to special education, my admins include me in to get my opinion on
how the situation should be handled. There has been a total of 4 parent conferences this year
that admins have wanted me to conduct so a resolution can be made. My admins have the
utmost confidence in my abilities that they have designated me the primary LEA Rep for all of
the IEP meetings for my school. Even though the responsibilities have limited me this year, I am
very appreciative of all the opportunities and the faith my admins and superiors have in me. I am
currently mentoring two of my team members and I provide mentoring assistance to some of the
cotaught teams to give them ideas on how to deal with specific students. If you walk in my
building and ask a teacher what they think of me, they would more than likely say that I keep a
smile on my face and I laugh a lot. I like to create an environment that is calming yet welcoming
to be in. I love to tell jokes to keep up the spirits of my team and other faculty members. I try to
have that same atmosphere with my students. I feel that by having this type of environment
creates faculty/staff and students enjoyment to want to be in the school environment instead of
feeling like they have to be there. I want to create some kind of parent group for my special
education students so that they are more aware of their rights and to create a greater
partnership with them. I also want to find a way to get a club started that will allow our special
education students to shine because most of the clubs we currently have they are always left
out. I feel that it is unfair to not include them just because they are accommodated in the
classroom. I am in the process of trying to get a field trip going for the special education
students so that they have a chance to experience the things their peers get to enjoy. For me to
get these things in place, I need to do some research and get other teachers involved that want
to participate so that the responsibilities are shared.