Writing Assignment-Sentence Fluency-S.Queenie

Writing Assignment – Sentence Fluency
(Topic Selected from List: The Importance of Human Connection in Teaching)
The importance of human connection in teaching is a critical step in understanding your students and how
their backgrounds relate to how they learn in the classroom. Most of our students come from low socioeconomic
homes and they lack the provisions to survive; and that plays a role in what parents or guardians deem as priority
when it comes to educating their child. Teaching through building relationships create a positive learning
environment and students can become actively engaged in the lessons. This can be helpful in several ways, such as:
reduced behavioral incidents, increased academic success, and an increased knowledge on social skills for the
It has been proven that when a teacher builds a positive relationship with their students there are fewer
behavioral incidents to occur in the classroom. This is not to say that negative behaviors will never happen; however,
when there is a relationship established, teachers are better prepared to handle it without intervention from parents
or administrative staff. The idea is that mutual respect has been established and expectations are reviewed and
followed more closely; and, teachers are able to create an undisturbed environment. From a personal experience, I
have a total of 10 students that have difficulty in managing their emotions that affect their behaviors. Because I have
a rapport with these students, they can cut down their negative behaviors; and, I have had less disturbances in the
Another value to building relationships with students is improvement in their academic success in the
classroom. Students lean towards trying their best for a teacher they have a bond with. The same goes for us when we
bond with our supervisors. We will do our all to make sure we are pleasing those we have a rapport with because we
have respect and want them to know we are doing our best. This concept ties back to having improved positive
behaviors, which will emulate in their work.
Aside from positive behaviors and a growth in academic achievement, fostering a relationship with students
allow for them to learn more about social cues and how to create positive social outcomes. Students can learn
socially acceptable skills from the positive relationships they have built with their teachers. Skills such as selfconfidence, motivation, goal setting, and positive interactions among peers become learned and welcomed traits
within our students when they have someone they can depend on and model from.
Overall, building relationships and having a connection with our students is significant in the classroom.
Teaching is not just a formal profession, but also a profession that gives the support most of our students crave that
they are missing in their everyday lives. If teachers continue to have and build human connections with their students,
they will not only have a positive learning environment, but also students who are less likely to act out in class, have a
positive mindset, and more likely to want to improve their academic achievement.