Condition Type and Data Crawler Guide SAP TM

Condition Type and Data Crawler Guide
In this post we are going to detail a practical example of the usage of /n/BOBF/TEST_UI transaction,
TM condition type and data crawler.
The usage is to determine freight order purchase organization based on forwarding order sales
organization automatically.
For this we are going to use condition type /SCMTMS/TOR_ORGUNIT with data crawler to “reach”
the fields we want to use as reference.
We are going to start searching where are the fields we are going to use for our process. So we are
going to /n/BOBF/TEST_UI transaction and use the object /SCMTMS/TOR (because my starting
point is the freight order)
Now we are going to choose a record to use as an example, in our case a freight order. The
parameter I use for the search is query by ROOT – ROOT_ELEMENTS
Now we the freight order created as an example (TOR_ID).
A record is found.
And now we must scroll down to check where is the Field that has the Sales organization info.
The info we want to use as a parameter is found at SALES_ORG_ID
Create data crawler
On IMG we create a data crawler profile
The profile ID is created
On path steps we create this entry where BO NAME is the object name and, association name is the
node where the Field that has the value we want is.
Data Access Definition
On IMG for Data Access Defintion
We create a new entry Z_PUR_ORG_FWO
Condition Type
Now it is possible to create a condition using the definitions made so far.
On data Access defintion screen
Then we create the records
And now when the FO is create the system assumes the purchase organization automatically based
on the conditions. Remember that you must assigned the condition to the freight order.