NAME:____________________ PERIOD:_____ 1
Protein Synthesis & Meiosis Computer Lab Review
Go to the web sites and answer the questions IN ORDER.
They are posted on Edmodo in the exact same sequence.
Directions: Read the introduction. Place the structure in the correct place
in the cell. Answer the questions and play the game. Read green arrow
1. To those who can decode me, I deliver the secrets of life itself:
 Name: ______________________________
 Location: ___________________________
2. In proper order we can pass along a message:
 Name: ______________________________
 Location: ___________________________
3. I decode DNA and produce mRNA:
 Name: ______________________________
 Location: ___________________________
4. List and pair 4 nitrogenous bases of DNA:
5. List and pair 4 Nitrogenous bases of RNA:
6. Under a microscope I look like a tiny dot, but don’t underestimate my
functions! I am the site of protein synthesis.
 Name: ______________________________
 Location: ___________________________
7. Cousins of mRNA, we can recognize it and pair with it.
 Name: ______________________________
 Location: ___________________________
8. List the amino acids in sequence. (Click genetic code tab to use an
amino acid chart). ________________________________________________
9. What protein was created? _______________________________________
Directions: Click on Overview. Blue page arrows at bottom of screen.
1. What is the master code used to create proteins? ____________________
2. How is DNA stored in the cell? _______________________________________
3. Why is it necessary to create a “messenger” strand of mRNA?
4. What is the result of transcription? ___________________________________
5. Where does the process of transcription take place in the cell?
6. What is the result of translation? _____________________________________
7. Where does translation take place in the cell? ________________________
Use the Transcription and Translation tabs for these questions
1. What is the name of the nitrogenous bases on the strand of mRNA?
2. What organelle reads the mRNA strand? _____________________________
3. What is another name for this organelle? _____________________________
4. How many nucleotides are read at a time? ___________________________
5. What is the name of this set of nucleotides? __________________________
6. What dictates which amino acid is carried to the ribosome? ___________
7. Draw and label the simple tRNA structure shown. Do so anywhere on
this paper.
8. How many amino acids are there? ___________________________________
9. Do they all only match one codon? Explain. ___________________________
What happens to the tRNA once the peptide bond is formed?
Translation will continue until what happens? _____________________
Meosis with Snurfles Review
Click “Genetics & Meiosis” left side
Click “Snurffle Meiosis and Genetics”
Read Intro and Click “Meiosis Interactive”
Follow the directions and answer the questions below.
1. Uncoiled stringy DNA is called ____________________________________
2. Human cells have _________ pieces of chromatin
3. Half of your DNA comes from your __________________ and half from
your __________________________.
4. DNA has ________________ that determines traits of an organism.
5. Different forms of a gene are called _______________________.
6. What are the 2 alleles for fur color in Snurffles and which letters
represent those alleles? _____________________________________________
7. ___________________ is when DNA copies itself and occurs during
8. _____________ are made during Meiosis. Male: ________Female: _____
9. List phases of Meiosis I ___________________________________________
10. List phases of Meiosis II __________________________________________
11. During prophase I the chromosomes _______________ and become
12. What are homologous chromosomes?
13. Each half of a replicated chromosome is called a __________________
________________________ and they are __________________ to eachother.
14. The nucleus __________________________ during prophase I.
NAME:____________________ PERIOD:_____ 3
15. During Prophase I ___________________________ pair up during pair
up during to form a _________________________________________________.
16. During Metaphase I the tetrads ___________________________________
17. During Anaphase I the homologous chromosomes ________________
18. _____________ independent cells begin to form during ______________
19. _____________is the division of the cytoplasm to make two new cells.
20. The two new cells that are formed during Meiosis I are ____________
because ____________________________________________________________
21. At the start of Meiosis I you had 1 ______________________cell.
22. Meiosis II must take place because each of the new cells still has
too much ______________________________________
23. Draw the chromosomes in Meiosis I. Label the cells as haploid (1n)
or diploid (2n)
24. The nucleus __________________________________ during prophase II.
25. In Metaphase II the ____________________ line up single file down the
________________________ of the cell.
26. In __________________the ________________ _________________split up.
32. In ______________________, _______________ _______________daughter
cells are being formed. They are called _____________________________ .
33. Each newly formed cell will form a_____________________ around the
34. The chromosomes ________________to form ______________________.
35. __________________________occurs at the same time at Telophase II.
36. At the end of Meiosis II you have made ___________
_____________________________gametes (sex cells).
37. Draw and label (haploid or diploid) the Meiosis summary.