ISL wrk sheets 20 aahadis

Hadis No 1:“Religion is sincerity, we said to whom the Prophet (PBUH) said: To Allah,
His Book, His messengers, the leaders of muslims and their common people”.
Q No 1.
Ans. (a).
This hadis tells the responsibility of every individual towards Allah and fellow
beings to fulfill the obligations of Islam. Sincerity refers love, devotion and
determination. It requires us to follow the faith (Iman) fully with dedication to please
Allah and His messenger. We must be sincere in the things we believe and we do.
We should led life as an obedient servent of Allah by following the disciplines of
Islam. As it is said in Sureh Nisa, verse 125,
“Who can be better in religion than one who submits his whole self to Allah”.
We should have belief in oneness of Allah in his attributes, worship and planning
because He is the creater of us and everything. We can follow Allah by following
the, prophets and acting upon the Allah’s commands in the revealed books. We
should not create problems and disturbance in the community for our leaders and
people living around us but we should help them in promoting the good and
avoiding avils to keep the community grow.
We should follow the commandments of Quran and Sunnat of Holy Prophet
to understand the religion Islam and its all the aspects. Quran is complete code of
life which require sincerity as the greatest quality of the believers its opposite is
hypocrisy, that is worse. Prophet (PBUH) acted upon all the commandments of
Quran with dedication. He refused all the material offr of the pagans and never give
up his faith in Allah.
The first rightly guided Khalifa Abu Bakr when appointed as Khalifa, He said:
“Help me when I am right, set me right when I am wrong”.
Today we are lacking in sincerity and leading in to be seen by other. We
should support others by helping them and keep them safe and secure from all
types of stress.
Hadis No 2:Translation.
“None of you believes until he wants for his brother’ what he want for
Q No 1.
Ans. (a).
The duty of leaders has been highlighted for community. Islamic community
should be based up unity and brotherhood and unity requires matual love of the
believers. As Allah and his messenger has established this quality of Islamic
community. Surah Al-Anfal verse 72 tells.
“Believers are brothers / friends and protectors of each other”.
So, It requires spirit of sacrifice for other members to support them in their
difficulties. Brotherhood creates justice equality and love for every one without
discrimination of colour creed and cast. It also brings peace and harmony in the
To attain the true state of Iman, Every believer should be free from
selfishness we should always think about the welfare of others, providing them all
what they are in need. We should give them preference to us as Ahsar of Madina
provided the Muhajireen each and every thing, when they were penniless.
In present life, muslims supported the flood victims in 2010 in Pakistan with
their all means of life that show an expression of Iman and feelings.
“United we stand, divide we fall”.
Prophet (PBUH) said:
“O servant of Allah be brothers, so we are the unified people”.
Hadis No 3:Translation.
“Let him who believes in Allah and the last day to speak good or keep
silent. Let him who believes in Allah and the last day to be generous to his
neighbor, and let him who believes in Allah and the last day to be generous to his
Q No 1.
Ans. (a).
Hadis mentions the qualities of the believers with reference to good
manners and concerns of other people living around us. The most important thing
is use of tongue. We should speak gently instead of harsh language.
Prophet (PBUH) has said:
“To keep quite is better than telling a bad thing”.
Moreover every believer should be generous towards guest and neighbors
because surah Nisa verse 36 requires:
“Be good to neighbors who are near or who are stranger”.
These manners bring peace and harmony and support our social system of
Islam that creates unity and equality.
We should abide by all the teachings of Quran and Sunnat to know all the
manners and to promote the moral system of Islam. Prophet (PBUH) never said
an ill word for his enemies but be always be prayed for their guidance towards
right way. He was helping the widows to fulfill their needs e. g milking the goats
are comfortable.
He said: “A person should not stay as guest more than three days;
otherwise he is like a family member. In present life we cause stress for others
through taunt, teasing fun, abusing and harsh words we should not do this
because it causes Allah’s displeasure and it will hinder us in going in the paradise.
We should join our neighbors in their weddings, feast and sorrows and avoid
noise pollution e. g music in loud voice. These are best ways to get Allah’s
Hadis No 4:Translation.
“A man asked by Prophet (PBUH): Do you think that if I perform the
obligatory duties, (prayer, fast and halal earning) do nothing further. I shall enter
paradise? He said: Yes.
Ans. (a).
This Hadis highlights the responsibility of every individual to his lord
through prayers, fasting and legal earning. These two are important pillars of
Islam that strengthen community. A believer attains spiritual purity and inner
satisfaction through Salat and fasting. These create unity and equality, “Prophet
“He who gives up prayer has indeed disbelieved”.
Through legal earning we are respected and honored by friends and foes.
It will also help us in our judgment by Allah. “Prophet (PBUH) said”.
“The one who earns his livelihood with sweat of his brow is a friend of
All these are part of Allah’s ibadat that requires love and devotion not to be
seen by others.
We should follow Quran and sunnat regarding the ways and procedures of
our responsibilities and duties to Allah.
Prophet (PBUH) implemented each and every commandment of Quran in
his life. He never delayed his prayer and fasting and always worked very hard to
fulfill his needs as he traded for Khadija and had a lot of profit which was equally
distributed between them and even Hazrat Khadija married him because of his
honesty and truthfulness.
Today we are neglectful of prayer, fasting and halal earning, transaction of
riba is common in our business dealings because of it our economic system is
effected even it has made us lazy. We should avoid it because leaving salat,
fasting and haram earning kill take us in Hell. As it is said in surah Al-Baqra verse
“Allah has allowed the trade and forbidden riba”.
Hadis No 5:Translation.
“Every person’s every joint must perform a charity every day the sun comes
up; to act justly between two people is a charity; to help a man wit his mount lifting
him onto it or hoisting up his belongings onto, it is a charity; every step you take to
prayer is charity, and removing harmful things from road is a charity”.
Q No 1.
Ans. (a).
This hadis mentions the importance of charity. It means to do goof for
others. Charity is not only to give zakat and sadaqat but every good act that
brings happiness to Allah and fellow being is charity. It always promote social
interaction, brings all discrimination to an end. As Prophet has counted number of
good acts in charity e. g setting disputes and quarrels with justice, help people to
mount their means, going in Masjid to pray and removing hindrance from way to
keep the people safe and secure passing smile. “Prophet (PBUH) said”.
“Charity is incumbent on every believer “.
With paradise
We should do good acts as Quran and sunnat requires. All good deeds are
charity and shall be rewarded by Allah. As Prophet has said:
“All parts of body and joints work for goodness. So, we should be
supportive and co-operative to others even our smile can bring pleasure in their
stress and distress. It is a best source of benefit to other people.
As Prophet (PBUH) said:
“The best among you is the one who is a source of benefit to others”.
In our present life we should remove thorns, peel offs, stones dead animals
from the road so traveler can have smooth traveling. In this way we can do our
duty well. It brings dignity and honor for us in our society.
Hadis No 6:Translation.
“Whosoever of you sees an evil action let him change it with his hand and if
he is not able to do so then with his tongue and he is not able to do so then with
his heart and that is the weakest of faith.
Q No 1.
Ans. (a).
Hadis teaches the believers how to live in the community. It is our duty to
keep the society safe and secure from corruption and evils as surah Al-Imran
verse 110 tells:
“You are the best of people enjoining evolved for mankind enjoining the
right, forbidding the wrong, it is Jihad to promote good things and stop bad things
through our potential and abilities by using tongue, heart and hands. Evil always
destroys the social structure of Islam. Believers should take effective steps to fight
or overcome the evil. Those who can check it with force are government and
leaders while other can preach, give advice and warn the people about the
consequences’ of the act. When evil is not there then society always have justice
and equality for everyone.
Quran has defined the duty of Muslim ummah for the growth and stability of
a model Islamic society. As Prophet after establishing the first Islamic community
in Madina had strick watch over evils committed by people e. g theft, cheating,
gambling and hypoxia. He punished the criminals to give them a lesson, not to do
it again. He ordered to cut the hands of Banu Mukhzum’s tribe women when she
was involved in theft case.
Today’s leaders should provide security of life, Pakistan because of bomb
blasting by terrorist, load shading and rising prices in trade articles:“Holy Prophet (PBUH) said:”
“Take hold of his hand from doing wrong.”
All leaders should bring the rule of Justice up for all the people by following
the life style of four caliphs and Prophet.
Hadis No 7:It was said: Oh! Messenger of Allah, who is most excellent of men? The
messenger of Allah said: “The believer who strives hard in the way of Allah with
his person and his property.”
Q No 1.
Ans. (a).
Hadis highlights the importance of Jihad and its two types in religion Islam.
Jihad is a struggle in the way of Allah not fighting. Fighting under rules is Qital as
it is said in surah Al-Baqarah verse 190.
“Fight in the way of Allah against those who fight you but do not transgress
the limits.”
Jihad bin Nafs means to overcome our wills and desires and to fulfill the
will of Allah while jihad bil-Maal refers our sacrifices in the way of Allah to keep the
truth up. Jihad is an ibadat. It is always rewarded by Allah with jannat-ul-Firdus.
Surah Taubah verse 20 says they shall attain the highest rank in the sight of Allah
The object of jihad is to bring the evil to an end.
Prophet (PBUH) has defined the merits of jihad and conduct of Mujahidin and
their reward by Allah. Holy Prophet (PBUH) had to wage may wars to defend his
people from aggressors who opposed religion Matter with Islam and his
companions. So we should sacrifice our time money and even life in the way of
Allah, this include physical, spiritual and intellectual jihad. E.g the best jihad bil
Maal is to perform Haj and give Zakat and jihad bin Nafs is five time prayers
instead of watching T.V, playing games and visiting markets. Prophet said
“Paradise is under the sadow of Swards.”
Hadis No-8
The messenger of Allah said whom do you count to be a martyr among
you? They said: O messenger of Allah who is killed in the way of Allah is martyr.
He said in that case number of martyrs will be few! He who is killed in the way of
Allah is a martyr, he who dies of plague is a martyr, he who dies of cholera is a
The entire life of muslims requires struggle in the way of Allah, The hadis mentions
the concept of Shahadat in Islam. Shaheed is one who has been killed in the way
of Allah. It is the desire of every believer to die in Allah’s path.
As Surah al Baqara says:“Never to be called dead” but they are alive with Allah.
This hadis includes all those people who struggle in the way of Allah as
shaheed e.g who is killed in the battle field or who died because of serious
diseases like cancer, plague and dairiah.
We should spent our every moment in the way of Allah to attain shahadat. It
tells the concern of prophet for muslim ummat when his companions were sad to
hear him that number of shaheed will be less in his ummat.
We should have patience over our difficulties and sufferings to please Allah.
He will reward it with shahadat but this reward is not equal to the shahadat
attained in battle field. If life is spent in his path then no matter if we die naturally or
by diseases. We shall be amongst martyrs.
Hadis No 9:Translation
“No one eat better food than that which he eats out of the work of his hand.”
Hsdis tells the economic life in religion Islam according to divine Rizqe Halal
instructions. We believe our rizq has been fixed by Allah. So earning money
through hard work and labour with honesty is a great virtue. In religion Islam it is
next to faith while depending upon other is a sin and a disgraceful humiliation.
An honest person is dignified and respected. “Prophet (PBUH) said”
“He who works with his hand is a friend of Allah”.
Islam warns us about unfair means of life which are haram e. g riba,
robbery, lottery, sale of drugs, prize bound. These are the ways to fill their stomach
with fire of Hell.
Prophet (PBUH) has encourages the dignity of labour. Islam requires legal
ways of earning not ill. Legal as it is said in 275 of Al-Baqara.
“Allah has allowed the trade and forbidden the riba”.
So by this verse it is clear we should avoid interested on loans in our
business transaction.
Islam strickly prohibits ill – legal means such as robber, theft, lottery,
gambling, sales of drugs, cheating and hoarding, prize bonds.
“Prophet (PBUH) has said”.
“The flesh that has sustained by unlawful earning will not enter paradise”.
In our present life we should take care about banking system, insurance
policies on the base of Qiyas or ijtihad. It’s better to avoid all these to get the
pleasure of Allah and his messenger.
Hadis No 10:Translation
“One who manages the affairs of the widows and poor man is like the one
who exert himself in the way of Allah, or the one who stands for prayer in the night
or fast in the day”.
Hadis mentions the concerns of others in the community.
Social system of Islam preaches to be co-operative, supportive, kind, loving
and caring for those who are needy. We can bring them up by reducing and
sharing their worries and tensions. “Prophet (PBUH) said”.
“The best among you is the one who is a source of benefit to others”.
According to this hadis welfare is equal to Jihad as Prophet has said.
“A Mujahid is better than Abid”. Because helping other in their difficulties is
jihad and ibadat. This quality of believers will support the social system of Islam
and community will be in progress and development.
By taking care of needy, poor and widows, we can prove our self as a true
believers. Haqooq-Ul-Ibad are more important than Haqooq-Allah.
Prophet) PBUH) is a role model for us for, the moral, social and financial
support of needy and poor. Struggle for human welfare is highly respected and
appreciated in religion Islam.
All well of Muslims should help the deserving’s. Professional beggar
discouraged Prophet (PBUH) married widows to give them security and honor e. g
He married Hazrat Sawdah to Prophet her from unbelievers when she has threats
from pagan because of her faith. Today Muslims don’t like the marry with widows.
We should discourage such people and professional beggars who have adopted
beggary as a profession.
Hadis No 11:Translation
“I and the man who brings up an orphan will be in Paradise like this; And he
pointed with his two fingers, the index finger and the middle one”.
The hadis gives a glad tiding of paradise to the caretaker or guardian of an
orphan. An orphan not only needs financial help but also moral and financial
support. “Prophet (PBUH) said”.
“The best house is where an orphan is brought up”.
(Ibne Majah)
More ever the guardian of an orphan would be graced with the company of
Holy Prophet (PBUH) in the Paradise. It is called Maqame. Mehmood. Surah AlMaun gives a threat of destruction to those people who repulse orphans. By love
and care we can make them equal to others and best citizens.
We should follow the teachings of Quran and sunnat while treating the
orphans. Prophet (PBUH) was the supporter of weak and the oppressed. The
Makkans demanded abu Talib to hand over Prophet (PBUH) to them. Abu Talib
said:“Shall I handover to you, who is the refuge of the orphans and protector of
Once Prophet (PBUH) found an orphan, who was crying. He showed
affection to him in these words.
“Would you not like Mohammad to be your mother”. (Bukhari)
We should contribute our charities to SOS village so orphan can grow in an
ideal atmosphere. They can get education, and technical skills to led a better life.
Hadis No 12:Translation
“The messenger of Allah sent Abu Musa and Muaz bin Jabl to Yemen, and
sent each of them to govern a part. Then he said: Be gentle and do not be hard,
and cause rejoicing and do not alienate”.
Hadis mentions the duty and responsibility of governors / leaders for the
implications of Islamic law in the Islamic society and welfare projects for their
As it is said in Quran in Al-Baqara verse 185:
“Allah wishes care for you. He does not wish hardship for you”.
It requires, all rulers should be kind and gentle instead of harsh and cruel. It
is our belief that all rulers and authorities will be brought before Allah in chains if a
single subject should ever complain against him. The ruler’s chain would be locked
forever. He further said:
“The best rulers are those whom you love and they love you”. (Muslim)
Mildness, gentleness, love, care and to keep other at case are virtues of
moral system of Islam. The king of Japan is a role model for us who sleeps at floor
instead of bed while Zardari has an expensive bed in his room.
Prophet (PBUH) commanded the governors to apply the law of Allah with
justice and be a source of hope for the public by performing his duties honestly. He
trained his companions how to govern the people. Rulers mean everyone in
responsibility such as parent, employer, principle, Head of schools. All of these
should exercise their powers according to the law of Allah and His messenger for
the development and growth of society.
As a governor, Prophet treated all the people of Madina equally even he
provided cultural freedom to Jews and other tribes of Madina. Hazrat Umar was
roaming in streets to know the conditions of his people and then he was helping
Today’s rulers should follow yhe Prophet (PBUH) and four Khalifas for the
welfare of their inhabitants as Hazrat Ali was asked for the exemption of Zakat at
horses in his rules, he provided it to keep them at ease.
Hadis No 13:Translation
“He who studies the Quran is like the owner of tethered camels. If he
attends to them he will keep hold of them, but if he lets them loose they will go
Quran is first source of Islamic law for all Muslim communities. Regularity in
the recitation of Quran carries great reward. Hadis tells when a camel is
supervised and is kept in chain it always remains in the control of owner. In the
same case when we recite Quran along with understanding and practical practice,
it will be forever in memory but when we will be careless then it will be slip out of
“Prophet (PBUH) said”.
“The best among you is the one who studies Quran and teaches it. So it is
our duty to refresh it’s knowledge by revising it and spread this message to other
because Quran is complete code of life, full of guidance, it gives us all rules,
methods and even solution of our problems. We should also memorize it because
a Hifz-e-Quran
can intercede for seven of his generation if he acted upon it
sincerity throughout his life.
A Muslim should bind himself with Quran and its commandments to get the
goal of his life that is Allah’s pleasure and Paradise. Prophet has compared sahibe-Quran with Sahib-al-Ibil (camel) because in that era camels were precious
belongings of Arabs. Now-e-days most precious thing is Quran. He himself acted
upon each of its commandments with fully devotion. This was the reason “Hazrat
Ayesha said”.
The character of Prophet (PBUH) is Quran. He himself was sahib-e-Quran.
Today every Muslim family wishes that their children should learn Quran in early
ages. They even arrange a Qari or send them in Mosque to learn Quran. In Islamic
society readers and teachers of Quran are held in high esteem. We should mould
our lives according to Quranic teachings:-
Hadis No 14:Translation
May Allah show mercy to a man who is kindly when he sells, when he buys
and when he demands his money back.
Quran has set a code of life for each and every aspect of the life. It’s
teachings are supreme regarding Islamic economic system. The longest verse of
the Holy Quran is Ayat Ul-Ba’s or the verse of transactions’. It gives detail about
business dealings. All business deal should be conducted with honesty, justice
and kindness. Prophet has disapproved all unfair means of earning e. g cheating,
hoarding, riba and excess in prices. It requires all buyers, sellers and debtors
should have consideration for others.
“Prophet (PBUH) said”.
“Allah is gentle and love gentleness in all things”.
(Agreed upon)
“Surah Bani Israel, verse 35 says”.
“Give full measure whenever you measure, and weigh with the straight
balance that is better and fairest in the long run. So, sympathy and consideration
for borrower is a source to attain Allah’s mercy on the last day at the time of
The element of kindness is appreciated in human dealings and behavior.
Prophet was an honest trader. Hazrat Usman used to give more measures and
weights while selling the trade articles. We should assure others about quality of
material saled. All dealings should be in written forms in the presence of two
witnesses. Profit and loss should be shared equally. All business dealings should
be interest free economy to the people of Madina.
In present life everyone is victim of riba to get profit. We should get rid of it
by working hard with our hands because Allah has cursed the giver, taker scribe of
“Riba”. Quran also bans it as 275 of Al-Baqara says:
“Allah has allowed the trade and forbidden riba”.
Hadis No 15:Translation
“Allah will not show mercy to him who does not show mercy to others”.
Mercy is an outstanding attribute of Allah his messenger (PBUH). Allah is
Rahman and Raheem. “Quran says”.
“Allah’s mercy who wrap this anger”.
This hadis tells only those will attain. Allah’s mercy who have kindness for
their fellow beings. It should be part of our character. When mercy put into
practice, we get closer to each other and a kind person always rule. Over the
hearts of others.
“Prophet (PBUH) said”.
“A rule and ill – tempered person shall not enter paradise”.
Harsh behavior is against of human nature. It always debases a person.
The curse of Allah descends upon the mischievous ones.
Most deserving of Allah’s mercy are kind hearted people. Rude
temperament and ill treatment wit others are the habit of bad people.
Prophet (PBUH) and his followers has been persecuted for 13 years in
Makkah but he never curse for them. His mercy for the captives of Badr, people of
Taif, Makkans at the conquest of Makkah has set an example for Muslim Ummah
to follow him to have mercy for fellow beings.
“Surah Al-Anmbia verse 107 tells”
“He was sent a mercy for the worlds”.
Today we are lacking in this quality we mostly have hrash words with our
maids and servants because of their job. We should give them polite advise
instead of taunt and teasing.
Every Muslim should shoe kindness to all those who are around us to
please Allah and his messenger.
Hadis No 16:Translation
“The believers are like a single man; if his eye is affected he is all affected,
and if his head is affected he is all affected”.
The Muslim community is like a body when one person in community is
suffering with pain or displeasure the whole community is displeased. So same
case is with human body as it is mentioned in this hadis.
Brotherhood is the fundamental element in the moral system of Islam as it is
“said in surah Al-Hujrat verse 10”.
“The believers are but a single brotherhood”.
So Allah and his Messenger has established it. It is binding upon all the
Muslims to be co-operative, merciful and kind to all those, who are around us.
In every aspect of our social life the concept of unity is encouraged. Muslim
says their prayers jointly. We have been strengthened by the bond of Islam. So we
are unified people.
We can appeal in UNO to stop Israel from inhuman activities in Palestine.
Prophet (PBUH) put the concept of unity in practice as it is evident from the unique
brotherhood between Ansar and Muhajirin after migration to Madina. His aim kias
to build a society in which people lived in peace. The emigrants were given
dwellings food and opportunities of business and welfare by Ansars.
Today, we don’t have the spirit of unity. We should have negotiations and
an appeal in UNO to stop krael from inhuman activities in Philistine and resolve
peace for them to led a comfortable life because interference of Israel always
causes pain for Muslim Ummah.
Hadis No 17:Translation
“Modesty produces nothing but good”.
Hadis mentions the importance of modesty in religion Islam because it
always the support the moral system of Islam to set a standard of Islamic
Modesty means shyness. In religion it means to keep away from shameful
and indecent acts. It plays a vital role in character building and keep the person
pure and innocent.
Prophet (PBUH) said:Every religion has a distinctive and the distinctive quality of religion Islam is
modesty. Modesty is not only observed for fellow being but it is most important
towards Allah to fulfill the obligation of Islam. As it is said in “surah Nur verse 30,
“Say to the believing men low their gaze and guard their modesty.
Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) was the most modest person in this world. His
modesty is be never uttered an ill word even for his enemies. Hazrat Usman’s
modesty is remarkable that he was bathing with clothes on. It is a shield against
sins. This quality should be part of character. We should keep the people
comfortable and secure and avoid taught, teasing. Fun, abusing and interference
in their personal affairs.
In present life men and women should have distance instead of mixing with
strangers and wrong relations e. g the concept of boy friend. All women and men
should cover their bodies and private parts according to Shariat.
Hadis No 18:Translation
He who has in his heart as much faith us a grain of mustard seed will not
enter Hell, and he has in his heart much pride as a grain of mustard seed will not
enter paradise.
Hadis tell the importance of belief in Allah with total submission and
devotion in his ibadat and even thank Him for all the far ours. He has given us,
while opposite of obedience is disobedience. Disobedience of Allah always is
because of pride. As Iblis because of his pride deny to prostrate Adam and Allah
has declined him Kafir in Quran in “Surah Al-Baqara”.
This hadis also mentions the effects of belief in Allah and its reward. This
belief creates fear of Allah and will be rewarded with paradise. While pride will take
us in Hell. We should observe humbleness in all of our postures and dealings.
Faith is the characteristic of a Muslim in this world whereas pride, arrogance
and boastfulness are qualities of faithless person. Prophet was a humble person
as a role model for us. We should analyze our self and keep our heart under
check. We must adopt humility in our behavior, living and even in dress and food.
Abu Jahl did not accept Islam because of his pride. Allah destroyed him. In
present life we should not have pride of colour, features, wealth and abilities but
need to have a firm faith in Allah.” As Prophet (PBUH) has said”.
“Say I believe in Allah and then remain steadfast to it”.
Faith in Allah makes us humble and good fearing.
Hadis No 19:Translation
“The world is a believers prison and the unbelievers paradise”.
This world in which we live will come to end as Prophet has said:
“This world is a cultivating ground for the hereafter”.
(Sahih Bukhari)
“Surah Al-Mulk says”.
“Life is given so Allah may test which one of us performs the best of action,
just as an examination. The candidate cannot feels at rest until his test paper is
completely solved. So a believer always feel uneasy in the world, it is just like a
prison for him, who never like to live here and always try to get rid for it.
The unbeliever always remain busy in worldly activities and think that only
this life is the life and always prefer to enjoy every moment of life. Allah show
disgust against those who are happy with world and forbids the Muslims to sit in
their company.
”Prophet (PBUH) said”.
“Don’t sit beside those who love worldly life and wealth”. So we should be
indifferent to this world.
According to Quran world is the world of actions for Muslims where they
prepare them for an exam in the life here after. Muslims should not involve
themselves in world but they should cultivate good deeds to get success in the last
day. In paradise every person will get everything he would wish for. We should
have a belief that Allah will be the judge only of our all worldly activities.
So we should act according to Quran and sunnat. It requires hard work and
a strong belief and character. Prophet (PBUH) considered him as a stranger in this
world. It is said in Quran “Surah Nisa verse 77”.
“Enjoyment of this world is short, hereafter is better for the pious”.
Hadis No 20:Translation
“Allah does not regard your appearance and your possessions, but He
regards your hearts and your actions”.
Hadis teaches the importance of purity in intentions. Allah knows whatever
is in the hearts of humans. He can see the intention behind any action.
“Prophet (PBUH) has said”.
“Action are judged by intention in the sight of Allah colour, race and wealth
have no importance. Allah has divided into races to differentiate one man from
other. Allah only regards purity.
The impurities can be removed only through good actions; wealth cannot
help anyone in this regard. So the beauty of a person and wealth are worthless.
We Muslims should pay attention towards purity of heart. We should know
what we will saw here, We will reap it in the hereafter. We must remember Allah
before everything because He is not need of our deeds rather it is our need to
perform them. Our all actions should be free from hypocracy as it is disliked by
Allah and his messenger. Prophet Mohammad expelled all hypocrites from Madina
to keep the community free from evils.
He appointed Hazrat Bilal as Muazzin of Masjid-e-Nabvi because of his
piety although he was a negro and slave.
In present life we should not discuss the price of animals for sacrifice on
Eid-Ul-Adha to show of the people because it is only spiritual devotion.
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