Content Marketing Repurposing Market Data

Content Marketing + Budget:
Content marketing costs
less than outbound marketing and
generates about 3X as many leads.
of marketers are increasing
investment in content marketing.
of marketers outsource some type
of their content creation process.
of marketing budget is spent on
content marketing by the most
effective B2B marketers.
of companies specifically outsource
their content production to 1+ agencies.
An investment in content marketing is an investment in
lead generation. This includes blogs, PDFs/white papers,
videos, podcast episodes, and more. If teams don’t have
the capacity to create content, outsource - this is a common
strategy as more than half of companies choose to delegate
their content to at least 1+ agencies. From there, utilize the
most of each content piece by repurposing it into many
bite-sized marketing assets optimized for each social
media outlet.
Repurposing Content:
of leading
marketers don’t
make time to
repurpose their
of buyers view 3-5
pieces of content before engaging
with a sales rep; the more content
assets they see, the better.
Only about
of your followers will
see a social post on
Twitter or Facebook;
aim to be everywhere
and be there multiple
times throughout
the day.
The average lifespan of a new post/content on these social
media outlets is short lived, which is why repurposing is so crucial:
18 minutes
21 hours
5 hours
24 hours
20+ days
Taking time to repurpose a content piece into several
marketing assets isn’t a quick job, which is why significantly
more than half of top marketers don’t do it. But it’s also a
necessity. A great hack to optimize this time is to create
templates for your repurposed assets that can simply be
customized with each content piece’s details. These assets
make people familiar with your brand, bringing them closer
to your sales team. And since the lifespan of a social media
post can be as short as 18 minutes, it’s crucial to repurpose
and reshare content regularly.
Video Marketing
Turn That Text-Heavy Content Like Blog Articles Into Video
Viewers retain
of a message when they watch
it in a video compared to 10%
when reading it in text
Marketers who use
video grow revenue
Views on branded
video content
have increased
on Facebook and
on YouTube as
of June 2017
faster than non-video users
Video attracts
times as many monthly visitors.
20% of people
will read the text
on a page, but
of people will
watch a video.
Social video generates
more shares than text
and images combined
Having a video
thumbnail in the
search results
your search traffic
It’s a well-known fact that video tends to outperform
any other type of content. But that doesn’t mean to stop
creating text-heavy pieces like blog articles and white
papers. Go one step further and use tools like
to create video out of your articles. Not only does this help
with viewer retention and social engagement/shares, but it
also drives way more traffic and visitors, ultimately growing
business revenue 49% faster than marketing without video.
**Want to see an example of how a blog article can
be turned into a video without voiceover? Go to