Syllabus (biology)

Classroom: 165
E-mail: [email protected]
Class hours: M-F, 1:46-3:16
Fall 2018
Biology Course Syllabus
Teacher: Allison Wiebe
Welcome to Biology class. This course is designed to give you a more in-depth analysis of the study of
life. We will be studying some of the newest discoveries in the world of biology as well as studying more
well-known biological theories. Teaching will be conducted through various methods including lectures,
reading, labs, activities, videos, projects, maybe a few papers, and, of course, homework assignments,
tests, and the occasional quiz.
Class Outline
Unit 2-The Cell
Unit 3- Genetics
Unit 4- History of Biological Diversity
Unit 1-Ecology
Unit 5-9 (will be completed how time permits)
Course Tools
iPad/ Apple Pencil
Something to take notes with (if not using the iPad)
A writing utensil- I have extras but not for everyone every day
I would also recommend having a folder
Textbook- Biology by National Geographic, Copyright 2009, publisher Glencoe Science
Grading system
1. Grades will be assigned as follows:
A+ = 99-100 A = 95-98 A- = 93-94 B+ = 91-92 B = 87-90 B- = 85-86 C+ = 83-84 C = 79-82 C- = 77-78
D+ = 75-76 D = 71-74 D- = 70 F = Below 70
2. Grades are planning to be broken down into categories as follows:
a. Labs/Projects: 40%
b. Tests/ Quizzes: 50%
c. Homework: 20%
We will be having multiple labs when possible. If you must miss a lab for extracurriculars, doctors’
appointments, etc., schedule a time to make up the lab with me. The best options are, of course, during
encore or homeroom but I am more than willing to stay after school if needed. If a makeup date cannot
be achieved, then another project will be given to replace the work done on that date to achieve the
learning goals that were supposed to be met.
There will be multiple projects worth a lot of points throughout the semester. I do these to provide you
another opportunity to show your knowledge outside of a test. For a lot of these projects, the process is
worth more than the product. I grade on how well you work with others and your contributions to the
project so don’t rely on your group to get you a good grade on these.
Test/ Quizzes
Tests are self-explanatory. One test will be given about every 3-4 chapters. Quizzes are given about halfway through a unit depending on how long the unit is. These quizzes are open note and are designed to
help you raise your test grade. Some might even be worth more than the tests. Quizzes will be on
Canvas so you will be able to do it at another time if you are absent. If you plan to miss a test, please let
me know and we will figure out a time for you to come in and retake it. You have one week to retake the
test. After that, you will take a 0 for that test unless you have discussed it with me and we have decided
it is appropriate to provide an extension for you. Tests can be corrected to receive half of the points you
missed back. I will accept test corrections for up to a week after the test has been handed back to you.
I hardly ever give actual homework. I will usually provide time in class unless we run out of time, in
which case it is homework. All assignments will be collected so turn everything in and always have your
name on it. However, I won’t grade all the assignments. Some may just be completion, some won’t be
put in the gradebook at all, and some will actually be graded. It is at my discretion to determine what
kind of grade the assignment gets so make sure you are keeping up with assignments and always putting
forth your best effort.
I am sad to say that you will probably be taking a lot of notes this semester. It is how I am going to
provide you the tools to do well in my class. At the end of each chapter, I will be collecting your notes
from that chapter to grade so take good notes. Highlight, underline, and be organized in your note
taking (especially because you have open note quizzes). These should be easy grades.
Late Work
Work is due at 4 pm on the due date. After that, the assignment is considered late and a 0 will be put in
the grade book. 5 points will be deducted from your grade on the assignment for every day it is late up
to one week. After the week is up, I will no longer accept the assignment unless you have talked to me
and I have accepted your reason for the assignment being late. If you plan to be gone for any reason, it
is up to you to come talk to me and see what you are going to be missing. A lot of your assignments and
instructions will be on Canvas as well so make sure to check there just in case I neglected to put
something on your FAS. I will provide the assignments and let you know of anything that you will need
to make up.
Extra Credit
I prefer to keep the focus on the regular opportunities I provide for you to get a good grade in this class
rather than allowing students to rely on extra credit at the last minute to save them. Keeping this in
mind, I may provide certain extra credit opportunities to the whole class. Extra credit will not be given
on an individual basis. Work hard everyday and you won’t need the extra credit.
Classroom Expectations
I will not have too many rules outside what is given in the student handbook. Here are my big rules to
1. Respect!
2. No food in my classroom unless you have been given permission.
3. No horsing around in the lab area AT ALL.
If my expectations are not met, be an adult and accept responsibility for what happened. You will be
given a warning to start off with. If the behavior continues, we will have a discussion at a time that is
predetermined. If no change occurs, parents and/or administration will be contacted.
Advice for Students
Take good notes.
PARTICIPATE. Participation will go a long way in helping you understand something.
Pay attention in class. (DUH!)
Take advantage of the plentiful opportunities I give you in class to do well and learn.
Don’t hesitate to come in for help if you don’t understand something.
You as a class are in complete control of how this class goes.
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