Jamestown Study Questions

Jamestown Study Questions Packet
Jamestown was founded in _______ year by ___________________________?
What does Glory, God and Gold mean?
What were some of the things that made life in Jamestown so difficult?
What was the original plan to generate wealth in the Virginia colony and was it
successful? If not, what was the successful product they found to help them become
5) Why was the location chosen for Jamestown a good choice and why was it a bad
A good location
A bad location
Jamestown Short Answer Study Questions
(Please type 4 to 5 complete sentences for each question. Make sure to include the relevant
facts and descriptive words that let you imagine your answer. 2 dollar words instead of 50 cent
6) How did John Rolfe and John Smith contribute towards the survival of the
Jamestown colony?
7) Explain indentured servitude. What was it? Why was it used? Where did the people
come from? How did indentured servitude differ from slavery?
8) What was the headright system? How did it help create a smaller planter class with
most of the land and wealth in the Virginia colony?
9) Include what the word chatel slavery mean? What year was slavery introduced into
the Virginia colony? Why was it introduced?
10) Explain the significance of the House of Burgesses. When was it created? What
did they do? Who was eligible to be elected into the House of Burgesses?
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