Mr. Darcy and Mr. Collins Comparison Chart

Pride and Prejudice Comparison Chart
Mr. Collins
Mr. Darcy
Couldn’t perceive Elizabeth not accepting his
offer and insisted that her refusal was a ploy
He approaches Elizabeth on the grounds that he
loves her.
His motives were selfish (pleasing Lady
Catherine, pursuit of his own happiness, etc.).
He managed to offend her as he proposed pointing
out her inferiority.
When searching for a partner he treated the
Bennet daughters like objects, considering the
“most handsome” or the “eldest and more
mature” as suitable.
Elizabeth was actually “complimented” by his
Responded to her refusal with denial
Responded to her refusal with anger.
Elizabeth was amused and perturbed by Mr.
Collin’s ignorance.
Elizabeth was very upset with Mr. Darcy and
started accusing him of bad things.
Mr. Collins went to Miss Bennet’s house
Mr. Darcy approached her at Mr. Collin’s home in
Mr. Collins is her cousin.
Mr. Darcy is not related to her in any way.
Mr. Collins was really clear of his intentions
several weeks leading up to his proposal.
Mr. Darcy’s proposal was a surprise to Elizabeth
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