successful academic writing

-Understanding The Task
The relationship between the writer and the reader in academic writing differentiae’s from other
forms of writing . the reader in this specific writing could be the lecturers or tutors, and sometimes a
colleague. Whoever it is, the readers job is to judge the piece of writing whether it reached a certain
standard or not. The judgment has to be made formally, with marks and some written comment.
These judgment are part of the process of deciding upon the quality of the writer, and which class
degree should be given.
It’s important to be critical when you write an academic piece this includes all levels of study. But it
doesn’t mean finding fault with something. It means: -showing an understanding and knowledge of
theory, - demonstrating an awareness of what has been written or said about the subject, -coming
to your own conclusions and using your own voice.
These points and some other that hasn’t been mentioned are very important and should be used in
reading as well as writing, where you need to identify the line of reasoning or argument, look for
hidden assumptions and decide if the evidence used to support the argument is good enough.
Bloom’s Taxonomy of learning is a theory about useful framework to think about academic writing .
it presents six stages that a learner goes through, each one is more complex and relies on the one
before. Knowledge is the first level which deals with facts then the learner starts rephrasing,
applying and breaking down the knowledge before being apply to evaluate it. This theory often helps
the understanding of the lecturer and what to see in your writing.
-Disciplines And Their Differences.
Academic writing are classified into disciplines that have evolved over time. It’s a wide area where
certain subjects are slotted. A very basic division of the disciplines puts them into four main areas:
Art and Humanities category includes subjects related to the cultural life of people , such as :
Literature, philosophy, ect. This disciplines relies on essay.
Science, Engineering and Technology what is included in this category are subjects that study the
laws and the structures of the natural world, example physics, geography, ect. Reports are very
common in this disciplines.
Health and Life Sciences , subjects that covers the physical condition of people, animals and the land.
Which includes biology , zoology, ect. a report would dominate in this area.
Social Science, this final category includes subjects that relates to the way people live in and use
society. such as: Anthropology, Politics, and so on. Reports are also common in these disciplines.
Genres Of Writing
Genres are the different types of academic writing . they have distinct purposes, forms and
recognized structures. The assignment brief will give you a clue about the type you will should use.
There are certain things that are common in all genres. All academic writing use evidence to support
the points it makes, to structure and order to guide the reader through the writing and contains
references for anyone else’s ideas or work used.
-Learning Outcomes And Assessment Criteria.
Whenever you are given an assessment brief you should check what the assignment will test and
measure and how it will do this.
Learning outcomes:
It shows what a student should learn and be able to demonstrate by studying a particular
course. They are often written in ways to refer to abilities, skills and knowledge.
Assessment criteria
Any assignment should include information on how your work will be judged and where
marks will be awarded. The assessment criteria can be a series of statements that describes
the different levels of achievements and the range of marks each level falls in. depending on
the quality of your explanation , your style, your use of theory and the scope of your
Assessment criteria need to be clear and transparently understood, so you will know how
your work will be judged and keep the information in your mind while writing.
The assignment title
The most important thing in assignment title is the instruction words, they provide a
clue about your work. And also prevent you from losing marks. Examples of instruction
words : analyse, compare, explain ,ect.
Basic structures
Is the major importance in a piece of academic writing and one of the key ways that it differs from
other forms of writing. Assessment criteria always shows how well a piece of work structured.
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