2 - Extensions

Level 1 Gone with the Wind
Week 6 Problem Set
Name: _________________
Essential Extensions are mandatory, giving the student the understanding they need to grasp
the main concept of the course. We recommend that all essential extensions are completed before
attempting the problem set.
❏ Properties of Waves- GCSE physics lesson on waves
❏ Waves Introduction – physics revision video introducing the concept of waves
❏ Wave Motion- FuseSchool explanation on how waves propagate and its properties
❏ Measurement
❏ Data Analysis
❏ Calculations
Explorational Extensions are optional, allowing a student to look more deeply at a topic. We
recommend that students do these after completing the problem set if they enjoy the topic.
❏ Amplitude, Periods, & Frequency- Khan Academy detailed view of wave properties
❏ Calculations of Waves (Advanced) – The Science Classroom video on calculations of
Analyzing Waves
1. The highest point on a wave is the __________, while the lowest point is the __________.
2. The distance from one crest to the next crest is the __________.
3. The __________ is a measure of the number of waves that pass a point in a given amount of time.
4. The illustration to the right shows a wave.
Label each part in the space below:
a. ____________________
b. ____________________
c. ____________________
d. ____________________
Level 1 Gone with the Wind
Week 6 Problem Set
Name: _________________
5. Use the five illustrations of waves drawn below to answer the following questions:
(a) Waves P and Q have the same __________, but wave P has twice the __________ of wave Q.
(b) Waves Q and R have the same __________, but wave R has twice the __________ of wave Q.
(c) Wave __________ shows a steady frequency but changing amplitude.
(d) Wave __________ shows steady amplitude but a changing frequency.
6. A kid on a playground swing makes 6 complete to-and-fro swings each 30
(a) The frequency of the swinging is __________.
(b) The period of the swinging is __________.
7. Complete the statements in the diagrams below:
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