Respiratory activity PE

Assignments: Chapter 45
Written Assignments
Assignment #1. Identify variables in the local environment (at
home, at work, and in general) that predispose individuals to
respiratory problems. Note other variables that influence
respiratory functioning in general. What can nurses do
individually and collectively to promote pollution-free
environments and minimize negative factors?
Learning Objective
2, 3
Assignment #2. Write a brief report describing the principles of 1
respiratory physiology.
Assignment #3. Develop a sample list of nursing diagnoses with 5, 7
related nursing interventions related to respiratory functioning.
Group Assignments
Assignment #1. Role-play performing a physical assessment of
the lungs and respiratory status on a partner. As your teacher is
guiding you through each sequence of inspection, palpation,
percussion, and auscultation, you should discuss all possible
normal and abnormal findings.
Learning Objective
Assignment #2. Your teacher will divide the class into small
groups and provide you with the equipment to demonstrate and
practice the following procedures:
Use of the incentive spirometer
Pursed-lip breathing
Postural drainage
Clinical Assignments
Learning Objective
Assignment #1. Your teacher will assemble oxygen
administration equipment (nasal cannula, nasal catheter,
transtracheal catheter, oxygen masks, and tent) as well as
artificial airway equipment (oropharyngeal airway, endotracheal
tube, tracheostomy tube, and cuffed endotracheal tube). Select a
device and describe the conditions under which it is indicated,
the related procedure for insertion, and priorities for nursing
care. In a class discussion, identify potential problems with the
use of each and strategize about nursing solutions. Rate your
own proficiency using each piece of equipment on a scale of 1
to 5, with 1 being unfamiliar with the equipment and 5 being
able to use the equipment competently. Devise strategies for
improving these scores for the future.
Assignment #2. Perform a nursing history on a patient with
altered respiratory function. Use interview questions to identify
(a) current or potential health deviations, (b) patient actions for
meeting this need and their effects, (c) contributing factors, (d)
use of aids to improve intake of air, and (e) effect on current
lifestyle and relationships with others. Share the results of your
interview with the class.
Web Assignments
Assignment #1. Use the Internet to research diagnostic
procedures used to assess respiratory functioning. Share your
results with the class.
Learning Objective
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