George Eliot, Her Life and Her Realism

A Revolutionary Authoress of the Victorian Era
Mary Ann Evans
◦Pseudonym – George Eliot
◦Born in November 22th, 1819
◦Died in December 22th, 1880
◦The Westminster Review
◦George Henry Lewes
◦"To L(ewes), I owe it."
Her Novels
◦Adam Bede, 1859
◦The Mill on the Floss, 1860
◦Silas Marner, 1861
◦Romola, 1863
◦Felix Holt, the Radical, 1866
◦Middlemarch, 1871-1872
◦Daniel Deronda, 1876
Interesting Facts
◦First person – Modern Tennis and
‘Pop’ Music.
◦£10,000 for Romola.
◦Thomas Hardy’s Far from the
Madding Crowd.
◦Gravestone – John Walter Cross –
Mary Ann Cross
An Ugly Victorian Woman?
◦Henry James’ letter – "magnificently ugly, deliciously
◦"Now in this vast ugliness resides a most powerful beauty
which, in a very few minutes, steals forth and charms the
mind, so that you end, as I ended, in falling in love with
◦The Honeymoon Incident
◦“Realism is a literary movement in the 19th century
and proclaimed the death of Romanticism. Realism,
according to Charles Darwin, is an idea in which
man is not a hero but an animal. Man has no more
purpose than to eat and procreate. Realism for most
of the people is a way of living where life can be
enjoyed without dreaming and through suffering.”
(Realism and George Eliot. (2013, October 13.) Retrieved from
Her Realism
◦Adam Bede – Dinah
◦Inner and outer beauty / ugliness
◦“The doctrine that all truth and beauty are to be attained by a
humble and faithful study of nature, and not by substituting
vague forms, bred by imagination on the mists of feeling, in
place of definite, substantial reality.”
Middlemarch: A Study of
Provincial Life
◦Psychological nuance and insight
◦Personal dramas
◦Dorothea Casaubon
◦Provincial Life
The Mill on the Floss
◦Maggie Tulliver and Tom
◦Provincial Life
◦Gender Issues
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