intro history project

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Introduction to History Project.
Let’s take a walk through time….Before the Muslims arrived in Spain in 711 AD, there
were other civilizations that lived in Iberia.
DID YOU KNOW? There’s a popular theory that the Roman name for
Spain, Hispania, which became España and Spain, comes from the
Phoenician name for Iberia i-shepan-im, the land or coast of rabbits. When
the Phoenicians first visited Iberia in around 500 BC they saw lots of rabbits
there which they named after a similar animal, the hyrax of North Africa.
We had civilizations that came from the North, from the South and even by sea. They came
and lived, worked and fought in Iberia, leaving behind traces of their culture that have
remained till this day in actual Spanish culture.
The Celts, the Iberians, Carthaginians, Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans and the Visigoths form a
very important part of Spain’s History….
In groups you will be assigned one of these civilizations. You will investigate the influence and
remains of these different people that have passed through Spain, contributing to create
Spain’s culture today.
You will investigate:
When they arrived, what territories did they occupy on the peninsula
What life was like in their cities/ villages
How their society was made up
Their government
What legacy did they leave behind (language, architecture, art, infrastructures,
traditions, religion, etc..)
Other interesting facts you may want to include.
Your group will have to make a presentation to teach your classmates about the civilization
assigned and the part it played in Spain’s History by taking us back in time, transporting us to a
village or city of that civilization.
Remember, your “students” should learn about this civilization. To know if they have
understood, your group will have to create different activities and or evaluations. These
activities will be graded and accounted for. Each member of your group should be take part in
the presentation as well as in the creation of it.
BE CREATIVE AND ORIGINAL! You may use: Ipad presentations,
costumes, tools, props, etc… whatever you consider necessary to transport
us back in time and make us feel as if we are part of your civilization,
including classroom decorations to help create the perfect atmosphere.
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