People by the Sea Travel Booklet and PAGES 72-76 for Judaism


People by the Sea Travel Booklet

Use PAGES 67-71 for Phoenicians and Minoans and PAGES 72-76 for Judaism

Welcome to the Sea! An exciting place where many great civilizations have grown and prospered. It is here that we find the Minoans, the Phoenicians and the

Hebrews. These groups contributed many things to the world that helped to make it the place that it is today.

You task: Create a travel booklet the highlights the accomplishments of these 3 civilizations


1) Each civilization has their own part of the brochure that includes:

Where/when civilization occurred

Three accomplishments of the civilization

Pictures ( 2 per civilization)that show what these accomplishments were

2) Must explain the Jewish Religion. This must include:

Definition of Monotheism

Info on Abraham, Moses, David, Saul, Solomon

Overview of the religion

3) There must be a cover page

4) All pages must be colored

*****Remember that this is a travel book-you want to use this forum in a way that makes people want to travel to these areas-be creative tell people what they should see or do!!!