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Sir Khurram Shehzad
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Umer Farooq
Shaharyar Butt
Falak Sheir
Muhammad Awais
Qasim Warraich
Dubai Islamic Bank
• Dubai Islamic Bank has the unique distinction of being the world’s first
Islamic bank since 1975.DIB is also the world’s first full service Islamic
bank and the third largest Islamic bank in the world. The Bank currently
operates 90 branches across the UAE, is present in seven markets
worldwide and is expanding its global footprint to further grow and
develop the industry. Serving close to 1.7 million customers, DIB offers
its growing consumer base an increasing range of innovative Sharia
compliant products and services.
• • Got license for the establishment of its operations in Pakistan on
November 26, 2005
• offering state-of-the-art Sharia compliant products
Product & Services
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Balance sheet
Bank Balance Sheet
Types of risk in Banking Sector
Financial Risk
• Risk associated with financing, including financial transactions that include
company loans in risk of default.
Non-Financial Risk
• Risk associated with operations of bank and other things like reputation,
strategic, political, social and economic etc.
Credit risk
A credit risk is the risk of default on a debt that may arise from a borrower
failing to make required payments.
• Borrower risk
A borrower risk is the risk of default on a debt that may arise from
a borrower failing to make required payments.
• Industrial risk
A industrial risk is the risk of default on a debt that may arise from
a industry failing to make required payments.
• Portfolio risk
Each investment carries a risk of loss. The higher the potential returns, the
higher the risk. If you hold a portfolio with many investments, each of those
investments carries its own risk. All of the investment risks combined result
in an overall risk you have exposed your portfolio to.
How to manage or control credit risk
Liquidity risk
Liquidity risk
When liquidity risk came in banks
How bank manage liquidity risk
How bank manage liquidity risk
Market risk
Market Risk
Types of market risk
• Interest rate risk
Interest rate risk is due to fluctuations in interest
The immediate impact of change in interest rates
is on the Net Interest Income(NII).
NII=interest earned –interest paid
1) Basis risk
2) Repricing risk
3) Yield curve risk
Types of market risks
Operational risk
What is Operational risk:
Causes of Operational risk
Human risk
IT/System risk
Processes risk
How to manage operational risk
Operation risk management:
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