EBAO Enzymes

Investigation: How Does Concentration Affect the Reaction Rates of
 to observe the catalytic action of yeast catalase on hydrogen peroxide
 to determine the effect of substrate and enzyme concentration catalase activity
Inquiry-based laboratory investigations can encourage educators to move away from the
traditional teacher-directed model and start to use more student-directed experimentations in
their classrooms. In this workshop we will talk about how inquiry-based instruction can
encourage students to make connections between biology concepts and increase their
knowledge and skills. In the workshop you will - as students - work through an inquiry-based
investigation to answer the question: How Does Concentration Affect the Reaction Rates of
Enzymes?” Within this investigation you will learn how you can assess your students’ thinking
processes and understanding of biological concepts by testing a hypothesis, analyzing data, and
communicating results. Our goal will be to enable you to get your students to learn by
discovering knowledge for themselves as they observe and explore in the laboratory.
A creative approach to teaching enzymes with a lab that aligns with the 9th grade MEB learning
objectives and enables students to use scientific reasoning and critical thinking; while collecting
data and applying quantitative skills in an inquiry-based investigation.
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