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Business Mission to China :
Beijing, Yinchuan & Xi’an
26 October to 01 November 2015
With the recent hype in the One Belt, One Road (OBOR), also
known as the new Maritime Silk Road, it is well-timed for the
Singapore Logistics Association to organise a business mission
to China to support Singapore logistics companies including
SMEs acquaint with the Chinese government & municipal
authorities governing those regions, latest economic & trade
developments, investment opportunities and forging new
partnerships to further develop their logistics businesses in
the major points in OBOR.
Delegates of the business mission to China covering Beijing,
Yinchuan and Xi’an from 26 October to 01 November 2015 all
benefitted much. These are some of their takeaways:
Gain an insight into the business focus and development in
China, both from government and private companies in the
area of logistics and trade.
✔ Understand
the government’s push on the Silk Road
development / OBOR in each city and how the government
promotes investment.
Appreciate how the local government especially in Yinchuan
and Xi’an, position themselves to secure the logistics
business in the hinterlands.
Learn from the big local logistics service providers like DTW
and Sinotrans, how they position and niche themselves in
the competitive third party logistics environment.
Gather useful information from government entities and
private companies on their plans to execute their logistics
and trade vision and strategies and how they overcome
Mr Kay Kong Swan – SLA Second Deputy Chairman
CEO - Integrated Logistics, CWT Limited
Mr John Leong
Business Development Manager - CrimsonLogic Pte Ltd
Mr Alex Ong
Director - DLA International
Mr Daniel Chow
Director & General Manager - Tuas Transport & Logistics Pte Ltd
Mr Chan Allen
Director - Product and Services, vCargo Cloud Pte Ltd
Mr Lei Zhiqiang
General Manager - Yang Kee Logistics Pte Ltd
Mr Tommy Tan
Senior Manager - Yang Kee Logistics Pte Ltd
Appreciate the growing business opportunities in other
provinces other than the usual Shanghai and Guangzhou.
Establish a high level and initial linkage with government
officials and potential business partners
collaborative opportunities.
Ms Ng Soo Hwa
SLA Executive Director
Mrs Chua Li Tzer
SLA Manager - Corporate & Industry Development
Acquire good networking opportunities amongst Chinese
counterparts as well as fellow Singaporean delegates.
The “One Belt, One Road” initiative, proposed by President
Xi Jinping in 2013, is China’s latest plan to boost regional
trade with Central Asia, Russia, Europe, and other regions.
The central government has made the plan a centre piece
of both its foreign policy and domestic economic strategy,
with potentially game-changing implications for regional
trade, investment and infrastructure development. 02
Mr Stanley Lim - SLA Chairman
Mission Leader
Chief Operating Officer - Addicon Logistics Management (S) Pte Ltd
Upon arrival in Beijing on 26 October 2015, Mr Lui Xuede –
Secretary General of the China International Freight Forwarders
Association (CIFA), gave a warm welcome reception to the SLA
mission delegation.
The itinerary planned in collaboration with CIFA, include meetings
with top logistics enterprises namely DTW Logistics, Kerry
Logistics, Nippon-Express (China) Co Ltd, Sinotrans Ltd, Zhongxin
International Transport Co Ltd and Ginter Logistics Services Co
Ltd. In general, the Chinese counterparts regard Singapore as the
gateway and a hub for Chinese cargoes to the Asia-Pacific while
Beijing will serve as the gateway for the western part of China and
Central Asia.
Noteworthy to mention is the establishment of impressive IT
solutions providing real time industry visibility in Warehouse
Management System (WMS) and Transport Management System
(TMS) amongst the companies. In handling the large volume and
ever-growing e-commerce, the companies are geared up to offer
comprehensive e-commerce solution to deliver parcels within
the shortest delivery time. In tandem with China’s 13th Five-Year
Plan (2016 -2020) and the OBOR initiatives, most companies
have mapped out their strategic plans to enhance their logistic
services. SLA mission delegates had the opportunity to introduce
their companies to the Chinese counterparts and to network on
a one-to-one basis.
SLA hosted a networking dinner with Mr Zhao Huxiang, President
of CIFA and the newly-elected President of FIATA as the special
guest. He is also the Chairman of Sinotrans Ltd.
Mr Zhao Huxiang and Mr Lui Xuede were each presented with a
token of appreciation from SLA Chairman – Mr Stanley Lim.
► Bonded Service Industry
► Halal Food & Muslim Supplies Industry
The second phase development direction in YFTZ will include
biotechnology, electronic information and financial leasing
industries. YFTZ will be well connected with the airport runways,
railway networks to facilitate seamless flow of cargoes to and
from Western China and Middle East.
Preferential treatments have been put in place to welcome foreign
investments particularly on export-oriented enterprises; bonded
processing and bonded logistics enterprises; bonded service
types in bonded commodities; exhibition and exchange; R & D and
maintenance; finance & insurance and consulting services.
The SLA mission delegation also gained insights on the overview of
Ningxia logistical development from Mr Zhang Chao – Consultant,
Department of Commerce of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region.
The government is working towards elevating the standard in
logistics in Ningxia through current logistics concepts including
cold-chain, ecommerce and retail and to improving airfreight
The massive construction works in The Shaft of China-Arab
at YueHaiWan CBD Area exhibit the promising collaborations
between China and Arab States in promoting cross-border trade
in alignment with the establishment of the Silk Road Economic
Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road.
The SLA delegation arrived Yinchuan from Beijing on 28 October
2015 and was warmly greeted by officials from the Yinchuan Free
Trade Zone (YFTZ) Management Committee. Mr Cai Yongning Deputy Director, Mr An MaoLian - Assistant Director and Mr Niu
Dong Ning from the YFTZ Management Committee conducted a
comprehensive site visit to the YFTZ, located in south of Yinchuan
Hedong International Airport.
Yinchuan is the capital of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region.
Ningxia is considered as the Inland Opening-up Pilot Economic
Zone to promote exchanges and cooperation mainly to Arab
States and world Muslim regions with Yinchuan positioned as the
nodal city along the Silk Road Economic Belt.
Six leading industries are demarcated at the first phase in YFTZ
and they include:
► Aviation Industry – include airfreight, aviation logistics (MRO), general aviation industry
► Gold & Jewelry Cultural Innovation Industry
► Wine Industry
► Textile Industry
On 30 October 2015, the SLA delegation was welcomed warmly
and hosted by Shaanxi Xixian New Area Members of Party Working
Committee, Mr He Jian – Party Committee Secretary, Director &
Chairman of Board, General Manager as well as Mr Wang Dong
- Vice General Manager & Chairman of Board, General Manager.
The Airport New City, located in the Xi'an Xianyang International
Airport in Shaanxi Province, will be the largest air trade logistics
facility in West China. It is also expected to be one of the main
engines driving Xi'an economy as a key link in the OBOR initiative. Developmental plan includes the following:
► Airport Core Area
► International Aviation Logistic Hub
► Bonded Logistic Industry Zone
► International Cargo Distribution Area
► Silk Road International Trade / Business Zone
► Airport Industrial Park
► International Cultural Zone
► Pastoral Towns & Agricultural Park
The delegates witnessed the buzzing construction works as the
Xi’an Airport New City taking shape.
Xi’an was once considered as one of the greatest ancient capitals
of China. Now modern Xi'an is one of China's most popular
tourist destinations and the most industrialized city in Northwest
China. Due to its relatively inaccessible inland location, economic
development in Xi'an has long lagged behind its coastal
counterparts like Shanghai. In pursuant of the national plan of the OBOR initiative, Xi'an was
named as the starting point for the Silk Road Economic Belt and a
new platform for further developing China's "reform and opening
up" policy. Xi'an is currently focusing on the development of
two logistics parks to support the trade and transport networks
needed for an export-oriented regional economy. While the
Airport New City will mainly oversee air freight, the Xi'an
International Trade and Logistics Park in downtown Xi'an will
focus on land-based logistics as China's largest inland port. Xi’an
with its geographically advantageous location, will act as the
confluence point for distributing cargo from coastal ports in
Tianjin, Qingdao, Ningbo and Shanghai. The Logistics Park will be
well connected by extensive rail networks and multiple national
expressways to move the cargoes seamlessly.
Networking Session Hosted by Shaanxi
Government Officials
The Shaanxi government officials including Mr Yugang Tang Deputy Director, Shaanxi Provincial Department of Commerce,
Mr Liu Weidong – Chairman, Shaanxi Foreign Trade Enterprises
Association, Mr Wang Hongwei - Division Chief, Foreign Trade
Division, Shaanxi Dofcom and Mr Wu Jie - Deputy Director, Foreign
Trade Division, Shaanxi Dofcom, hosted a networking session for
the SLA mission delegates on 30 October 2015. Both Singapore
and China logistics companies had the opportunity to provide a
brief introduction of their companies. This was followed by one-toone networking session to explore collaborative sessions.
The Singapore Logistics Association would like to thank IE
Singapore, SPRING Singapore and all delegates for your support
and close engagement in this business mission.
The trip was made possible with the invaluable inputs and
extensive network of the China International Freight Forwarders
Association which include top logistics companies in Beijing as
well as key government officials in Yinchuan and Xi’an.
Chinese logistics companies include:
► Continental Bridge
► Easyway International Freight Co. Ltd
► Sinotrans Air Transportation Development Co. Ltd Northwest
► Xi’an Bondex Logistics Co. Ltd
► Xi’an Ocean International Freight and Forwarding Company
► Xaic Tech (Xi’an) Industrial Co. Ltd
The interactive session ended with a networking dinner hosted
by SLA. The mission ended with a high note, acknowledging the
abounding business opportunities in China.
Welcome ALL New Members ...
Broekman Logistics
(S) Pte Ltd
Skylift Districentre (Pte) Ltd
Trust Logistics Pte Ltd
Cory Brothers Shipping
Agencies (S) Pte. Ltd.
Grocery Logistics of
Singapore Pte Ltd
JCL Transport and Logistics
Singapore Pte. Ltd.
TIC Traffic International
Consortium (S) Pte. Ltd.
01 November 2015
Mr. Shawn Goh
Branch Manager
Ms. Tay Kim Leng Regina
General Manager
Mr. Ong Hui Taik
Ms. Amber Tan
Operations Manager
Ms. Goh Peck Geok
Senior Finance & Admin Manager
Mr. Ong Hui Bin
01 December 2015
Mr. Keith Lee
Managing Director
Mr. Arnold Loke
General Manager
Mr. Tang Yew Fai Sunny
Assistant Director, Logistics
Mr. Joachim Hirt
Mr. James Teo
Mr. Tan Kor Hua Stephen
Asst General Manager
Ms. Yunmi Kim
General Manager
Mr. Stephen Tan
SLA members are
invited to send us articles,
announcements or any
information which may
interest our readers. These
may be a short write-up
on your special project,
unique capability or even
personalities. Please drop
us your contributions at
[email protected]
Accredited Representative
01 November 2015
JAG Logistics Pte Ltd
Mr. Jagwinder Singh
Managing Director
01 December 2015
Choice Shipping Lines Pte. Ltd.
Mr. Ashok Pillay
Change of Accredited Representative and Alternate
Atlantic Forwarding Pte Ltd
Accredited Representative
Ms Jun Lim
Operations Manager
Lingholm Logistics Pte Ltd
Mr Roy Xu
Logistics Manager
Mr Zhang Jun
Nippon Express (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Mr Kohei Hashimoto
Logistics Manager
Mr Daisuke Maejima
General Manager
SILKargo Logistics (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Mr Aditya Girindra Wardhana
Head of Commercial & Business Development
Ms Julianawati Nomina
Sales Executive
Union Services (S’pore) Pte Ltd
Mr Foo Sak Wai
General Manager
Mr William Tan
Nova Shipping & Logistics Pte Ltd
Mr Henry Ho
Manager Logistics
Kerry Logistics Centre (Tampines) Pte Ltd
Mr Paul CC Hu
Ms Karen Ng
HR & Admin Manager
Freight Links Logistics Pte Ltd
SLA together with the Centre of Innovation – Supply Chain Management (COISCM) co-organised the Logistics Innovation & Technology Enablement Showcase
(LITES) on 6 November 2015 at the Supply Chain Innovation Lab. The lab was
officially launched on 12 October 2015 in conjunction with the annual Tech Fest @
Republic Polytechnic from 12 to 14 October 2015.
A group of about 50 representatives from 16 member-companies and organisations
from various sectors were introduced to the Internet of Things by Mr Dennis
Quek – Director (COI-SCM), followed by several demonstrations on its innovative
projects such as ‘Shoot-Store-Share’ and ‘Easi-Planner’. The participants then
toured the lab where they were awed by the automated order-picking and robotic
palletisation solutions and ended with a networking session.
Mr Jack Lim
Finance & Administration Manager
Mr Paul Liu Zhi Cheng
Senior Vice President
Mr Vincent See Chin Hok
Vice President
ASEAN Federation of Forwarders
Associations (AFFA)
25th AFFA General Meeting
Mr Stanley Lim – Chairman and Mr Thomas Sim – 1st Deputy
Chairman represented SLA at the 25th AFFA General Meeting
held on 20 November 2015 at Vientiane, Laos.
With the theme “Reaching to the AEC 2015”, delegates of relevant
logistics organisations from the 10 ASEAN member-countries
namely Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos PDR, Malaysia,
Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam were
updated on reports from various Work Programs and sharing on
initiatives to shape the ASEAN Economic Community.
AFFA Advisory Body Education & Training (ABET)
The 16th AFFA ABET Meeting (formerly known as AFFA Working
Group for Education & Training) was held prior to the AFFA
Meeting on 19 November 2015. Mr Thomas Sim presided over the
AFFA ABET proceedings. Aside from country reports on the status
of formation of an Education Committee in each country, the
meeting delved on National Training Programs according to the
Sustainable Human Resource Development in Logistics Services
project, training initiatives and programme beyond 2015 as well
as updates that were presented during the FIATA Advisory Body
Vocational Training Meeting held in September 2015 in Taipei.
Discussions include further developments of the IMDG Training
(Maritime) following IMO Amendments 37-14 since 1 January 2010
and ICAO-FIATA DGR Training Programme.
“ Many employees tend to rush to finish their work before the
holidays and ignore safe work procedures. ”
participated in the exhibition to promote the activities of the
association and the dynamic industry, as well as the list of
comprehensive training programmes offered by The Logistics
To create greater awareness on Work at Heights (WAH) and Slips,
Trips and Falls (STF) safety, the Workplace Safety and Health
(WSH) Council and Ministry of Manpower conducted a 2-month
Falls Prevention Campaign from November to December 2015.
To kick-start the Campaign, a launch event, supported by SLA
together with other organisations was held on the morning of 26
November 2015 at Singapore Expo Max Atria. Graced by Mr Sam
Tan - Minister of State, Prime Minister’s Office & Manpower, the
event broadcast the latest WSH statistics and common offences
uncovered during its enforcement operations and shared the best
practices and prevention programmes on WAH and STF.
Statistics at a glance …
Falls Prevention Campaign 2015
To complement the morning programme, specially designed
Interactive Clinics on Falls Prevention were organised in the
afternoon where participants learnt some common causes to
fall due to slip and trips or working at heights and brought back
practical techniques to evaluate such risks and their control
While members benefitted from the day’s programme, SLA
The situation has deteriorated further this year. To date, there are 16
fatalities and 87 major injuries due to falls from heights, compared to
10 fatalities and 88 major injuries for the whole of 2014. This is very
prevalent in the Construction sector. Besides falling from heights,
STF are also prevalent across other sectors such the Metalworking,
Wholesale Trade, and Logistics and Transport sectors. It was the top
contributor for both major and minor injuries, and even resulted in
four fatalities in 2014. In the first half of this year, STF continued
to be the leading contributor of workplace injuries with 67 major
injuries and 1,350 minor injuries.
to SLA Members!
CWT Limited and Poh Tiong Choon Logistics Win Singapore Productivity Awards 2015
At the Singapore Productivity Awards Gala Dinner held on 27 November 2015, two SLA members represented by Mr Kay Kong Swan
- CEO, Integrated Logistics, CWT Limited and Mr Poh Key Boon - Director, Transportation & Warehousing Division, Poh Tiong Choon
Logistics respectively, were presented the Awards of Excellence in Logistics sector by the Guest of Honour, Mr Lim Hng Kiang - Minister
for Trade and Industry (Trade).
CWT is embarking on a 2.3 million square foot mega-integrated logistics hub which will lead to quantum productivity improvement
in supply chain operations when ready in 2017. First of its kind in Singapore, it will house essential interrelated logistics clusters and
sub-clusters for optimal resource utilisation and flow synergy, intensify land use and resulting in economies of scale, higher operating
efficiency, cost effectiveness for customers and potential productivity savings estimated to be $15 million per year.
Over the years, Poh Tiong Choon Logistics is committed to improving productivity by leveraging on technology in its key business
segments that include warehousing and transportation, as well as empowering its workforce and motivating them with incentives to
improve on work processes. The company is currently redeveloping its warehouse facility at Pandan Road with new ramp-up facility,
advanced drum filling equipment, VNA warehouse and roof-top parking for more than 500 trucks and trailers.
Championed by the Singapore Business Federation, the Singapore Productivity Awards is a nation-wide initiative aims at recognising
Singapore companies which have demonstrated and advocated productivity excellence. Amongst the panel of judges was Mr Gerry Tan
representing Griffin Kinetic, another member of SLA. A total of 8 awards across 6 sectors were announced.
Congratulations to CWT Limited and Poh Tiong Choon Logistics!
Yang Kee Logistics Celebrates 25th Anniversary
Yang Kee Logistics celebrated its 25th anniversary together with numerous luminaries
in the SME community, as well as close partners and friends on 6 November 2015.
The focus of the event is to celebrate 25 years of partnership between the public and
private sectors, and to showcase the achievements of such a partnership.
Yang Kee Logistics, was founded in 1990 by Mr Koh Yang Kee as a trucking company
and has over the years transformed into a total logistics solutions provider today.
During the transformation, Yang Kee Logistics received significant assistance
from different agencies including the Singapore Logistics Association (SLA) which
supported the company with logistics information, business productivity, creation
of business opportunities and many more. Mr Ken Koh, who has taken over the helm
from his father, is currently the Managing Director of Yang Kee Logistics. He is also
a Council Member of SLA to promote togetherness, professionalism and excellence
for the logistics industry.
“Back then we were running only a set-up of a small warehouse and a few trucks but we
are very lucky to have met a lot of magnates who have helped us through… With the
support of our stakeholders, we have grown into a company capable of offering a full suite
of logistics services …” said Mr Ken Koh.
Congratulations to Yang Kee Logistics!
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