ATV Newsletter - 2 - English

Number 2
Sluice gate winches fully equipped with a set of atv brakes
The JOSEPH PARIS Company has chosen ATV to buy brakes and couplings in order to upgrade the
motorization of 'Petit Sas' and 'Grand Sas' downstream sluice gates in Ottmarsheim, on the Rhine.
The supply includes both DS300SH type brake callipers with their hydraulic packs for the winch
drums and 4SE/450SE type callipers with couplings for the motor drive shafts.
These products are equipped with the technologies required for the conditions of extreme low
ATV offers a high level of expertise in the field of braking functions for maritime and fluvial ports
equipments in relation to their specific conditions (reduced spaces, loads, frequencies and
For this operation, the ATV on-site team has carried out the installation of hydraulic connections
between the power packs and and the safety brakes.
2012 04
A complete range of atv brakes complying to the ATEX Zone 2 norm
As part of a major conveyors project for Northern Africa, ATV has approved the type 5/4/3 type
electromagnetic brakes for ATEX zone 2 (dusts) and implemented the related design, purchase and
manufacture processes.
The callipers are delivered accompanied with a complete ATEX Quality plan that validates the
emergency braking function in a sensitive environment (sulphur, coal and related dusts). The file
comprises the declaration of compliance, a risk analysis, the certificates of conformity of the
components and the related explanatory design report for temperature behavior).
ATV offers a full range of products (brakes, disks, power and control elements) in accordance with
the normative regulation related to mining, nuclear and heavy chimical environments. ATV delivers
too complete expert project studies in relation to severe productive and environment regulations
environments to our clients.
2012 05
atv implements an energy-absorbing sliding buffer stop at the Arbresle rail-station
Following the delivery of 4 buffer stops for the Saint Paul railway station in Lyon, atv equips the
Arbresle station, near Lyon, will be equipped by atv with a sliding buffer at the end of the
platforms. This equipment will slow down and stop safely without damages, a tram-train or a TER
type rail bus that weighs 80 tons and moves at a speed of 10 kph, on a distance of 2 meters with a
0,2 G deceleration. After impact, the buffer is easily pushed back into place and ready for
For 20 years, ATV has been designing, manufacturing, installing and commissionning a wide range
of rail-braking systems for the railway, industrial and port environments that encompasses clamps,
brakes and buffer stops.
2012 06
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