The Benefits of Being Organized

The Benefits of Being Organized
1.Less stress. Feeling overwhelmed and out of control creates stress, and over time,
stress can have significant consequences. Use bulletin boards, dry erase boards, or
calendars, and have a designated a home for everything. When you need something,
know exactly where it is.
2.Relax more. Less time spent running around means more time. More time to do what
you want to do.
3.Spend time with my family. Getting clean and clear professionally and personally
means more time to spend with family or friends. Enjoy that time rather than worrying
about all the things that still need to be done.
4.I’m ready for a curveball. Being prepared ahead of time lessens the impact of events
that can throw plans off-track. Have necessary “back-ups” available and keep in strategic
5.The overwhelming seems manageable. Define every project and every action step that
stands between you and “done” clearly identified. A daunting to-do list then feels like
you are on top of it and capable of doing what needs to be done.
6.Improved health. The stress felt when things start to get out of control does not
promote good health. There are numerous studies that demonstrate a link between
sustained high levels of stress and a variety of health problems.
7.I’m a better example for my kids. What messages do you send to others? That it is
important to work all the time? My job is more important than family? It is important to
role model positive behaviours, such as good work ethic, being productive, etc., however,
enjoying life, and having balance is important too.
8.Fewer little jobs. Don’t let little tasks pile up, creating one gigantic and over-whelming
task. Keeping on top of many smaller tasks also makes less work later.
9.Greater productivity. When you know where things are, what your goals are, and take
care of the piddly busy work, you’ve got significantly more time and energy for the big
goals in life.
An organized life takes some doing, and no one is clean and productive all day, every day!
But when you strive to do the best you can, you’ll experience the benefits listed above …
and more.