cow marking antibiotic residues

Use “Duck Tape” as leg bands
Duck tape can be a useful tool in many on farm treatment protocols. Improper
marking of treated cows is the No. 1 reason for antibiotic residue in milk.
Colored Duck Tape (or the original grey) can be placed on a cow’s leg to indicate
treatments, events, etc. It’s a simple visual tool that can help keep antibiotic residues
out of the milk tank. Plus, it stays on and is easy to take off.
According to Adam Peffer, dairy consultant and large herd manager, there are
several ways it can be used on your farm to reduce costs and increase on farm
· Use as leg bands instead of plastic or Velcro ones (Yellow, red, and blue work very
well, short term only. Max 2 weeks) for:
* Fresh cows
* Maternity cows
* Mastitis cows
* Dry cows
* Treated cows
* Etc…….
· Use on lame cows (instead of vet wrap)
· Use in parlor to mark stalls (works especially well when doing the territorial routine)
· Use in parlor basements (to mark a meters or pulsators that need repaired)
Duct tape and “colored” duct tape can be purchased for $2/roll or less at your local
Wal-Mart, hardware, home improvement store, auto parts store, dollar store, or even
open market.