M.Tech Internal 1

Rajiv Gandhi College of Engineering and Technology
3. a) What are interrupts? Briefly discuss what does
microprocessors do when interrupts occur?
b) Write short notes on the memory and the signals involved
in it.
Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering
Internal Exam 1
M.Tech (Wireless Communication)
Advanced Embedded System Design – WCENG 530
Year / Sem : I / I
Time : 2.00 Hrs.
4. How are interrupt routines executed in RTOS environment? (10)
Date : 17.10.18
PART A (10*2=20) Total Marks : 50
Give the significance of wait signals in microprocessors.
What is the need for Interrupt Service Routines?
What information does a timing diagram give?
What is interrupt latency?
What are the various buses available in a microprocessor?
What are the various models that can be used to describe the
embedded system behavior?
7. Compose 1k x 8 ROMs into a 1k x32 Rom.
8. Classify the types of memory.
9. Mention some wireless protocols.
10. What is memory composing?
PART B (4*10=40)
1. a) What is interrupt latency and what are the ways to keep it
b) Explain in detail the DMA architecture.
2. What is shared data problem? How does it affect the output
of the system? Discuss the ways by which shared data
problem can be avoided.
5. Explain the various serial and parallel protocols used for
communication in embedded systems networking.
6. a) Show the details regarding the interfacing of memories
with microprocessors with a circuit diagram.
b) Discuss in brief I/O addressing.
7. Explain the requirements, specifications and the design of a
simple digital camera.
8. a) Write short notes on Direct Memory Access.
b) Explain in brief advanced RAM interfacing.