out line assignment

Out line
(AI Technology)
I. Attention Getter – Do ever asked how computer works now a days? Do ever wanted to work in
one of the Technology fields? Do you wanted to learn about technology before? I think most of you
answered yes for all these questions.
II. Audience Relevancy Statement – I think all of you want to learn how to use modern technology to
create and develop our life style but many people say “hey man I am not a super genius to learn how
to develop and create in technology” I have a good answer for these words it’s I think the talent is
not he ability to do some thing the talent is the desire and passion to do something after that you can
develop your own skills depending on these desires and these desires will give you patience to keep
going on and on so when you have the strong enough desire I think you are ready to learn because
this field requires patience not smartness you can learn through internet many course from many
universities available on the internet so it’s not a big deal.
III. Thesis Statement/Central Idea – Now Technology skills are very important because we deal with
many advanced devices every day and it’s important to now how dose it work and how to develop it
so it’s very important to have these skills.
Preview Statement
The most important skills you will gain form learning technology and computer science besides the
knowledge is the ultimate problem-solving skills and the fast way of thinking and many other skills
help you work well with your life.
I. Gain important knowledge.
A. Problem solving skills.
B. Fast way in thinking.
C. Creative and practical way of thinking.
D. Give you self-confidence.
E. Improve your life style
Transition to Second Main Point: in my point of view I think AI is the most important thing in
technology studies and its algorithms.
II. in what AI is exist.
A. neural networks.
B. better performance.
C. Transform the algorithm into computer code.
Transition to Third Main Point: there are may dangerous consequences of getting much advanced
in AI technology.
III. Third Main Point – now we will discuss how improving AI technology is very dangerous and
examples on that.
A. neural networks and unexpected decisions
B. Facebook example.
C. Google engine searching algorithm.
D. Microsoft and other companies of AI
Conclusion I. Summary Statement – Technology skills are very important now in these days and
owing them is very important knowledge.
II. Message Reinforcement – Now I think all of you want to learn about technology now and I really
encourage you to do so because it’s very important.
III. Closure of Message – in the end I really want to say that technology specially AI is double aged
weapon so be careful and wise what about trying to write your first computer code now or design
your basic machine or algorithm to solve some specific problem in our life believe me is gives you
much pleasure to see the result of your work alive.
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