Separation of Church 2 Starting Points

The Separation of Church and Faith
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2: Starting Points
Gen 35:10-12 … Jacob - Israel
“I am El Shaddai; Be fruitful and multiply;
A nation, and an assembly of nations shall come from
… ‫ּגֹויִם‬
‫ּגֹוי ּו ְקהַ ל‬
Hebrew: #6951
… goy oo-k’hal goyim
‫ ָקהָ ל‬ka-hal’ … assembly,
2 Sam 23:1-5
“These are the last words of David:
The declaration of David, son of Jesse,
and the declaration of the man raised up,
concerning the Messiah of the God of Jacob,
the Delightful One of the Songs of Israel:
‘The Spirit of ADONAI spoke through me;
His Word was on my tongue.’”
Acts 2:30-31 “And so, because he was a Prophet and knew …”
Psalm Title = Part of the Text
Psalm 22 Title:
… ‫שחַ ר‬
ַ ַ‫ה‬
‫אַ יֶּלֶּ ת‬-‫ … עַ ל‬Al - A-ay-el-et Ha-sha-
‫ עַ ל‬al: preposition… “to” or “of”
– To The Hind of the Dawn
‫ אַ יֶּלֶּ ת‬a-ay-yel-let’ …
‫ַשחַ ר‬
hind, gazelle
shakh’-ar dawn, morning …
Psalm 18: Title
“… spoke to the LORD the words of this song
on the day that the LORD delivered him
from the hand of all his enemies …”
Psa 18:33 Part of David’s Triumphant Praise:
“He makes my feet like hinds’,
And sets me upon my high places.
The whole of Psalm 18 is recorded in 2 Sam 22 …
Habakkuk 3:19 also concludes “He makes my feet like hinds’,
And sets me upon my high places.
… In contrast to the cries and petitions of Habakkuk 1-2 …
I. Psalm 22:1-21 Three cries/petitions, followed by three ‘amens’
A. 22:1-5
1. (1-2) Cry: “My God, My God! Why have You forsaken Me?
2. (3-5) Amen: “But You are holy”
B. 22:6-10
1. (6-8) Cry: “But I am a worm and no man”
2. (9-10) Amen: “But You … took Me out of the womb”
C. 22:11-21
1. (11-18) Cry: “Be not far from Me”
2. (19-21) Amen: But You … have answered Me”
II. 22:22 - 31 Triumph
synonymous parallel – chiastic couplet:
“I will declare Your Name
to My brethren;
In the midst of the ka-hal
I will praise You.”
‫ ָקהָ ל‬ka-hal
LXX G#1577 ἐκκλησία
ek-klay-see'-ah assembly,
first syllable: #1537 ἐκ ek select company that is gathered from a
ending syllables: G#2564 καλέω kal-eh’-o to call
NOTE Tradition:
“church” is NOT the translation of ἐκκλησία ek-klay-see’-
“church” stems from ‘anglicized’ transliteration of
G#2960 κυριακός koo-ree-ak-os' … belonging to the Lord
From G#2962 κύριος
koo'-ree-os Lord, lord
Substitution of “church” for ek-klay-see’-ah is a
Psa 22: … continues Triumphantly:
“All you seed of Jacob glorify Him …
All the ends of the earth … And all the families of the nations …
28 For
the Kingdom is the LORD’S
And He rules over the nations.
30 A
seed will serve Him;
It will be told of the Lord to the coming generation.
To a people who will be born,
that He has performed it … He has done it … It is finished”
All of this in context to:
Genesis 35 Promise to Jacob - Israel
“A nation, and an assembly – a ka-hal of nations shall come from
Psalm 22: “ The Hind of the Dawn …
In the midst of the ka-hal - I will praise You.”
Ezek. 47:22-23
You shall divide it by lot for an inheritance among yourselves
AND among the aliens who stay in your midst ……
they shall be to you as the native-born among the sons of Israel
allotted an inheritance with you among the tribes of Israel.
… declares the Lord GOD.
‫נַחֲ לָ ה‬
na-kha-lah )
The faithful remnant of believers of all time
is the Called-out Assembly …
All those for whom Messiah died to redeem
Eph 5:25
“Messiah loved the ek-klay-see'-ah and gave Himself up for
Hebrews 12:1…23
“… surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses …
the ek-klay-see'-ah of the firstborn who are enrolled in
the ek-klay-see'-ah reaches back to Abel and the pre-Apostolic saints
Heb 11:4-32
Eph 2:14 “made one”
Eph 2:15 “one new man”
Eph 2:19 “fellow citizens” …
“members of the Household of God”
Ephesians 2:11-12
“… remember that at one-time you gentiles in the flesh,
called “the uncircumcision” by what is called “the circumcision”,
which is made in the flesh by hands—
alienated from the Commonwealth of
… you were at that time separated from
Israel and
strangers to the Covenants
of Promise …”
Eph 2:13-16
“you who once were far off,
have been brought near by the blood of Messiah.
He Himself is our Peace … has made both one …
“so as to create in Himself one new man from the two …
that He might reconcile them both to God in one body …”
Eph 2:19-20
So, then you are no longer strangers and aliens,
But you are fellow citizens with the saints
and members of the Household of God,
built on the foundation of the Apostles and Prophets,
Messiah Jesus Himself being The Cornerstone
John 10:16
“And I have other sheep that are not of this
I must bring them ALSO,
and they will listen to My voice.
So, there will be one flock, one Shepherd.”
Ephesians 3:5-6
“… as it has now been revealed by the Spirit
to His holy Apostles and Prophets:
that the gentiles should be
fellow heirs, of the same body,
and partakers of His Promise in Messiah,
through the Gospel”
1 Cor 10:32
“Give no offense,
either to the Jews,
or to the Greeks,
or to the Assembly of God”
Assembly: ek-klay-see’-ah … ka-hal … same as Psalm 22:22 + Heb
Within Israel—among the Jews, there are still believers and unbelievers.
Their physical circumcision is the same.
They were not – are not saved by being born Jewish.
They were not – are not saved by physical circumcision
Circumcision never saved any more than ‘ordinances’ save …
Within the gentile world,
there are believers and unbelievers.
Their physical circumcision,
or lack of physical circumcision
is the same.
Within the: Assembly, Kahal, Ek-klay-see-a,
believing remnant of Israel, believing remnant of gentiles,
there are Jewish believers saved by faith
and gentile believers saved by faith, who have been grafted in.
Their spiritual circumcision of the heart is the same.
Neither was saved nor rejected by ethnicity.
Both are saved by faith and are citizens in the Commonwealth of Israel
Acts 9:15
Paul’s mission:
“to carry My Name before
the gentiles,
and kings,
AND the children of Israel”
Acts 13:5 … 1st mission trip:
“Salamis… proclaim the Word of God in the synagogues of the Jews”
Synagogue in Pisidian Antioch:
13:14-15 “read from the Law and the Prophets… Torah and Nevi’im
13:32 “we preach to you the Good News of the Promise made to the
“And Paul and Barnabas spoke out boldly, saying,
“It was necessary that the Word of God be spoken first to
Since you thrust it aside and judge yourselves unworthy of eternal
behold, we are turning to the gentiles.”
13:47 For so the Lord has commanded us,
Isa 49:
– context
Listen to Me/me … you peoples from afar.
The LORD called Me/me from the womb … He named Me/me
He said to Me/me, “You are My Servant/servant, Israel,
In Whom/whom I will show My Glory …
To bring Jacob back to Him, so that Israel might be gathered to Him”
Isa 49:
– context
‘He says, “It is too small a thing that You/you should be My
To raise up the tribes of Jacob and to restore the preserved ones of
I will also make You/you a light to the gentiles
So that My Salvation may reach to the end of the earth.”’
Isa 49:
– context continues
Thus says the LORD, the Redeemer of Israel, its Holy One,
To the despised One/one; To the One/one abhorred by the nation,
To the Servant/servant of rulers;
“Kings will see and arise; Princes will also bow down, [Acts 9:15 ]
Because of The LORD who is faithful, the Holy One of Israel who has chosen
I will keep You/you and give You/you for a Covenant of the people,
To restore the Land, to make them inherit the desolate heritages’”
Acts 13:48
“the Gentiles … began rejoicing and glorifying the Word of the Lord”
Acts 14:1
“Now at Iconium they entered together into the
Jewish synagogue and spoke in such a way that a
great number of BOTH JEWS and Greeks believed.”
“But the Jews who disbelieved stirred up the Gentiles
And embittered them against the brethren”
Second Mission Trip:
Acts 18:6, 8, 18;
At Corinth, SOME of the Jews opposed him … Paul said,
Your blood be on your own heads! I am innocent [Ez ek
From now on I will go to the Gentiles …
“Crispus, the ruler of the synagogue, believed in the Lord,
together with his entire household,
and many of the Corinthians … believed and were baptized.”
Acts 18:19, 22;
Ephesus Paul AGAIN went into the synagogue …
Acts 19:1, 8-10; Third Mission Trip:
“reasoning and persuading them about the Kingdom of God”
“This continued for two years …
all the residents of Asia heard the WORD of the Lord,
BOTH JEWS and Greeks.”
Acts 21:17-21
Paul returned to Jerusalem
… he related… the things that God had done among the Gentiles …
And … they glorified God. And they said to him,
“You see, brother, how many tens of thousands there are among the
of those who have believed. They are all zealous for the Torah”
G#3461 μυρίας moo-ree'-as plural of ten thousand;
cf. Heb 12:22; Jude 1:14; Rev 5:11
Acts 28:17-24 … Rome:
“…he called together the local leaders of the Jews… ‘Brothers…
… it is because of the HOPE OF ISRAEL that I am wearing this chain.’
From morning till evening, he expounded to them,
testifying to the Kingdom of God and trying to convince them about
both from THE LAW OF MOSES and from THE PROPHETS.
And some were convinced by what he said, but others disbelieved.”
Gal 1:13-14
“I was advancing in Judaism … zealous for the traditions of my
G#3862 παράδοσις par-ad'-os-is traditions
G#3967 πατρικός pat-ree-kos’ fathers, elders
Matt 15:2,3,6
same phrase
‘“Why do Your disciples break the tradition of the elders?
… And He answered and said to them, “Why do you yourselves
transgress the Commandment of God for the sake of your
Matt 23:1-12
“The scribes and the Pharisees have seated themselves in the Chair of Moses;
3 therefore all that they tell you, do and observe,
but do not do according to their deeds;
Do and observe all that they ‘read’ not as they ‘walk – interpret’
“But do not be called rabbi; for One is your Teacher, and you are all brothers.
Do not call anyone on earth your father; for One is your Father, He who is in
Do not be called leaders; for One is your Leader, that is, Messiah.”
Do not let TRADITIONS – INTERPRETATIONS of ‘teachers, fathers, leaders’
be ADDED to biblical faith, SUPERSEDE the Word of God
Colossians 2:8
See to it that no one takes you captive
through philosophy …
according to the tradition of men …
rather than according to Messiah
Galatians 1:12 + 15
“the Gospel that was preached by me…
I received through Jesus Messiah” … Genesis 15:1
“God … set me apart from my mother’s
and called me by His grace”
Jeremiah 1:5
“Before I formed you in the womb I knew
and before you were born I consecrated you;
I appointed you a prophet to the
Psalm 67
May Your Way may be known on earth,
Your Salvation among all nations.
Let the peoples praise You, O God;
Let all the peoples praise You.
Let the gentiles be glad and sing for joy;
For You will judge the peoples with uprightness
And guide the nations on the earth.
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