Separation of Church Part 1 Starting Points by Doug Berg

The Separation of Church and Faith
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1: Starting Points
Starting Point:
Inspired Canon
– Measuring Stick
First + Final Authority
Grace extended from the Fall … from
Genesis …
Judgment included HOPE:
The Promise of the Seed of the woman = Grace,
The Promise was not earned
Grace was not invented with the ‘New Testament’
Galatians 3:6-9 … Genesis 12:3 + 15:6
‘The Scripture,
foreseeing that God would justify the gentiles by faith,
preached the Gospel beforehand to Abraham,
“In you shall all the gentiles be blessed.”
So then, those who are of faith
are blessed along with Abraham...’
Hebrews 4:1-16
“For indeed
the Gospel was preached
to us as well as
to them…”
The Canon:
The Promises, Blessings
And Covenants
Were Revealed,
NOT theologically ‘developed’ by Israel
God’s faithfulness is NOT contingent …
2 Tim 2:13
“If we are faithless,
He remains faithful
For He cannot deny Himself”
Throughout history,
since the Garden:
Majority of humanity, Jew AND Gentile,
continues to reject Salvation – Yeshua
Because of disobedience,
humanity exiled from the Garden
Because of disobedience,
Israel exiled from the Covenant Land
Interwoven Themes:
Covenant Land,
New Heavens and New Earth
2 Sam 7:14-15
“I will be a father to him and he will be a son to Me;
when he commits iniquity, I will correct him
with the rod of men and the strokes of the sons of men,
but My
‫חֵ סֵ ד‬
shall NOT depart from him…”
Isa 1-6, “The Vision … concerning Judah and Jerusalem”
John 12:41 Isaiah “saw His Glory and spoke of Him”
John 12:40 Jesus had just quoted Isa 6:10
Let their hearts, eyes and ears NOT understand
Isa 6:12-13 Like a tree, the people will be cut and burned,
BUT Like a tree, a stump, holy seed will remain
Isa 7-12 “The Book of Immanuel”
Isa 11: SAME tree analogy applied to the Messiah the Covenant the House of David “A Shoot from the stump of Jesse – A Branch form his roots”
Isa 7:1-4 … Rezin, king of Aram
‫ְרצִ ין‬
‫אֲ ָרם‬
ratzon, self- will, desire
Aram elevated
AND: Pekah, son of Remaliah
‫פֶּ ַקח‬
‫פָ ַקח‬
Peh’-kahkh … Pah-kahkh’ open, as in eyes opened
Son of Remaliah: Ram-al-Yahoo – Raised Above Yah; Height Above Yah
Cf: Dan 11:36
“… the king shall do as he wills. He shall exalt himself and magnify himself above
every god…”
Isaiah 7:3
Go now! Tseh-Na! … ‫נָא‬-‫… צֵ א‬
To Proclaim to Ahaz … Li-K’rat A-khaz … ‫אָ חָ ז‬
‫… ִל ְק ַראת‬
Sh’ar Ya-Shoov your son! … A-tah oo-Sh’ar Ya-shoov,
‫ּושאָ ר יָשּוב ְבנֶָּך‬
ְ ‫אַ ָתה‬
… - Remnant Will Return
NOTE: Both are being sent to Ahaz
Isa 7:4 … Message:
Rezin + Pekah are NOT like trees –
they’re like burned out stubs
of cordwood
Isa 7:7-9
“Thus, says the Lord HA-SHEM, ‘It shall not stand, nor come to pass!’”
BUT: “‘If you will not be amen, you surely will not be amen!’”
‫ כִ י ל ֹא ֵתאָ ֵמנּו‬,‫ ִאם ל ֹא ַתאֲ ִמינּו‬Eem lo ta-amee-noo, Kee lo tay-
‫ אָ ַמן‬a-man … firm, confirm, faithful, uphold, establish, believe
Same Ruth 4:16, Esther 2:7
1st time: Gen 15:6 re. Abraham –
“And he believed HA-SHEM,
and He counted it to him as righteousness.”
Isa 7:13-14
Listen now House of David!
‫נָא בֵ ית ָדוִד‬-‫ ִש ְמעּו‬Sh’moo' – Na Beit David!
“you [plural] try the patience of men …
“you [plural] try the patience my God …
“The Lord Himself will give you [plural] a sign”
2 prophecies: 1ST to “whole” House of David (plural)
‫הָ ָרה‬
hah-rah' pregnant
‫הָ עַ ְל ָמה‬
ha-almah, the virgin
Hinnay! Behold! 
cf: Gen 16:11 You are now pregnant – NIV
… are with child – NASB, NKJV,
“And she will birth a son, and call his name Imanu-El
Isaiah 7:16-17a 2ND prophecy, directed to King Ahaz, returns to singular:
“Yet before this lad knows enough to refuse evil and choose good
those two kings you dread – [singular] - will be forsaken…
And YHVH will bring on you – [singular] …
your people [singular] …your father’s house – [singular]
The King of Assyria!
Literal AND figurative virgin will give birth …
Gen 3:15-16 …Seed/seed of the woman…‘Birth-Pangs of Messiah’… Rev
Isa 26:17-21
“As a woman with child … cries out in her pangs …
We have been with child, we have been in pain …
We have not accomplished any deliverance - ‫ ישּועה‬in the earth
… Your dead will live; Their corpses will rise…”
Isaiah 54 –
“Sing, O barren one …
You who have not labored with child…
your seed will inherit the nations …
Says your Redeemer THE LORD,
This is the inheritance of the servants of YHVH,
And their righteousness is from Me,” Says YHVH.
Micah 4:10 … 5:2-5
“Be in pain, and labor to bring forth;
O daughter of Zion; Like a woman in birth pangs…
as for you, Bethlehem Ephratah … One will go forth … to be Ruler in Israel ...
He will give them up until the time
When she who is in labor has borne a child…
Then the remnant of His brethren will return to the sons of Israel…
And they will remain;
Because at that time He will be great; To the ends of the earth.
Deut. 32:9
“For the LORD’S portion is His people;
Jacob is the allotment of His
‫ חֵ לֶּ ק‬khay’-lek, territory, share, possession
allotment #2256 ‫ חֵ בֶּ ל‬khay’-bel, measured portion, district
inheritance #5159 ‫ נַחֲ לָ ה‬na-kha-lah’, heritage, the share, property
Just as The LAND is the
to Abraham and his seed,
SO ISRAEL … Land + People,
Psalm 73:26
“My flesh and my heart may fail,
But God is the strength of my heart
and my portion forever.”
* God is in the ‘Inheritance Equation’
Psa. 2:2
“The kings of the earth take their stand
And the rulers take counsel together
Against YHVH and against His Ma- shee’Against
‫ יְהוָה‬and against His
ַ‫ … ָמ ִשיח‬Ma- shee’- akh
referred only to Prophet, Priest, or King
LXX – Septuagint, pre-Apostolic translation, ca. 250-150 BC:
G#5547 Χριστός Khris-tos’
Jer. 31:31-37
“Behold, days are coming,” declares ADONAI,
“when I will make a New Covenant
with the House of Israel and
with the House of Judah
Lev 26:1-13
re. obedience
I will make My Mishkan among you – #4908
‫… ִמ ְשכָן‬
My Dwelling (Aramaic: Sh’kinah )
and My Nephesh will not reject you. (cf. Gen 2:7)
I will also walk among you (cf. Gen. 3:8)
Lev 26:14-39
re. disobedience … “punish you seven times”
Lev 26:40-46 re. repentance:
“ I will remember My Covenant with Jacob,
and I will remember also My Covenant with Isaac,
and My Covenant with Abraham as well,
and I will remember The Land.
… when they are in the land of their enemies, I WILL NOT REJECT
nor will I so abhor them as to destroy them, breaking My Covenant
with them;
for I am YHVH – HA-SHEM – ADONAI – THE LORD: their God.
Deut 10:16-19
“So, circumcise your heart,
and stiffen your neck no longer.”
(cf. ‘neck’
‫ … עֹ ֶּרף‬oref – Orpah)
Deut 29:14-15
“Now not with you alone am I making this Covenant and this
but both with those who stand here with us today
in the Presence of THE LORD our God
and with those who are not with us here today
Deut 30:6
“And THE LORD your God will circumcise your heart
and the heart of your seed,
so that
you will love the LORD your God
with all your heart and with all your nephesh”
Jeremiah 4:4
“Circumcise yourselves to the LORD
And remove the foreskins of your heart”
Jeremiah 9:24-26
“…for all the nations are uncircumcised,
and all the House of Israel are uncircumcised of
Colossians 2:11-12
“… you are circumcised
with the circumcision made without hands,
Stripping away the old nature’s control of the
by the circumcision of Messiah”
“The God of Israel”
“Shepherd of Israel, Rock of Israel, Father to Israel, Stone of
King of Israel, Mighty One of Israel, Holy One of Israel,
God in Israel, God Over Israel, God to Israel, God for Israel,
God of Jacob, Holy One of Jacob, Mighty One of Jacob”
Jeremiah 10:16 + 51:19
“The Portion of Jacob is not like them,
For He is the Maker of all things,
And Israel is the tribe of His Inheritance;
The Lord of Hosts is His Name.”
God is Israel’s Inheritance – Israel is God’s Inheritance
Isa 1:18 … 26-27
“Though your sins are like scarlet …
Afterward you shall be called
the City of Righteousness, the Faithful City.”
Isaiah 54:5
“For your husband is your Maker,
LORD of Hosts is His Name
And your redeemer is the Holy One of
Who is proclaimed the God of all the earth.”
Isa. 62:4-5
“But you shall be called My Delight Comes,
and your Land Married;
‫ְבעּולָ ה‬
B’-ulah -
For the LORD delights in you,
And your Land shall be married.
Jer. 31:32 … “I was a husband to them, says THE LORD”
Hosea 2:16
“And in that Day … you will call Me ‘My Husband,’
Isa 25:6-10 + Rev 19:7-9
same theme
Great Marriage Feast of the Lamb
Rev 2:26-29
And he who overcomes, and keeps My works until the end,
to him I will give power over the nations—
‘He shall rule them with a rod of iron;
They shall be dashed to pieces like the potter’s vessels’—
as I also have received from My Father;
and I will give him the morning star.
Matt 25:31-34, 41
“But when the Son of Man comes in His glory …
He will sit on His glorious throne.
All the nations will be gathered before Him
and He will separate them from one another …
‘To the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine,
even the least of them, you did it to Me.’”
Gen 12:3 I will bless those who bless you;
And I will curse him who curses you ...
Matt 19:28
“Truly … in the regeneration
when the Son of Man will sit on His glorious
you also shall sit upon twelve thrones,
judging/governing the twelve tribes of Israel.”
Luke 22:28-30
“You are those who have stood by Me in My trials;
and just as My Father has granted Me a Kingdom,
I grant you, that you may eat and drink at My table, in My Kingdom,
and you will sit on thrones judging the twelve tribes of Israel.”
… “I will not drink it again
until I drink it new with you in the Kingdom”
2 Tim 2:11-12
“For if we died with Him, we will also live with Him;
If we endure, we will also reign with Him;”
Rev 5:9-10
“... for You were slain, and have purchased for God with Your blood,
men from every tribe and tongue and people and nation.
You have made them to be a kingdom and priests to our God;
and they will reign upon the earth.”
Rev 20:4-6
Then I saw thrones, and they sat on them, and judgment was given to
And I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded because of their
testimony of Jesus and because of the Word of God, and those who had
not worshiped the beast or his image, and had not received the mark on
their forehead and on their hand; and they came to life and reigned
with Christ for a thousand years.
5 The
rest of the dead did not come to life until the thousand years were
completed. This is the first resurrection.
6 Blessed
and holy is the one who has a part in the first resurrection;
over these the second death has no power,
but they will be priests of God and of Christ
Please review
Acts and Ephesians
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