Pedigree Model Assignment

Create a Pedigree Model
Create a pedigree model (like above) for your own family to represent a trait you have. If you
don’t know your grandparents or aunts/uncles you may be able to figure out what they are likely to
be (like they did in the video) and fill in those spaces anyway with pretend data. You can create it on
the back of this page IF you want to or you can use a different sheet of paper.
● What trait are you tracking? Attached earlobes (Recessice trait) was the example in the video.
● Pedigree Video to show a model of how genes are passed on:
● The following are screen shots from the video link above to give you examples of how you can show
a trait that is passed on through your family to you.
This example is for the recessive trait of attached earlobes. Generation III represents where you
will put yourself. Generation II is your parents, aunts, and uncles. Generation I is your grandparents.
Squares = Male
Circles = Female
Shaded = Person has the trait
Choosing a recessive trait to track will make it easier to fill unknown family members.
Potential traits to use:
List Modified from:
Cleft in chin
Definite free earlobes
Attached earlobes
Widow's peak
Straight (No widow’s peak)
Hitchhiker's thumbs
Toe length
Second toe longer than first
First toe longer than
second toe
Tongue rolling (side edges
Ability to roll tongue
Inability to roll tongue
**** You do NOT need to draw pictures in your shapes! Just draw a square or circle to represent the people.
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