Comparison of different renewable projects

Comparison of Different Renewable projects
Solar Power
Hydro Power
Wind Power
Easy to Installed anywhere – Required vast
proportion area for the installation of Solar
panels as relative to the amount of energy to
be produced.
Can only be installed to Limited locations,
subject to availability of water sources. This
may including damming the water.
Should be installed in an Area with
abundance of wind with good speed.
Movability and dismantling cost can be
higher than Solar farm.
Low maintenance- How kept it clean all time,
in order get maximum efficiency from it.
Extremely High Maintenance cost, where
average cost according to IRENA is around 2%
of 7560 USD/KW Capex.
High Maintenance cost, according to wind
energy facts organization, around 35% of the
total Maintenance and operation cost are
spent on spare parts and repairs, which its
prices usually get fluctuated considerably.
Average life span is 25 years
Average life span is around 30 years or
Average time span around 25 years
Administrative vigilance required on monthly
Administrative vigilance required on every 15
Administrative vigilance required on hourly
Power generation is on Intermittent basis,
where it depend on weather, which be
cloudy sometimes.
Power generation on continuous basis
Power generation depend on the wind speed
and atmospheric pressure and circulation,
which depend on weather.
Installation is simple and portable
Installation is highly complex and required
high level of technical and mechanical skills
Installation is simple, can get complex in case
it is mounted over a high pole, lattice or
supported by a guyed mast.
Noise level : Silent
Noise level : Soundless
Noise level: Considerably noise due to the
high winds speed. According General Electric
repot the sound level goes up 40 to 45
decibels for an object which 300m away.
Efficiency level : Low plant load factor (
Return on Capital per KWh produced)
Efficiency level: High load factor, which give
High Capital returns and revenue in short
period of time.
Efficiency Level: Moderate plant load, which
give considerable better returns (revenues) in
short period of time as compare to solar
energy higher production of energy as
compare to capital employed.
High Project Cost: Average project cost
reaches to 100 million (1MW per million
dollars) and add additional cost depending on
the type panels to be used and the storage
and transmission of energy. I.e. batteries or
national grid. Plus the cost of land ( leased or
High Project Cost: According to IRENA the
average cost for Medium to Large hydro
plant cost around 1300 USD/KW to 8000
USD/KW. However there no storage
requirement in terms battery, as it usually
transmitted to national due to its continuous
High project cost: According to IRENA the
cost of the onshore and offshore wind power
varies in terms of capital cost. The onshore
wind mill general cost around 1200 to 2290
USD/KW. However, an offshore wind mill will
cost around 2700 to 5070 USD/KW.
No Mechanical wear and tear because of no
moving parts. i.e Machinery
Mechanical parts like turbine and other
machinery (Motors) are continuously
required due nonstop operations.
Mechanical parts which include rotors blades
and motor to system running. This may result
in wear and tear of the facility.
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