Maria Sofia B. Lopez
Grade 11- Andres Bonifacio
Dr. Victorio B. Duyan
Genetic Engineering
As of today, there a lot of new discoveries that the scientists had found. Genetic
engineering is utilized by the scientist to determine a certain traits of an organism. It is also
known as “genetic modification” which refers to a process of changing the DNA of an
organism’s genome. Also, it can be applied in any organism such as human, plants or animals.
The result of this combination process is called Genetically Modified Organisms, also known as
GMOs. This may also have pros and cons.
In genetic engineering, it has advantages that everyone could benefit. The genetic
engineering is used by the scientists for their biotechnology research. It aims to help on
transferring a transplants gene of an organism to another organism. This research pertains that
there is a possibility that an animal organ could be transfer into human body. One of the benefits
is in aspects of medicine which it helps to create a new material that could treat disorders. It
could provide a genetic material that a body could not provide. It produces different drugs such
as vaccines, insulin and also human growth hormone. Moreover, genetic engineering helps to
make longer the lifespan of a person that makes a body adopt quicker. Another benefit of this is
to help to increase the production of meat. In our generation, most of the people would like to eat
meats so genetic engineering helps to produce more meats. One example of a GMO is the
Belgian blue cattle which is the result of genetic engineering and that has been created in
Belgium. It is not just ordinary cattle because it is genetically engineered and it has a trait that is
called “double muscling” because of its extraordinary muscles. In addition of the advantage of
genetic engineering, it helps to produce highly nutrient food products. For instance, through
inserting a gene of vitamin A to the gene of a rice it could produce a new breed which is called
“Gold Rice” that avail on a healthy diet of a person.
While there are pros of a genetic engineering, it also has cons or its disadvantages. One of
the disadvantages is in reversing a genetic material; it could provide risks that a person could not
expect even the scientists because they are not that sure of what are all the genetic materials of a
person’s body. Possibly, it has side effects that could make an illness worse. Also, due to
transferring genetic materials to another gene it could lead to an unintended growth of an
organism. As a matter fact, they could grow in unexpected places. It may produce different
specie with a fractious growth of population. Furthermore, it is not only affect a health or a risk
on new specie but also it also concerns in terms of social and ethical. Genetic engineering might
distort the natural way of life and abuse biotechnology.
Moral issues occurred in the field of genetic engineering. One of the issues is based on a
belief of a person. Some of the people told that through creating a new organism which is
transferring genetic material to another organism are like playing with God. It conveys that
through this process it is changing what God had gave to people. More likely, it is wrong
because God made that organism and a person could alter it. And as a human, I agree that we
should not try to change an organism not just due to belief but also it could harm of a person’s
health. It is always better to have it in a natural way.
In conclusion, there are a lot of advantages in genetic engineering that everyone could
benefit but also it has disadvantages that could give harm sort of transferring a different a genetic
material to another organism. Regardless of these advantages and disadvantages, the science will
continue to make new discoveries that everyone would agree and can make a better change in the
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