My Online Writing CV

P.O BOX 858-30200, KITALE.
[email protected]
Name: Edwin Wanjala Kundu.
Year of Birth: 1996
ID NO: 32867899
Address: 1822-30200, Kitale.
Contact: 254743-221-1885
Email: [email protected]
Sex: Male
Marital status: Single
Nationality: Kenyan
Religion: Christian
2.0. CAREER OBJECTIVE: Business Management-Accounting Option.
I have 2 years of professional knowledge and experience. Having worked as a Sacco
Assurance Officer, an attaché in the Budget office at the county and currently an online
worker have equipped me with the skills and competency pertinent to my career. I have
showcased such traits as Detailed oriented, Trustworthy, Highly organized and Flexible in all
my duties. The computer application packages in Microsoft office suite for example Word
and MS Excel which I have utilized in accounting tasks such as balancing cashbooks and
posting payments (Budget Office). Accounting packages QuickBooks and Simply Accounting
whose knowledge I have applied in production of financial reports in the mentioned office.
All the above have supported my professionalism in accounting with CPA section V and a
bachelor’s degree in Business Management (Accounting Option) from Moi University.
2015: [Moi University] [Bachelor of Business Management] (Accounting Option)
[Second Class Honors- Upper Division]
2015: [Kitale Technical Institute] [Certified Public Accountant] [CPA Part 3 (Section
2006-2009: [Friends School Namanjalala] [Kenya Certificate of Secondary
Education] [Certificate B-(Minus)]
1998-2007: [Liyavo Primary School] [Kenya Certificate of Primary Education] [367
2017 April-To date [Ajira Kenya Online Platform] [Online Writer]
I have edited and proofread two theses, written on research topics ten of which are of
finance and accounting discipline in three months’ time. In doing these, I have met
strict deadlines that have always been put, produced quality work
for example
currently " Sakai The Venice of the East “that have gained approval from my clients
and further new referrals have been made in my favor. Online job has equipped me
with time management, organizational and research skills that can be helpful given
chance in Online Platforms where accountability and professionalism is needed.
2016-2017 March [CIC Insurance] [Kakamega Branch] [6 Month Contract]
I was able to win back two Saccos which had earlier been lost to the close competitor
of CIC insurance. Due to being trust worthy as well, the underwriting manager many
times sent me to bank cash collections of the day up to USD 1300 being the highest
amount I ever banked in a day
I participated in data entry of budget information using MS Excel, engaged in
printing, binding and safe keeping of budget booklets. I too was engaged in cash
office operations like recording of cheque details in Excel and performing bank
reconciliations using bank schedules
2017 August: [IEBC] [General Election] [Deputy Presiding Officer]
At Kobos Primary Polling station where 628 voters turned out, I was engaged in
demarcation of the polling station, keenly ensured that voters placed the ballot papers
in the right ballot boxes which minimized cases of Stray votes. During counting, I
successfully assisted the presiding officer in sorting, counting and reconciliation of
the votes cast with the ballot papers both used and unused. I finally ensured that all
non-strategic election materials were safe and as a requirement returned and cleared
the unused in the warehouse.
2012-2015: [Moi University] [Class Representative]
I kept up to date class attendance list, raised issues affecting fellow classmates to the
lecturers and the relevant office. I successfully followed up missing marks of 75
fourth year students who later we graduated with.
2015: [Moi University Christian Union]
[Assistant Head of Department-Ushering]
I was part of the team which was granted the responsibility of arranging the seats
uniformly in the Christian Union Hall and more so engaged in welcoming church
members alongside safe keeping of furniture& instruments under my docket.
2008-2009: [Friends School Namanjalala] [School Captain]
I organized counseling sessions with students who came in collision with set school
rules with the help of deputy principal which hence improved the discipline of
students in the school. Besides, I identified weaknesses and suggested for
improvement by the school management for the betterment of the performance, the
most fundamental being upgrading of the library and consideration for a boarding
school which all came to be instituted.
Professional Network:
I have been an active member in my professional network of accountancy by
K.A.S.N.E.B since 2012 to-date and which is preparing me for ICPAK membership
soon. Equiped me with relevant International Accounting Standards (IAS’s) and
International Financial Reporting Standards IFRS’s key in my profession.
Reading finance and accounting publications
Travelling in search for new ideas and information.
Listening to and exchange of ideas with fellow professionals.
Please feel free to contact the under mentioned in regard to my competence, work
Ethic, performance and/or any other aspect with respect to me:
Referee 1
Rodgers Ogola: Underwriting Manager
CIC Insurance-Kakamega Branch
Contact: 0704-452-972
Referee 2
Mrs. Ann Nakibi.
Kapkoi R.C Primary School.
Contact: 0715-110-125
Referee 3
Mr. Andrew Wepukhulu,
Internal Auditor-Trans-Nzoia County
Contact: 0721-765-893
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