Carbon Cycle HOT rubric

Carbon cycle diagram RUBRIC
For the bean diagram
Did I...
Make a model of water molecules using beans?
make a model of CO​​2​​ molecules using beans?
Make a model of glucose using beans?
Make a model of oxygen (O​​2​)​ using beans?
Did I make SIX molecules each of H​​2​​O, CO​2​​ ​, and O​​2​​?
Did I make ONE molecule of glucose?
Did I label the molecules?
Did I draw arrows for Photosynthesis and Cellular respiration, and label them?
Did I count the beans on both sides of the reactions, to be sure that there are the
same number of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen atoms on both sides?
Name: _____________
For the I see/It means
Did I…
Explain what each color of bean is
Explain what H​​2​O,
CO​​2​,​ O​​2​,​ and C​​6​H​
​ ​12​O​
​ ​6​​ are
Explain why there are SIX H​​2​O,
CO​​2​,​ and O​2​​ ,​ but only one C​​6​H​
​ ​12​O​
​ ​6
Explain why there are the same numbers of atoms on both sides of the reactions
Explain why the arrows make a circle
For the CER
Did I…
Explain how photosynthesis and cellular respiration are connected
Explain why they are important to life
Explain why it is important that the the atoms add up equally
Explain why the arrows make a cycle
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