1st 9 Weeks Final Exam Study Guide

1st 9 Weeks Final Exam Study Guide
1. What did Byron do that made Kenny think he was part of the Weird Watsons?
2. Where does the story begin?
3. What did Kenny’s mother remind his father about when he said that Birmingham was not
friendlier than their hometown?
4. Who was Larry Dunn?
5. What does Kenny mean when he says, “I knew God had finally sent me my personal
6. Who was involved in the greatest dinosaur war ever?
7. According to Byron, why do garbage trucks have wide back doors?
8. What did Kenny’s mother want to do to Byron when she found out that he was playing
with matches?
9. This book is written from which character’s point of view?
10. Who is Poindexter?
11. What did Momma call Michigan?
12. What was Byron referred to since he turned 13?
13. Why did Momma put her hand over her mouth when she thought something was funny?
14. What did Kenny call Byron after the incident with the ice on the car?
15. Kenny didn’t mind playing with one other child because this person shared his interest in
playing with toy dinosaurs, was willing to be the Nazi dinosaurs, and didn’t cheat or steal
Kenny’s dinosaurs. Who was it?
16. What did Momma make the children do in the winter?
17. What happened to Kenny’s good leather gloves?
18. Who played “The Great Carp Escape,” and how did they play?
19. Did Kenny like watching The Great Carp Escape or did he walk away?
20. What did Momma catch Byron doing?
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