Interview of Sania Mirza @TheAnupamKherShow

Sania Mirza at The Anupam Kher Show
People seeking to success always
look for his/her ideal personality and try to go
accordingly or looking for motivational
thoughts for the way whom they looking for.
It is quite easy to go on a way where someone
else have already gone through as later the
difficulties are more or else well-known and
the results too, but going on way without
knowing the ups and downs is bit challenging
so was the way of Sania Mirza.
Sania Mirza being a female made her
own way of success, no doubt she had the
ability to climb the success but knowing the
way is important too; it is the same like we
have the resource but we don’t know how to
She started playing tennis at the age
of 6 years. When she went for the training in
academy at the age of 6, their first response
was the rejection but her mother told them
just to let her enter, after few days the staff
asked her parents to let them show the way
she was playing.
Though the early education of any
child is very important that is why she
continued her studies along with playing
tennis. Her reply on the question about the
daily routine at that time “At that time I used
to awake early in the morning and go for
tennis first at 6:30am later join the school at
8am. Usually I changed my clothes on the
way in the car or rickshaw after playing
tennis to school. Again after school I had to
go for training at academy and reach back
home in the evening and almost the game was
over till 8:30pm after completing the home
She shared a very innocent incident
that she experienced at the age of 8 years
when she took on a 15 years old girl in a
tennis battle. That girl smiles when she finds
an 8 years old girl on the other side as she was
thinking that I will definitely snatch the title,
but it was not as simple as she was thinking
and the result was astonishing to everyone
sitting in the court; an 8 years old girl won.
Definitely we feel bad when we lose against
someone whose age is far younger than you
so did her; she started crying. An 8 years old
girl asks her mother innocently “Mama, Yeh
ro kyun rahi hai”, as at this age one can’t
justify the situation. So innocent that was the
At that time spending too much time
playing tennis puts lot of question marks on
future? Is it worthwhile to choose? Or
education need to be continued? Parents were
not emphasizing her to choose any of the
option she said. So she kept playing tennis
and emerges out to be a brilliant tennis player
by stepping state, national and international
titles. Once she wanted to be a Doctor; she
added "Thank God! Mein doctor nhi bani”.
One of the motivational episode from
a reality show with an inspiring and
respectable personality!
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