Beginning the Journey with Fiction-Test - Modified

Beginning the Journey with Fiction-Test
Use the story, “The Most Dangerous Game”, to answer the following questions:
1. Where is Rainsford going at the beginning
of the story?
a. Rio, the Amazon
b. The west
c. Africa, the jungle
2. Where does the story take place?
a. on an island in the Atlantic Ocean
b. on an island in the Mediterranean
c. on an island in the Caribbean Sea
3. What is the main conflict in the story?
a. man vs. man
b. man vs. nature
c. man vs. himself
4. What is the order of the three traps
Rainsford sets?
a. Malay man-catcher, Burmese tiger
pit, and Uganda knife trick
b. Burmese tiger pit, Uganda knife
trick, Malay man-catcher
c. Uganda knife trick, Malay mancatcher, Burmese tiger pit
5. The sailors on the yacht suspect that “ShipTrap Island” is a place where
a. treasure is buried.
b. undefined evil exists.
c. marked channels are deceiving.
6. Upon their initial encounter, Zaroff says
that he is excited Rainsford is visiting
a. Rainsford is a famous hunter.
b. Zaroff needs someone to talk to
about a problem.
c. he needed someone to hunt with
7. Zaroff is actually glad that Rainsford is on
the island because
a. Rainsford will be good prey.
b. Rainsford can teach him to be a
better hunter.
c. Ivan is getting old and Zaroff needs
a new servant.
8. At first, Zaroff responds to Rainsford’s
criticism of his activities as if he finds it
a. insulting.
b. amusing.
c. worth thinking about.
9. What does Rainsford refuse to do?
a. resort to deceit and trickery
b. keep Zaroff’s activities secret
c. become the prey in Zaroff’s hunt
10. Why does Rainsford want to leave the
island after talking to General Zaroff?
a. The food on the island isn’t very
b. The boat realized he had fallen off
and turned around to get him.
c. Rainsford doesn’t agree with Zaroff
game of hunting humans.
11. What is ironic about Zaroff?
a. He loves to hunt but is not very
good at it.
b. He has a servant but does
everything for himself.
c. His appearance and behavior are
civilized, but his hobby is barbaric.
12. What does Zaroff say is the one passion in
his life?
a. good wine
b. money
c. the hunt
13. Who said the following quote: “The world
is made up of two classes, the hunters and
the huntees”?
a. Rainsford
b. Ivan
c. Whitney
14. At the end of the story, the fact that
Rainsford is sleeping in Zaroff’s bed
indicates that
a. Rainsford has killed Zaroff.
b. Rainsford has scared Zaroff off.
c. Rainsford has decided to join
Zaroff’s activities.
Sequencing: Put the following events from the story in order by numbering them from
1-5 with 1 being first and 5 being last.
_________ Rainsford tries to lose Zaroff by backtracking across his own trail.
_________ General Zaroff welcomes Rainsford into his home.
_________ Rainsford swims to safety.
_________ General Zaroff decides to play the “game” with Rainsford.
____1____ Rainsford falls off the yacht.
Do the same for the following:
_________ Rainsford builds a Burmese tiger pit.
_________ Rainsford kills General Zaroff.
_________ Rainsford builds a Malay man-catcher.
____4____ Rainsford jumps from the cliff.
_________ Rainsford kills Ivan with the Uganda knife trick.
Use the story, “The Lady or the Tiger?” to answer the following questions:
1. What was behind the two doors in “The Lady or the Tiger?”
a. an executioner and a camel
b. a lady and a tiger
c. a dozen cobras and new horse
What is the king’s most prized possession?
a. his war horse
b. the royal scepter
c. his beautiful daughter
What is the crime of the young man?
a. he dared to love the princess
b. he stole money from the rich and gave to the poor
c. he murdered a man
Which door did the princess tell her young lover to open?
a. the door on the right
b. the door on the left
c. neither door
5. Why did the princess hate the lady that was behind the door?
a. She had a sixth toe
b. She was tall
c. She was jealous of her
Fill in TWO of the conflicts in the story, “The Lady or the Tiger?”
__________________ vs. ___________________
__________________ vs. ___________________
Vocabulary: Fill in the blank with the correct word choice.
The _________________ of the story is an island in the Carribean Sea.
Rainsford’s character could be considered the _____________________ and General
Zaroff’s character the ____________________.
The ___________________ of the story is when the action has reached its peak.
After reading the entire story, it becomes obvious that Rainsford’s statement, “The world is made
up of two classes—the hunter and the huntees,” seems ________________ after what happens to
Rainsford on the island.
inciting incident
dramatic irony
The line, “The sea was as flat as a plate-glass window,” is an example of a
The line, “I am still a beast at bay” is an example of a _____________________.
In the ____________________, we learn the setting and the characters in the story.
When General Zaroff decided to hunt Rainsford could be considered the
_______________________ in the story.
When the audience knows something that the characters do not, it is called ________________.
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