Basic Vocab List

LOTF: Vocabulary Exercise
_____1. Strident
_____2. Gesticulate
_____3. Demented
_____4. Inscrutably
_____5. Ineffectual
_____6. Jeering
_____7. Protruded
_____8. Contemptuously
_____9. Belligerence
_____10. Ecstatic
_____11. Tacitly
_____12. Brandish
_____13. Impervious
_____14. Festooned
_____15. Antagonism
_____16. Indignant
_____17. Unintelligibly
_____18. Effigy
_____19. Bollocks
_____20. Leviathan
a. vulgar English word; “to heck
with it”
b. filled with hate
c. cannot be understood
d. decorated; engulfed
e. overly happy; excited
f. image or representation
g. impenetrable; incapable of
being influenced
h. silently
i. to bother to the point of
j. to project
k. to mock
l. not effective, futile
m. clear and summoning
n. mystical sea creature
o. to shake or wave, as a weapon
p. crazy, insane
q. defiance
r. above suspicion, cannot be
s. to gesture with hands
t. angry at something wrong
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