Army cadet force

By Elisha Robbins
The army cadet force is….
The Army Cadet Force (ACF) is a national youth
organisation sponsored by the United Kingdom's
Ministry of Defence and the British Army. Along
with the Sea Cadet Corps and the Air Training
Corps, the ACF make up the Community Cadet
Miss Octavia Hill started the army cadet force.
She was important for starting the army cadet
force and made 8 school of boys do the army
cadet force.
In the army cadets force I like first aid because I
can save peoples lives and it is fun to do.
In the army cadets force I don’t like navigation
because it is hard to do when you actually
teach it or learn it.
In the army cadets force they do is like the real army
force but more easier to do we do…
Cadet in the community
First aid
Command tasks
Physical training.